12/25/03 03:39
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You are Blue.
Overall you're a pretty content person. At peace
with yourself, you don't tend to over react.
Although at times you can be quite harsh and
cold towards others.

What Color Best Represents Your Personality?
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Blue Dragon
You are a blue dragon! You are reliable and
steady. You are known for being able to work
for long periods of time without tiring. You
are intelligent and very perceptive, and a good
judge of talent. You are good at finding
humans who would make good dragonriders. You
tend to set reasonable goals, and almost always
succeed at what you set out to do.

What color of Pernese dragon are you?
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Well, I lazed around, made oatmeal and sugar cookies, passed out candles from a previous fund raiser, and watched a couple of movies. Then it was after 1:00... and yelled "PRESENTS!!!" and my family and I opened presents.

The list:

Sailor Moon Season 1 UNCUT!!! (worship it!)
RahXephon 4
X 4 and 8
Descendants of Darkness 3
Haibane Renmei 2
Figure 17 Tsubasa and Hikaru 1
Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness

FF X-2

Set of 12 Prismacolor markers
a little bitty adorable digital camera.
Matantei Loki Ragnarok calendar
Sasuke plushie
a 12" Legolas action figure (^______^)
$50 from my Aunt and Uncle

I'm probably going to throw a random Sailor Moon watching party... but the thing's over 17 hours long. I'd have to start at, like, noon or something.

I'm tired. I'll probably go to sleep, read, or play more .Hack. I'm finally almost done with INFECTION. -.-

12/24/03 00:13
Kodoku (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka
Current Desk Area Temperature: 71.4F

I got to see A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theatre!!! It was awsome! The acting was awsome, the set was awsome, the costumes were awsome, the lighting was awsome, it was awsome in general! Freakin' awsome. I love A Christmas Carol

Mom and I left at around 1 (the play started at 14:30/2:30PM) and got there with few problems. Afterwards, we got lost trying to find our way out of the theater district, but managed to come upon a way out. Then we were stuck in traffic for a really long time.

We stopped by the house to pick up Dad and we all went out for some good 'ol Pizza Hut pizza, then came home and Mom and I watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It was... interesting, but not the most interesting thing.

Now I'm playing around with my LiveJournal, Writing Cheese

San Shimi no Wana (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka

12/23/03 00:51
Hakage na Shoujo by Yoshi Haoka
Current Desk Area Temperature: 79.0F

Yesterday (day before, actually)... I saw Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It was good. Go see it. I shall say nothing to avoid the risk of my giving spoilers

Today (the real yesterday...) I slept until after 12 for the first time in a long time. I can't do that anymore on weekends due to bass lessons and iaido class... but wow. While I was sleep, Mom took Kobie to get his shots. Poor thing... needles are evil.

Then Mom and I made the mistake of going to the mall. Three. Days. Before. Christmas.

It was crowded as hell. Why'd we go? To get me a hat to wear tomorrow (lit. today...) to see A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theatre. Mom decided to force me to wear my hair down and I set down the condition that if I do, I'm wearing a that. So off we went to get me a hat.

Halfway through, though, we got hungry. The amazing thing was that I found a table within 10 seconds of searching. After eating, we wandered some more and I found a nifty hat in Dillard's. It's super-nifty-ness

Then we did more wandering, came home, and watched some movies from Blockbuster.

Now go check out Anime Cheese just because.

Music: Himitsu (Noir BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

12/21/03 00:30
Lapis by Gackt
Current Desk Area Temperature: 70.1F

Kobie got his picture taken with Santa today~ I'll have to scan the picture later... But he didn't like Santa. He pretty much ignored him. I was in the picture, too, and he kept nudging his way closer to me... it was pretty funny. And he got compliments from the assistant ladies. ZD

Afterwards, I came home and cleaned my room. Managed to get it picked up and vacuumed in one day, which is quite a feat. I'll need to get a picture of what it looks like clean (I've already taken one of what it looks like normally, it's just not up). Afterwards, we watched the version of A Christmas Carol that has Patrick Stewart in it, then afterwards Dad and I watched The Pianist.

I don't really know why I'm posting... I have nothing to say. Just thought I'd mention taking Kobie to get his picture taken with Santa.

Music: Lapis by Gackt (still)

12/19/03 18:17
Lullaby (Noir BGM) by Yurika Kaida
Current Desk Area Temperature: 72.9F

I got a thong as a Christmas present. Several other people got them, too; even Sam and Paul. ZD Thank you Paul and Ashley, who helped him. -.-

Today I had the last of my semester exams: AP English and AP Psychology. Like the algebra test, there isn't much to say about them...

I didn't feel too great at the start of the day... and by the end of the day I had a migrane. So, instead of going to the Region practice thing with Mr. Black and my fellow Region peoples, I just picked up a CD that had recordings of some of the Region music and left. Ashley and Paul were lucky I happend to stop by them right before I got off campus, so I went ahead and gave them a ride to Ashley's. Then I went home, ate, and slept.

Sleep is sweet. -.-

Until you are awakened

Mom and I went to a Time Warner place to exchange something, then I got f00d and we picked up Kobie and went to Petsmart! He was such a good puppy~ He was scared of the automatic doors, though. ^_^; That was funny as hell... And he said "hi" to a little huskey puppy and they were nose to nose and he was just so sweet~. Anyways, the afore mentioned denim jacket we got him was decidedly a bit tight around his arms, so we exchanged it for another jacket. He really likes it~

Afterwards, I came home to check my e-mail and got something titled this: "Newtype USA's Gotta Get It Giveaways Contest." I won a copy of the first volume of Someday's Dreamers!!! Well, techincally Mom did (you have to be 18+ to enter, so she entered for me, but it's still mine.) ^_^; I thought I'd never win something from Newtype... I'm glad I enter Mom in those things now.

Music: Justice (Shingetsutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki

12/18/03 23:34
Prayer (Shingetsutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki
Current Desk Area Temperature: 75.4F

I'm sleepy as hell, so I'm going to make this short.

My departure time was perfect - I got to school early enough to walk from my parking space in BFE to the courtyard a little before the bell rung.

The Algebra test wasn't too hard. There isn't much to say about it, really.

After school, I went to orchestra for what was supposed to be a bass lesson on the Region music, but it turned into a group Region lesson. Two other violins were there: someone I hang out with, but I still don't know her name, ^_^ and the German exchange student, whose name starts with a D. It's a German name and, as I have a hard enough time remembering English names, I sure as hell don't remember it. Sorry. ^_^; Anyways, after the practice, I got German gummy bears! ZD There's German stuff on the wrapper and I kept it. >.> Then Mr. Black and the German girl started talking in German and I was lost. Mr. Black took German in school at some point or another... but I was still lost. >.<

Then I came home and studied, then started burning stuff for Paul while studying. I did, however, skim through some of the Stellvia episodes before burning them just because. Dang that's a good series... I honestly believe that Shima is the most realistic character ever... and I know emu will argue with me on that. I probably think this because I can relate to her so well. >.> Just recalling some scenes in that show brings me to tears. ;_;

Well, time to sleep. *leaves*
Music: The World (.Hack//SIGN BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

12/18/03 7:58
Current Desk Area Temperature: 71.8F


I left the house at around 5:20 to search the orchestra room and it was there! On the floor! Pracitcally GLOWING!!! *clings to it* Anyways, I got home and finished up that review and now I have nothing to do. I rewatched some of episode 62 of Naruto just because I really like it... and now I'm here. ^_^;

My next class starts at around 9:20~30-ish, so I'll probably leave at 9:05 or so. It'll be another BFE day. >.< I'm getting hungry again... I want daifuku. But I don't have any.

Tsukasa, one of my little air plants, is dying. I'd read before that the air plants shouldn't be in a place where water can gather under them because they'll rot... then Tsukasa started turning black for no reason. I decided to unglue them and there was standing water underneath Tsukasa. >.< I hope he recovers. He doesn't look like he will. Touda, his brother, is just fine, though.

12/17/03 19:11
Vain (Shingetsutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki
Current Desk Area Temperature: 74.0F

W00t! 4 exams down, 3 to go.

My physics exam was easier than I thought it'd be; it turned out that we could use any notes except our books. I wish he'd've told us that sooner. It'd have saved us a lot of panicing. -.-

I'm actually a little worried about my Electronic Media exam. There were only 5 questions and, even though I know how to do a lot in Illustrator, I usually can't say "go there, click that, and select this tool" without looking at the screen. >.< I can with the basic stuff, though... mou~

I came home soon after, messed with Anime Cheese (which is now complete!) and put up the first entry. ^_^ Those of you who saw the layout before will notice that I made a totally new layout. I hated the other one.

After that... I paniced. I couldn't (and still can't) find my Algebra II binder anywhere... then I thought that I might've left it in Psychology. Later however, I realized that I showed someone some of my margin sketches in Orchestra Tuesday... so I have to go there tomorrow morning instead of sleeping in. -.- I'm so very glad I have 5th period lunch right now. And I'm so very glad that I'm almost done with that review. But it counts as 20 points on the exam... so if it isn't in there, I'm as good as dead. I decided to be lazy, much to my pissed-offed ness, and I have a low grade in there. -.- In the long run, I'll still have an 80 something as a semester average, but my perfectionistness doesn't like not fully understanding things and having low grades because of its owner's sudden stupidity.

Once I calmed down, I realized that I was hungy. Freaking out takes a lot of energy. -.- So I ate and afterwards, felt sleepy and took a nap until around 6 or so. I'm still poking around my room for that binder... I bet it's somewhere really obvious. -.-
Music: Haunting (Shingetsutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki

12/16/03 22:49
Justice (Shingetsutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki
Current Desk Area Temperature: 74.0F

God, Omoikane likes this song. Not that I have anything against it, though...

Two exams down, 5 to go.

The Chinese Exam wasn't too much trouble... though I can't speak for anyone else. There was still about an hour left after the last person turned in his or her test... resulting in random stuff. Jennifer and I competed against each other in flexibility for no reason and I very much won. Afterwards, she, sometimes JD, and I sang 99 Bottle of Beer on the Wall and got to -10 before we shut up. I don't remember why we did, though...

Orchestra was boring. We just did some written stuff then sightread individually and had the rest of the class to mess around. Whee~

I've started to put together my anime blog, Anime Cheese; it's still very much in the works, though.

Before I started working on the Anime Cheese (w00t! out of order again!!), Mom and I went to Best Buy and I helped her Christmas shop for me since Dad did not-so-good job of it. It's kinda sad when the kid has to help shop for her own Christmas presents. -.- Afterwards, though, we went to Petsmart to get Kobie's presents and got him a denim jacket! He's so adorible~

Sleep time~ Electronic Media and Physics exams tomorrow. -.-
Music: Beleaguer (Shingetsutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki

12/15/03 20:43
Current Desk Area Temperature: 76.5F

New layout. It won't be up long, but it's still up. I liked the last one better... >.>

Today was so freakishly boring that words cannot describe how glad I am that I didn't finish all my reviews. If I had, I wouldn't have had crap to do... except in Physics. Instead of working on our review sheet, we went over how to find the Vi, Vf, Ff, Fn, etc. in random situations, which will actually be helpeful.

In Chinese, we at first were doing a boring kind of review... then we started playing a game. It was actually pretty entertaining and it would've been more so if he hadn't started it soon before it was time to go.

Well, I started going in a random order... might as well keep it up.

In orchestra, I went into a practice room and worked on my Region stuff. Mr. Black was supposed to give me a lesson after school, but he forgot. -.- It's been moved to Thursday. Nothing happened in Elec. Media... I've already talked about Physics, nothing special in lunch, reviews for Algebra and Physics, and we watched a documentary on Mark Twain in English. Fun. -.-

Afterwards, I hung out and studied. That's all that's happened all day. -.-

On the up side, I decided that I will start the anime blog sometime during Christmas Break. ^_^
Music: Les Soldats II (Noir BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

12/14/03 22:47
Wounds (Shingetsutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki
Current Desk Area Temperature: 72.9F

I have decided that I will make an anime blog. When? I don't know. But I will. It'll probably be during the Christmas break, but I'm not certain. I still need to make a December layout for Essay Cheese for goodness' sake. >.> I must do so before Christmas. But when I do, it won't be anything detailed; just some screenshots (if I ever find out how to get Omoikane to take pictures of video things) and a quick blurb or something on what I thought and what happened.

I had daifuku today! It's yummy and I've decided that I'm going to go to Daido and get some for myself. ^___^ Emily-senpai brought some to the dojo since I tend to get hungry (my stomach is usually audible...) and I had two of the six. I also discovered that I like the bean paste the Japanese people like to put in things. I normally don't like beans and I avoid them like the plague... but it was good. She also brought some Japanese marshmellows... but the daifuku were the highlight of my day.

I think I did better than usual in iai today. o.o I'm blaming it on the cold. Everyone else thought it was the perfect temperature and decided to open the doors and turn off the heater... forcing me to either suffer or to block it out. I did the latter by concentrating more than I'm used to. o.o *w00ts for herself* >.> Now I can't wait until January... then I can order my iaito.

Unfortunately, though, I couldn't hang around for extra practice; I hade final exam reviews to do. I didn't complete any of them, though, since tomorrow they'll be the only things I have to occupy my day. In every class, we're going to be given time to do them and I'd much rather have something constructive to do than to just sit around.

Des made the mistake of putting this up on a certain forum and I must now watch it several times a day. It's just too funny~. ZD

Anyways, back to my day. Once I got back, I started working on the pile of review sheets... then Mom and I went to Half Price Books. I didn't find anything I was looking for: some good anatomy books and a music dictionary, but I enjoyed myself, anyways. I regret that I didn't look for a copy of A Christmas Carol, though. That's my favorite Christmas story and I don't even have a copy. Hell, I haven't even read the entire book yet. On the way back, we picked up a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut (I called on the way to Half Price so it'd be ready when we head home) and got back to reviews. Later, however, I helped with the last of the Christmas decorations and discovered that A Christmas Carol was on TV... and watched. ^_^; Weird coincedence, ne? I can't wait to see the play on the 23rd~ *excited* *dances* *calms down* *sighs*

Mou, for the sake of talking, I'll talk about next semester. I have no choice but to take Sociology because the idiot councelor couldn't tell me that PE won't fit into my schedule at the beginning of the year. If she had, I could've taken Drawing II, something actually need and can use since I'm sticking with art for a career. *grumbles* Anyways, I gave Emily-senpai the forms for the PE waiver and, hopefully, it'll be approved. If it isn't, well, I'm probably going to start judo after the holidays and I'll try getting that passed. I don't see why they wouldn't approve iaido, though. Oh, and I have 7th period lunch next semester. That's almost two hours later than I had it this semester. >.< *grumbles random incoherent things about councelors* I liked my freshman councelor, but this one doesn't help worth crap.
Music: Freya no Namida (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka

12/13/03 21:49
Harmony by KOKIA
Current Desk Area Temperature: 76.4F

Only one interesting thing happened today. The rest of it was boring as hell.

For the sake of making this interesting, I'll start with the afore mentioned interesting thing. Mom's driver-side window was shattered this morning. There was no impact area or anything and we discovered this right before I was going to leave for my bass lesson. We later discovered that it was either due to an old nick that finally couldn't hold up anymore or that it was a defect in the glass itself or something. *shrugs* One way or another, I had to drive Dad's truck to my lesson and was 15 minutes late, but Mrs. Merritt didn't have anywhere to go, so it was no problem. I hope

Last night the digital camera Dad ordered arrived! I've been playing with it and dang is it cool. Whoever's reading this can expect to see more pictures up on YnA. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Later in the day, however, Mom and Dad went to some Schlumberger party, taking the camera and leaving me with nothing to entertain myself with. Well, not really. I have plenty to do, but I just didn't want to do anything. I just didn't feel like concentrating on one thing for a long time... and I just ended up frustrating myself. ^_^; Drawing, however, caught my attention and I drew some nifty stuff; I'm trying to re-Dysneyfy my fun art style. It's turning out well.
Music: Justice (Shingetsutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki

12/12/03 23:01
Justice (Shingetsutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki
Current Desk Area Temperature: 74.0F

Exams are coming up~ That means 4 half days in a row. ^_^ But dang... I can't believe the year's almost over. o.o I'm gonna be 17, one year away from being a legal adult. Wow. And there's only a year and a half of school left before I hit college... and I'm sure I'll be glad I took AP English... it'll save me a lot of frustration in making the switch from HS mode to college mode.

Umm... On Wednesday, I went to play with some of the other orchestra members at a nursing home... and those elderly people are easy to entertain. o.O Yeah...

I'm happy~ emu sent me the Shingetsutan Tsukihime OST and it's purdy~ *hugs it* I love that show; it's intriguing. (SPOILERS) I'm wondering though: did Shiki have a twin? Or was I not paying attention enough to the beginning? He says something along the lines "I killed him, then father killed me..." and that's the only conclusion I can draw. And why was Shiki locked up? Was it because they thought that he killed his parents or whoever caretakers or whatever? There's several other questions... but they'll be answered in time. I want the next episode. -.- (END SPOILERS) Anyways, things are getting clearer only to bring up some more unclear things... but that's part of what makes that show intriguing.

Nothing else really happened, save that I went to iaido tonight since I have no karate until sometime in January. I can't wait until Christmas~
Music: The Sacred Moon (Shingetsutan Tsukihime Opening) by Ohmori Toshiyuki

12/10/03 21:03
Kiren (Matantei Loki Ragarok OST) by Yoshi Haoka
Current Desk Area Temperature: 75.0F

You could feed a 3rd world child for a year with the cost of those pants, ya know.

What pisses you off?
Created by ptocheia


How evil are you?

That's... disturbing

Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?

Second time taking that one... and the same answer. Anyways, the original was lost during the Fall of Neoservers...

What .hack//SIGN Character Are You?

What .hack//SIGN Character Are You?

I'm an old man! ZD

What Cosplay Type Are You?

OK, tests are out of the way~

Yesterday was the Great and Almighty Symphony Concert! We sounded cool~ And, thanks to emu (she and her parents came) I discovered that I grin insanely on stage when playing Jingle Bells -.- Anyways, afterwards I ate cake and had hot chocolate. It was good~

Oh, and Monday I got my class ring! It's uber cool... when we get our digital camera, I'll snap a pic. of it to put up.

Today I got to go play at a nursing home. The old people really enjoyed it. o.o

Funny thing of the day: I fell asleep in Chinese... only I didn't know I did at first. I was looking at my paper, then Laoshi started saying my name and asked if I was asleep and I, thinking that I hadn't, said no. Then the room was quiet and Laoshi finally asked me whether or not I was going to answer "the question," which was number 10. Last I remembered, we were on 8. >.> Whee~
End of the World (Stellvia of the Universe) by Angela

12/07/03 22:25
Lapis by Gackt
Current Desk Area Temperature: 75.0F


Wow! It's been a while since I last blogged... Ummm... Well, Friday, I went and reffed the kids' karate class for two hours, then did the usual adult class stuff. Saturday, orchestra played in the city park... and everyone was complaining about their hands being numb, including me. I couldn't even feel whether or not I was holding down a string... mou~

Today I saw The Last Samurai... and it was OK. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. The end was inevitable, but the way it was presented was a little corny... but that's just my opinion. The "shings" the sound people added in when the swords were drawn got annoying... Then we got the Christmas stuff out and started setting up the decorations.

I finally got to meet the not-so-new neighbors and they're nice people.

Ummm... nothing else to say, really...
Music: Wounded Wings (Please Save My Earth BGM) by Hajime Mizoguchi

12/02/03 22:19
Hakage na Shoujo (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka
Current Desk Area Temperature: 74.1F

W00t! I finished up the designs for the girl's soccer team's shirt. I ended up being in Elec. Media for half of Physics and Algebra II, but it was worth it. It looks cool, if I do say so myself. Plus Ms. Tee wants to enter something I did in a contest. >.>

Saturday, orchestra's playing in the local Holiday in the Park festival. I'm still not too clear on what we're doing, though...

Oh, and it's been confirmed: the Symphony Christmas Concert thingy's going to be on Dec. 9 at 7 in the auditorium... I believe. I can't think of anywhere else it'd be.

I actually had a pretty good day. We started watching Sybil in Psychology (I've already seen it, but it's a good movie). I took the Romanticism Exam I missed Friday because of orchestra's little trip to Stewart Elem., came home, ate, did my Scarlet Letter report, did my algebra, studied, read, got The Pirates of the Carribean, watched it, and now I'm here.

I'm in an unusually talkitive mood right now... dun have anything to talk about, though. Ummm... I'll go use up my talkitive-ness on AIM or something...
Music: Aura (.Hack//SIGN BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

12/01/03 20:42
Mask (Bakuretsu Hunters ed.) by Masami Okui
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.5F

Yep, another late layout. I'm just not in a layout-making mood, so I'm just going to keep using this one until I'm done with the December one.

Guess what! John Ray sensei might visit the Clear Lake Iaido dojo this month~ Last time I saw him was on my third day or so of learning iaido and I didn't know enough to make the most out of his teaching, but now I hopefully can~ *happy*

I think I really am getting better at iaido... my sayabiki's getting a little better and, as I've said before, I have the techniques down enough to where I can partially concenterate on my posture instead of letting it get shot to hell in the confusion that goes on in my head consisting of "crap, the sword's too high," "my arms are to far out," my hands aren't right!" "my foot~," "OOPS," and "how the hell did I manage that!?"

Mom also agreed to let me do judo at the dojo I go to for iaido once Christmas is over~ Raymond Williams sensei said that there are really no girls in it, but that the mother and daughter that live in the upstairs apartment sometimes comes down and joins them... and that I might be able to convince them to join in more often of I join. Also, he said that lots of over ladies were curious about judo, but since there are no girls in the class, haven't. Whee~

Well, enough about all that. My design was chosen for the girl's soccer team's shirt and I'm working on the front or back image (not sure~) that Ms. Tee was going to do, but made me do instead since I finish stuff fast. It needs to be done by the end of the day tomorrow... but I got it halfway done today. God, I wish we still had hour and a half long classes... But Coach Porter said that I could go to art instead of his class, Physics, since we were only doing a review sheet. I still hate that man...

The rest of the day went on as it usually does, though I was a little more tired than usual. Oh, if whoever's reading is really dense, yes, school started again. Anyways, after school was the symphony rehearsals. The concert is on Dec. 9 and I couldn't tell anyone the time if my life depended on it, but I'm guessing that it starts at 7; they usually do, anyways. I'll have to ask Mr. Black tomorrow.

And... that's it.
Music: Believe in Heaven (Matantei Loki Ragnarok) by Miki Shinichirou (Yamino)