11/23/05 11:30
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Who, I made it to LA safely. The planes were loads of fun!! Daddy had to chew gum every time we went up or down. XD I was fine until we landed the second time; my ear wouldn't do the clicky thing. :O

We arrived at about 9:07 PM Pacific time (11:07 at home) and Mom, Monika, and Oliver picked us up.

He started freaking out a bit after that and I didn't know what to do. ;_;

Oliver's cute.

Anyway, after arriving at the house, we watched Napoleon Dynomite because I haven't watched it (yep), then went to bed. I got to wake up at 5:30 so I could register classes at 6:00, but I couldn't remember my PIN. ;_; I had to call and have it reset, but in the end I got all my classes just fine. Ah, and we have free wireless here because a neighbor didn't put a password on it. :D

11/14/05 23:41
Emily's Reel (Heartland An Appalachian Anthology CD) by Meyer, Fleck, Marshall
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Mood: O.M.F.G.

I'm going to be holding my breath all week, I swear. I register my classes for next semester on the 23rd at 8 AM (the morning after I go to LA). Holding my breath.

My current choices are:

Fundamentals of Photography 8-11 MW (major)
Art History I 10-11 or 11-12 MWF (major)
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 11-12 MWF (social/behavioural sciences)
US & TX Constitutions/Politics 12-1 MWF (history/government)
US History After 1877 1-2:30 MW (history/government)

Fundamentals of Printmaking 11:30-2:30 TTh (major)
Fundamentals of Graphic Communications 2:30-5:30PM TTh (major)

...What I end up chosing depends on several factors. -.-; I'm only taking one Fundamentals course, first of all. My first choice is printmaking... but there are only 8 openings left after only one day of registration. >.< My second is photography and last is Graphic Comm. I hope like you wouldn't believe that I don't have to go to school at 2:30 in the afternoon. -.-;

Then if I have to take photography, I'll have to hope very strongly that the 11-12 art history or anthro class is open. I'd probably take the art history over anthro if both are open. I have to take three art history classes. -.-;

We need more art professors. .

Anyway, it looks like I'll probably be taking summer school for a session each summer, anyway. >.< I want to graduate in at most five years... and doing 12 hours each semester totals up to that... if I don't drop anything. And I like having that option if it's a class I know I hate and/or will fail.

And it'd give me an easier senior year load.

Hmm... *looks in her handbook* apparently, you need four credit hours during sessions I and IV or eight during II and III to be counted as full time. I wonder, since I don't have a scholarship or anything... can I just be a part time student during the summer? Hm. Something to look into.
Music: Thema. Andantino mit Variationen; Quintet ("Trout" Quintet. "Arpeggione" Sonata CD) by Emanuel Ax, Pamela Frank, Rebecca Young, Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer

11/3/05 19:49
Lento by Dvorak
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Mood: *yaaaaaawn*

Next Tuesday the naked guy comes to my drawing class. XD I get to see a naked guy in real life for the first time! I'm kind of worried though because my art teacher said for no one to giggle or the naked guy will just get encouraged. XD And he wants to bring monkey bars in for him...

We played with ink in art. I started over three times before I was happy. But now it looks nifty, though I'm not quite done.

Today at work was another slack-off day. In fact, Jenny, emu and I all stood around together in the young adult section and talked for a while. XD emu took out her contacts and didn't have her glasses, so she kinda had a reason, at least. .

And just a bit ago I Mom and I got back from the mall. We picked up Star Wards Ep. III and the limited edition of Scrapped Princess disk 4 'cause we preordered them. I'm annoyed because I thought the statue of Shannon (my favorite character) was going to be one of the 12' ones, but it's one of the small ones. >.< It's probably because he has no boobs, stupid boob-crazy men. I want a big statue of Shannon!!!
Music: Lento by Dvorak (still)

11/1/05 22:31
Colosseum (Noir BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
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Mood: relatively good

Tuesdays are always fun because I don't do much and time flies. It's kinda weird. There was hardly anything to do at all today. Literally. I stood around talking in the cirulation room for at least a half hour because I had nothing to do and no one would give me something to do. .

Plus there's the library anime club. We were going to make them watch Castle in the Sky, but that wasn't on the List, so we watched Princess Mononoke, which was. Charlie hadn't seen it and neither had Jennie, so I'm glad that we were able to expand their anime experience that little bit. ^_^

Ah, gotta go make sure Mom wrote a check. One second... back.

Hm, what else is there to say? It was cold and I hate the cold. And for Thanksgiving we're going to LA to see my sister, brother-in-law, and new nephew. :D He's a good baby, so he'll probably survive me and I'll probably like him. I hate bad babies (AKA babies like I was).
Music: Mambo de Chocobo (Final Fantasy V Piano) by Nobuo Uematsu