7/16/06 22:30
Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest) by Hans Zimmer
Current Desk Area Temperature: The thermometer needs a battery
Mood: wow

It's been a long time since I updated this.

Anyway, I want to enter this now. Only I don't have any pictures of me in my nice yukata, so I'll have to remedy that sometime. :P

We finally have a new fiction page at work, thank goodness, and now I'm a half-and-half page again. Thank goodness. Since last week was the last week of children's events, the library has been a no-man's-land and working in just one section with nothing to do suuuuuuuucks. Children's still has plenty to do, though. It's still recovering.

In other news, D generously gave me her old DS, which she had thought was lost. I love the thing already. D, I love you. XD Anyway, right after she gave it to me I went straight to Target and EB (they're next to each other) and bought a case, a charger, and Nintendogs. I wanted either that or Animal Crossing and neither of the two stores had Animal Crossing. The Nintendogs is used and since I don't know how to reset it, if you even can, the lab's name is Lucky. I was able to wipe out everything short of starting over. :P Nintendogs is so freaking cute so I'm glad I got it. The only problem is that you use spoken commands... and Kobie knows his spoken commands. So I'd be training Lucky and saying "sit" and "lay" and stuff and Kobie would get all upset and confused, so I had to sit on the ground with him and pet him while I played. ^^;
Music: How Can I Keep From Singing? by Enya

6/7/06 18:23
Ending (Blood The Last Vampire) by Yoshihiro Ike
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.0F


It's over!!!

I could've done a few things better, but it's done. Now to make Mirabel's Glaive and once I know what size cross Eli needs, I can make him one, too.

6/4/06 00:33
Yakusoku (Love Hinda) by Yui Horie
Current Desk Area Temperature: 75.8F
Mood: Excited

I can't wait for this Tuesday; it'll be my very first actual Japanese class. :D Mom and I went to Borders today and picked up a copy of Japanese For Busy People I, the kana edition. :D :D :D Now I just need Tuesday to hurry up and get here.

Also, my hair is now dark brown and I have bangs. I actually don't mind the bangs as much as I thought I would, though it does get hot under them during iai. I'm going to have to start taking some of those little clip things to hold them back during class. Mom says that my hair is so thick that now it looks like I'm wearing a wig. :P

I wonder if I looked more intimidating doing iai with dark hair. XD

Also, all the sewing on my Rinali costume is done! I just need to make the cross. :D Yay! Plus I went over to emu's yesterday and cut Mirabel's Sailor Saturn wig. That was a lot of hair to cut 'cause the hair was so thick. x_x I looked fairly even, though. It's good enough at least.

Oh yes, and we now have two 50" TVs. Mom decided that she wanted a 50" plasma TV for her and Dad's anniversary. :D And now we have HD cable in the den plus that DVR thing. :D I'm going to have to get an S-video cable so that I can hook Loki up to the TV and play DDO on it. :D And I need to throw a something-viewing party sometime.

Zuko's too darned cute. I thought that it was adorable that he tried to fix his uncle tea. :D EVen though he sucks at it

6/1/06 00:34
Kagaku no Yoru by Do As Infinity
Current Desk Area Temperature: 82.9F
Mood: Productive

Today I finally went into the convention secion of YnA and replaced the html resized images with real thumbnails at long last. I also discovered that I still need to put up my AnimeFest pictures. x_x Soooo that's happening tomorrow. I'm going to really work on YnA this summer... really. ;_; Ah, and I rediscovered Bookishness. Is it sad that I forgot it existed? Having the Oekaki up would be fun, too, but no one's managed to get it running since emu got it working the first time.

Mirabel's purple eyes came in yesterday, but I couldn't test them on her 'cause she's still with emu. So I have a set of eyes staring at me from their plastic case. They're the perfect shade of purple, too. I thought they'd be a bit light. :D

I still need to cut the Saturn wig and make the glaive, though. Hell, I still need to make my cross for my cosplay. *scared to*

This summer I'll be taking Japanese at the University of Houston Clear Lake. They have it as a continuing education thing that's open to anyone who wants to take it. I'm excited. :D
Music: Nasyan Nasyan Pejigeria (Shamanic Princess) Yoshikazu Suo

5/28/06 23:26
Shingeki (Gundam Seed) by Toshihiko Sato
Current Desk Area Temperature: 84.0F
Mood: Hm

Today I didn't feel well for iai and that sucks. I was actually looking forward today, too, but I didn't feel to great when I woke up, but I figured that it'd go away. So I went to the dojo and rearranged the books on the shelves there because Raymond-sensei asked (and offered money) for me to do it. About halfway through that I really felt like crap, so I entrusted the class to William. He doesn't get to lead class very often, so it's good for him anyway.

I wasn't sleepy at all, so I lazed around in bed watching some of the recently downloaded anime including Eureka 7 ep 38, Noein 22, and a buttload of Blood+ (3-10 or so). I just finished watching up to 14 just a bit ago. Anyway, Eureka 7 was hilarious. I feel sorry for the males on board since they got all kinds of suspicious looks and some even got beat up just because Eureka sucks at talking about things. XD Noein 22 was trippy, but it was another good episode. I guess one possible path for Yuu is to break down and go crazy. Hm. I do wish that they'd release episodes faster, but this rate's good enough as long as they finish the show. :D And Shangri La is creepy. Blood+ is good, but at the end of each episode, Saya's like "I'll do my best and kill things!" then the next episode she just freaks out again. I mean, she kicks butt when she get's into butt-kicking mode, but she's kind of annoying when she's not. It's a good series, though. And Haji should so be named Hachi. He's just like a cute little puppy following Saya around... only he's rather sexy, not cute. Whatever.

My room looks funny clean. Kobie's very happy about it and keeps rolling around on my newly vacuumed carpet, but I guess I can't really blame him. He rarely gets to roll around in here because there's usually too much crap. :P

The first Serenity RPG meeting was today and we didn't really get much done due to the fact that there was only one book. Jessica couldn't make it, but that shouldn't be too much trouble. Domino kept babbling at Kobie, though. I think he was confused, but decided that it was no big deal as long as she played with him. XD Anyway, so far the crew consists of a former-whore captain, a huge gay man doctor, and a pilot who's paralyzed from the waist down. :D I think Jessica will be the only one with a "normal" character. XD
Music: Loop People by Shinohara Tomoe

5/27/06 1:19
Triad (Turn-A Gundam) by Yoko Kanno
Current Desk Area Temperature: 86.9F
Mood: meh

Nothing much has happened lately. Emily-sensei went to Canada and I led class Wednesday and Friday. I believe Joe said he'd be back for Sunday, but I don't quite remember.

I've been cleaning my room up because tomorrow (today :P) some people are coming over so that they can create their Serenity RPG characters and so we can figure out what kind of setting to play in. :D I don't know why I had to clean since we'll be downstairs, but oh well. The Bug Man's coming this week, anyway, so I'd have to clean one way or another.

Also, tomorrow I have to hand Mirabel over to emu so that she can work on her costume. Sorry, Mirabel~ it'll just be for a little bit. ;_;

Speaking of costumes, my Rinali costume's nearly finished. we just need to adjust the bottom of the jacket and attach the belt. Then I get to make my cross that goes on the left shoulder. that'll be a pain. -.-;

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. I've got an arseload of torrents going because I'm disgustingly behind on anime.
Music: Houseki (Le Portrait de Petit Cossette) by Marina Inoue

5/19/06 00:32
Glass Drama by L'arc~en~Ciel
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F (...)
Mood: tired

OK, I'm seriously thinking something's wrong with my thermometer. *puts it right next to Omoikane, were it's warmer to see if the temp changes* I'll check on it in bit.

Today Mom and I went and bought 6 24-pack things of water 'cause Kroger was having a hurricane prep sale and I told her I didn't want to go through the "lets-go-to-Walmart-and-hope-there's-still-water-the-night-before-she-hits" thing like we did for Rita because that sucked. We went to three different places before finding a place that still had bottled water. Why couldn't we just fill up tubberware and jars with water instead? Jees.

Ah, the thermomenter's now 84.1. So it's not broken, but my room's maintained a fairly constant temperature... how odd.

emu and I are heading out to the beach tomorrow after work. Mom's completely against it because she claims that the salt air will ruin the paint on my car (Evelyn's side was repainted 'cause of the dent fix) even though stuff's been hitting it at 5~80 miles per hour for the past few days. . And Daddy says it'll be OK, then she through one of her tantrums and said I owe her for fixing my car, which puzzles me. I wonder about her sometimes. She's the one that hit Evelyn, so as far as I'm concerned, she was just taking responsibility for the damage she did.

Also, I finished Samurai Champloo at long last. I felt that it had a rather fitting ending, despite the "why aren't ya'll dead?"-ness of it all. I honestly didn't want Fuu marrying either of them because... that doesn't seem like something she'd do. So I was happy, though despite my opinion on the marriage deal, I still feel a bit sorry for Jin. *loves Jin* Even though he looks like a girl with his hair going wild even when his kimono was half torn off. It's the funniest thing on earth. XD

Meh, g'night.
Music: Song of the Liberty Bell (Heartland: An Appalachian Anthology)

5/18/06 1:40
Liminality #2 (.Hack//LIMINALITY) by Yuki Kajiura
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F (It was different earlier)
Mood: Nondescript

Recent news:

Omoikane's back up and working
I passed all my classes
I'm a sandan now
I'm caught up on Avatar
I'm nearly finished with Samurai Champloo
An old friend of mine died

After ignoring Omoikane's existance for about a month or so, it's back up and running. There're a few hardware drivers I need to install, but those are just for things like the scanner and tablet. It's nice being able to listen to my mp3s in surround sound again.

All of my grades have been posted!

Geology: B
Art History: B-
Cultural Anthropology: A
Political Science: C+
Philosophy: B

I'm kinda annoyed by that C+. Sure, I thought it'd be lower... but in his class a C+ is a 78 or 79... so I was only a point or two from a B-. $@#$!!!! Of course, this wouldn't be an issue if I hadn't been stupid and underestimated his knowledge of the US Constitution even though he has a doctorate in Polsci.

Now, for the sake of copying William:

Yep, I'm a sandan now, which I have mixed feelings about. I still don't feel like I improved in the year between my nidan test and my sandan test... but oh well. Soke knows more than I do and I tend to be hard on myself. But even so, I felt ready for my shodan and nidan... but not my sandan. Ah well, best to not dwell on it. I'll just have to work hard and feel like I deserve my yondan whenever I test for it.

I want more Avatar. I have mixed feelings about the blind girl. I think she kicks but, but her character annoyed me a bit in the beginning, however now that she's on her own I might like her enough. Dunno. The few seconds she was shown after she ran away isn't enough to judge by. Also... Poor Zuzu. His little friend hates him now. :O Also, even though it was already obvious, Zuzu's dad is a jerk.

Samurai Champloo... well, the crazy zombie episode was odd. WTF?

Alrighty. Back in middle school I used to hang out with a totally different group of friends. I recently heard from Des that one girl that I used to hang out with was hit and killed by a drunk driver back in February. Now, unlike most of my old friends (most of whom went on to do their own thing and became strangers to me), she would still smile and say "hi" and sometimes chat with me even though we almost never saw each other in high school. I dunno, it's all weird and sad. It was already kind of weird hearing that friends from high school are engaged and already have a set date to get married, but it's even weirder to hear that an old friend of mine passed away less than a year after graduating. It's also kind of creepy. Sure, people at Creek would get hit by cars or commit suicide or whatever, but I never knew them. Of course, it upset me, but I still didn't know them. It's a really odd feeling, hearing that someone you knew, who wasn't an elderly relative, died.

On that note, I only have one thing to say: Don't drink and drive. It's stupid.
Music: Conflict for Break (Aquarian Age) by Yuki Kajiura

5/5/06 00:43
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F (Is it broken?)
Mood: w00t!

I WAS RIGHT, SUCKERS! My guess on who Noein is was right, though it was fairly easy to figure out, I guess. Also, episode 21 is my favorite episode so far. :D I have more theories, but I don't feel right posting spoilers.

Today was fairly uneventful. I went to work and shelved for two hours and then cut and folded paper for two hours, went home and moped around, got my paycheck, deposited, gave emu the check for Mirabel's Sailor Saturn cosplay wig and eyes, then played DDO. Mom and I were going to work on my costume, but we decided to wait and work on it tomorrow after I get off of work.

Mou... I still have about 15 minutes left for Eureka 7 37 to finish...

Can you bonsai-ize an oak tree? *goes to find out*

5/4/06 18:55
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F ...still
Mood: nondiscript

Well, here's my schedule for next semester:

8:00-11:00 Fundamentals of Photography
11:00-12:00 Fundamentals of Painting

Earth Systems on DVD
Human Ecosystems online

So I only need to go to school on MW :D

5/1/06 16:41
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F
Mood: :D :D :D


And man am I glad. The Political Science exam and Art History exam are done. As usual, I refuse to say how I think I did, but they're over nonetheless.

It looks like my Serenity group'll start meeting up soon. Mom OKed this Thursday (or I guess she really "I don't care"ed it) and said we could actually use the formal dining room, which'll be nice. I was kind of nervouse about roling dice on the glass on the coffee table upstairs and we don't have to worry about Kobie being in our faces (even if he is incredibly cute) because we'll be in chairs. :D We have yet to decide on a time since I don't know when Jessica and Domino get off work.

I can say one thing for sure, though: it'll be interesting making characters with only one book. At least Kobie will be there to entertain those who are waiting for the book...

Now I don't remember what else I had to say... ah well.

4/26/06 22:40
Current Desk Area Temperature: ?
Mood: :D

Tomorrow's the Texas Library Association Annual Conference is tomorrow! I'm excited. emu said that the people who went today came back to work with bag and bags of free stuff. I'm excited. Free stuff + Garth Nix makes me very VERY happy. :D

I'm watching a thing on making skateboards. It's really very interesting. x_x I think I'm becoming a sucker for the History and Travel channels...

Anyway, my arms seems to be better now. I could feel it in iai, but it didn't hurt. It just was. :P

Garth Nix!

4/24/06 12:15
Current Desk Area Temperature: ?
Mood: :D


4/23/06 23:30
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F
Mood: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

I ordered a new Pinky. I only need Aya now. :D

Iai was fun even though I had to teach a big group. I'm not very good at teaching big groups, which is probably why Emily-sensei keeps having me teach them. Plus I couldn't use my iaito in class because of my elbow. I used a bokutou... it should be better by Wednesday.

Today a bunch of people from my guild on DDO did the Delera's Tomb quest and it took us a whopping 5 and a half hours to do it even though it was only three quests... it was fun, though!

Aaaaand now it's time for bed.

4/23/06 10:07
Classical music station on the radio
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.9F
Mood: :D

Man has this thing been ignored.

Anyway, I had some stuff to say, but now I'm forgetting... Evelyn still has her dent.

Anime club's last day was last Tuesday. It was rather abrupt... nobody told me. :P

This Thursday, emu and I are going to the Texas Library Assosciation Annual Confrence and Garth Nix'll be there... but he'll be signing in the morning. ;_; We were going to go after class, but now I'm going to try to make arrangements with someone to e-mail me some notes. :D

Friday I hurt myself in a stupid way again. I hit my elbow on the top of emu's car door while I was taking off my jacket. It hurt all Friday and I didn't go to work, then on Saturday I could feel it, but it didn't hurt, so I went to work a half hour early and it started hurting. I managed to stay the 4.5 hours, though!

OH! I got into Fund. of Photography and Painting for next semester!!! And my other two classes are online and on tape. :D I only have to go Monday and Wednesday!!!

4/3/06 22:37
Classical music station on the radio
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F

Only one thing to say.

...Mom backed into Evelyn.

So much for going this year without a minor accident I couldn't do anything about. Poor Evelyn...

4/1/06 2:09
Classical music station on the radio
Current Desk Area Temperature: 77.0F
Mood: Awake

Well, my camera came in on Wednesday and it rules. Now I just need to finish learning about it. I'm such a camera noob.

You can see a sample of what it can do outside here. You should probably look at the full sized version. I refuse to post any of my indoor photos.

I really don't know what else to say. Yay for the weekend!


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