12/25/04 00:16
Recollecion (Full Metal Alchemist BGM) by Michiru Oshima
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New blog layout's up. Still needs to be tweeked, but I want sleep... after I go check out the snow one more time.

12/24/04 22:06
Sin (Full Metal Alchemist BGM) by Michiru Oshima
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Mood: OMFG SNOW!!!

IT'S SNOWIN' IN HOUSTON (and the surrounding areas), EVERYONE!!! Yay! This is the second time in the 17 years and 9 months I've been alive that I've seen snow fall; the last time I saw it was in first grade. Only this time it's sticking to the grass and cars and stuff. Kick-arse.

I spent most of the time throwing snow-balls at Kobie and he had a blast. He kept trying to catch the snow-balls only to have them explode in his face... then he'd eat 'em. I also went around taking pictures that I'll post up later. My little Evelyn's so cute covered in snow~ *got a picture of her* Mom, Dad and I also went out and walked Kobie around the street for a bit before returning to the backyard.

Now that I've written about the snow, I'll go back and talk about the Houston Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker, which Mom and I went to see last Monday. I drove! And the directions I got online were... flawed, so I got to wander around. Fortunately, unlike Mom, I don't get angry in those kinds of situations. After that, everything fell into place: perfect parking spot, perfect timing getting there, seats turned out to be very nice, etc, etc. However, we went to the matinee... and there were small children everywhere. Small children that would not stay seated. Other than that, though, it was awsome. The costumes were so pretty~ and they could so such awsome stuff *amazed*

Alrighty, I'll finally work on a new blog layout. Expect it by tomorrow morning
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12/18/04 1:23
Peaceful Thoughts (Howl's Moving Castle BGM) by Joe Hisaishi
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Yesterday was my Mom's surgery on her hand. She has severe carple tunnel in her right wrist and not-so-severe carple tunnel in her left, though now that the right one's done, she'll hopefully be OK now with that one. She's getting the left done during the summer.

I really don't feel like talking about everything that's happened up 'til now, so I'm just going to talk about today. I had my last exam, my Government exam, today and it was fairly easy. Now it's CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! W00T!!!

Ah, and there've been a lot of police cars around my neighborhood lately; I saw a grand total of 5 in one day - a record. I can't speed down the road I normally speed down because of them. ;_;

A lot of "Ali, do this" and me making sarcastic remarks happened today (we also went to Palais Royal to get Dad some shirts and to return a pair of pants) until iaido came along. Matthew's back for Christmas, though he didn't stay for iaido tonight. We had a small class consisting of Emily-sensei, Joe, William and me and did seiza, then Emily-sensei went through Tate Hiza with Joe and me. I got to do my favorite waza~ It's nifty.

And before I forget, here's my random quote-thing of the day:

emukatze (5:11:21 PM): *eats the singer of the Mai-HiME end theme for singing unintelligibly, too* *has been trying to figure out one word for a half hour now* >_<
LazyEditorLiChan (5:11:27 PM): heh
emukatze (5:12:59 PM): It's not "heh" at all. >_< It's pissing me off.
LazyEditorLiChan (5:13:09 PM): ... heh
emukatze (5:13:14 PM): Bastard
LazyEditorLiChan (5:13:17 PM): XD

My friends and I get along so well. XD Now I'm going to go to sleep. x_x
Music: Wandering Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle BGM) by Joe Hisaishi