11/25/04 23:26
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Yay for turkey! Turkey's good. Not as good as crab, but it's still one of my favorite foods.

Mom and Dad rubbed olive oil and some different seasonings on the turkey for the first time and I loved it. I had a nice chunk of the white meat and claimed a leg for myself. The dressing was also really good; we cook it inside the turkey. Well, we also make extra outside it, but the good stuff is cooked inside the turkey. I also had mashed sweet potato with sugar, broccoli, and a roll. ^_^

After eating, we all had a big nap-time, though I couldn't sleep. I don't know why I couldn't, but I ended up wandering around the internet instead (I didn't feel like doing any "real" work today). We watched The Butterfly Effect after the big nap-time... and it was so sad. I love the movie, though (it was freaking weird)... but the end... ;_; I suggest it.

Now I'm going to go finish a book I'm borrowing from Emily-sensei and sleep~ sleep~ sleep~
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11/24/04 22:52
Nothing. o.o
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To start things off, God I love America. .

Now, for those of you who are just stupid, that was sarcasm. The sue-fest (I can never remember the actual word for "sue-happy" >.<) that's been going on is really starting to piss me off. I mean, look at McDonald's. They got into big trouble because people eating their food were getting fat. If you don't want to get fat, then why the freaking hell do you stuff your face with greasy foods? Why do you insist and dragging everyone else down with you because you cannot take responsibility for you eating habits??? I want my Humongous-sized fries back, gosh darnnit!! >.< Plus there was the thing with suing because the coffee was hot. Why the Hel do people insist on suing for stupid reasons? "Oooh, someone could plagerize with this pen!" Yep, Bic was plotting to have a whole underground army of plagerizers to make a profit off of Marvel's stuff, alright.

People are so stupid.

OK, that said... I have some catching up to do, ne?

Back on November 5th I traveled up to Denton with Emily-sensei, Joe, and Leslie for the 2nd US Embukai. William, Sue and Lindy also went, though they weren't piled in Emily-sensei's car with us. I won't go into great detail because... well, just because. Anyway, as I said, we arrived at the hotel Friday and had a couple of hours to sit around or wander. I had myself some coffee-scented ramen (I heated the water in the coffee machine... yay for caffine!!) and them Emily-sensei (I shared a room with her) and I wandered around the premesis. Doing so was rather dangerous due to the uneven cement, but we lived. We also discovered that the pool was locked up... but nobody brought their swimsuits, anyway. Another discovery was that the Pringle's machine in the lobby gives you a small tube of Pringle's, not just a single Pringle (this was bothering me and I couldn't resist testing it). Soon after we finished exploring, we met Joe down at Emily-sensei's car and went to the school the event was to be held at. Once there, I changed and socialized as best I could (I almost always had another dojo-member within ten feet of me...) and after a long period of socializing, we ran through Seiza no Bu. I'll just say that I've never seen so many people doing iai at once in a single place before. Afterwards, we all piled into a Mexican restraunt that I don't remember the name of and I had some shrimp and talked.

Saturday was the real learning thing. I was in the intermediate group (shodan and nidan) and we were instructed by John-sensei, Andrej-sensei, Greg-sensei, Scott-sensei, Warren-sensei, and Ted-sensei (More or less in that order). For the sake of brevity, I'll just say that my brain was just about dead by the time lunch came around half-way through and barely alive by the time it was all over, though I did learn a lot of different ways of doing things. Overall, it was fascinating. I'll go ahead and mention that we had lunch at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet and that evening went to a party at John-sensei's house. There was turkey and carrot sticks, making me very happy indeed. ^_^

Sunday was the actual Embu. I was supposed to be 18th, but do to many no-shows, it was decided that we wouldn't say our numbers... and I'm sure I went up sooner that that because of the absences. It was scary having so many people watching... all I remember, really, is glancing at the high-ranking sensei and thinking "thank God I didn't fall" after I got up from Tsukikage (my knee and back were bothering me again; Sue had taken care of them earlier, but due to much standing, they started bothering me again.). I regret to say that I don't remember how many of the people who went before me did; I was too busy going over things in my head, but those who went after me looked good. It was great to see the higher-dan sensei do waza one right after the other.

After everyone had their turn, we all gathered and shouted "BONZAI!!!" in the Japanese tradition (yes, they really do do this) and we all lined up for photos. After the large one, I somehow became the photo person and took a bunch of photos of the sensei together for them and afterwards, of this one guy with various sensei. I hope they all came out good... Afterwards, I made that guy take pictures of me with some of the sensei before I went and changed. Emily-sensei got a stick from Andrej-sensei, much to my amusement, and there was some final socializing and stuff. Emily-sensei and I were among the last to go (Joe decided to go with someone else back to Houston and Leslie went back with Sue) and I helped with the drive home.

11/1/04 21:30
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XD Still no new layout! Hah!

... Why am I saying "Hah" ... ?

Anyway, I made Region Orchestra and I'm going to Denton for the US Embukai this weekend. I'll get to see people from all over the US and Canada~ I'm sooooo excited. The only downside is that I'll probably have to do my homework on the way up there... during the week, I'll have to work my arse off on my animation 'cause I won't have the weekend to do it. -.-;

I'm going in Emily-sensei's car along with Joe and Leslie... I Leslie doesn't mind all my binders... if I have much homework. It'd be nice if we did nothing in all my classes Friday. I'm looking forwards to meeting Greg Huff and Scott Irey... they're high-level teachers. When I go off to college I'll probably have to drive up to Greg Huff's dojo for some training... and Scott Irey's so very different that I want to see him in person. Plus he apparently knows a lot of history... Mou~~~ I can't wait *squirms*

Now back in time to Region. I was Z20, the last bassist to get to play... fortunately, hearing the others play made me feel much better. Most of them weren't counting at all and/or were almost sightreading. By the time I got to play, I wasn't shaking on the way up... though I was on the way back... and I actually remember playing. I don't remember any of my playing at last year's audition. It was a big blank after I finished. -.-;

Mom and I went and saw The Grudge on Saturday, which is a very good movie. It's the first movie in a while that actually scared my mom and me. ^_^; I suggest it, especially if you're interested in Japanese horror stories and such.

I'm exhausted... oyasumi nasai.
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