11/29/03 22:33
Lapis by Gackt
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F

Guess what? Today's Mrs. Merritt's b-day and she didn't tell me that there would be no lesson this week. In fact, last week we were talking about what we'd do today. Oh well.

Mom, Dad, and I went to see the 16:30 showing of Timeline and it kicked butt; it was a movie worth getting the DVD of, in my opinion. Now I want to read the book...

Afterwards, I watched episode 60 of Naruto (which ended horribly >.< DANG YOU creators for doing such things to the watchers... though I'm being a hypocrit there. I like doing that in my stories)

After that, I tore apart my critical edition of The Scarlet Letter searching for stuff in lit. crits I can use in my Scarlet Letter paper. I've decided to do mine on Hawthorne's use of psychological realism concerning Chillingworth 'cause I think he's one of the coolest "bad-guys."

And now I'm writing this. -.-
Music: The World (.Hack//SIGN BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

11/29/03 10:28
Kamikai (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka
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Morning post before I go to my bass lesson~ But first...

Congratulations, you're Los Angeles, the City of Angels.
What US city are you? Take the quiz by Girlwithagun.

You are a muse.
What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

Now for a random thing:

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Your Life path number is 8.

The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2446861.5.
The golden number for 1987 is 12.
The epact number for 1987 is 0.
The year 1987 was not a leap year.

As of 11/29/2003 10:43:46 AM CST
You are 16 years old.
You are 200 months old.
You are 873 weeks old.
You are 6,111 days old.
You are 146,674 hours old.
You are 8,800,483 minutes old.
You are 528,029,026 seconds old.

There are 99 days till your next birthday
and 26 days till Christmas!

The moon's phase on the day you were
born was in its first quarter.

The "life path" number thing doesn't fit me in my opinion... but oh well.

Alrighty... Paul and Ashley showed up at the dojo I go to for iaido~! Paul seems interested... but Ashley didn't do so well. I discovered that she's never been able to sit in seiza and that she can bend her right foot in a certain way (can't describe it). But it was fun~ We got through Seiza no Bu and Batto ho. Both discovered that iaido is harder than it looks. >.>

Ummm... nothing else has happened... wait, I haven't talked about Thanksgiving. Alrighty. I woke up at 9 and helped with the cooking, though most of the time I was out of the kitchen since Mom and Dad have formed a routine that doesn't include me. *sulks* I felt useless... Anyways, once the turkey was done, it was goooooooooooooooood. I love turkey~ After we ate, which was at about 2, I had a little free time and then I was busy doing random stuff... them Mom and I went out and about... then we watched movies. For the "out and about" part, we went to Garden Ridge since they were having a huge Thanksgiving sale... and they were torn apart, not to mention crowded. Thank goodness they had all the registers opened. But anyways, we got more blue Christmas lights, some throw-blankets, and a few other things in addition to just kind of wandering around and looking at stuff. We were in there for about two hours or so. >.O

Now I must go pack up my bass.
Music: Freyr (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka

11/26/03 22:45
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TESTS! And a buttload of 'em, too.

You are Pink
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After being disturbed by the pink-ness, I tried again and got this:

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And that one's WTF-ness

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I'm a Philosopher/Scientist!

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emu's going to hurt me for that one...

Your magical style is Druidic.
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Well, that was fun.

Umm... Yesterday was Dad's birthday and he was home after all. We went and ate at... crap, what's that places name? Mou... I'll remember it later. THE REEF!. K, got it. Afterwards, we watched The Terminater III... and it was actually pretty good

Nothing happened today until I went to iaido. I discovered that at Creek, you can take some kind of outside sport or excersize thing and use it as a PE waver. I'm tempted to use iaido as one since you have to go to the same place and at karate, I'd be going to 5 different places. Oh, and you need to practice it 5 hours a week. *tempted*

Back to iaido. I was the only student present! And that ment that I got individual attention~ We went over Toho and Batto ho... the two we rarely work on and I suck at. Whee~ Oh, and I'm forcing Paul to check it out Friday. I don't have karate Friday~ *glares at Paul*

Fun, ne?

11/24/03 23:57
Kamikai (Matantie Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka
Current Desk Area Temperature: 67.0F

Danget, it's getting cold. It shouldn't get this cold in south Texas, it just isn't right. And if it's this cold inside, I don't want to step outside.

Today was emu's Full Metal Alchemist party~ Linda, Sam, Paul, emu (duh), and I were all there and we watched 1-8, which is all that's out right now. 8'd just come out today, luckily. I think everyone who hadn't seen it became a FMA fan... w00t! Afterwards, we watched some music videos and stuff.

Afterwards, I layed around for most of the day... until Dad announced that he doubted that he'd be home tomorrow, which is he b-day. So Mom and I hurried and made a pecan pie (he requested it) and brought down his presents and ate pie. Well, I didn't. I don't like pie.

Not long after I returned to Omoikane, emu bothered my about editing Effacer. I've been lit. deprived since I'm trying to make myself read one book at a time while it's Thanksgiving Break, but I'm having a helluva time holding myself back. I mainly bothered her about stylistic things, which is what I normally do. She said that she'd probably get another editor who doesn't know the plot to also edit and that Jennifer'd probably be the one she forces to do it. She'll probably pick up on any spelling errors and stuff... I somehow miss those quite often when editing. Probably because I'm obsessed with style and rhetoric and stuff. >.>

Speaking of writing... I need to start thinking about my Scarlet Letter paper. I think I'm going to do it on psychological realism... *ponders*
Music: Nazo wo Toku (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka

11/23/03 22:23
Give a Reason Remix (Slayers Next) by Megumi Hayashibara
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Whee~ It's Thanksgiving break! *dances* Doesn't change the fact that I still have lots of work, though...

OK... now for the usual question: where to start. I guess I'll start off with Friday. During 7th and 8th periods, the orchestra went and played for the kids at Stewart Elem. Those kids were... enthusiastic. And that's a good thing; maybe we'll get a big wave of kids in orchestra next year. But anyways, we played Fanfare by Stephan, Ocean Storm by Vivaldi, Orpheus in the Underword by Offenbach, Themes from Harry Potter and Star Wars by Williams, Curse of the Rosin Eating Zombies from Outer Space by Meyer, and finally Contradanse by Clark. The kids seemed to like Opheus and Contradanse the best... or at least the clapped like mad. Do you know how hard it is to keep beat when there's a lot of random clapping? Shoot... Anyways, in Rosin Eating Zombies, I got the screaming solo again (we played it last year). The kids freaked out when I screamed... and wouldn't calm down. Mr. Black had to say that it was part of the song. >.> Afterwards, I let some of the kids pluck a string on my bass 'cause I'd seen a violinist let some kids on her half of the crowd do so to her violin... but I didn't take into account that kids would be for more curious about something as big as a bass... but luckily there was a teacher there to tell them to be gentle and I got out of there ASAP.

Later that day was the belt test for karate. I ended up doing one of Ms. Moore's jobs... and I hope I didn't let anything slip. I had to make sure the kids had all the info pages they needed... *worries*

on Sat. nothing happened besides my bass lesson, which went as usual and today I had iaido and watched the director's cut of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

For once I was awake this morning and did better than usual in iaido. I'm finally starting to get the techniques down pretty good so I can worry about my posture, which plays a huge role in iaido. And I'm starting to figure out how to use my hips to make my kirioroshi (the vertical cut) stronger. And I'm getting better at my draw... or at leat I think I am. *happy*

The uncut LoTR: TT rules. Watch it. Just watch it.

Tomorrow's emu's Full Metal Alchemist watching party~ She drug me around yesterday trying to find all the cords and stuff to be able to watch things on the computer on the TV... only to discover that didn't need to buy a certain cord we'd been searching everywhere (in the wrong areas) for.
Music: Reflection (Slayers GREAT) by Megumi Hayashibara

11/20/03 21:42
Shadow of Doubt (Escaflowne BGM) by Yoko Kanno
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You're Perfect ^^
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Took that one before, but it was in an entry that was lost during the Fall of Neoservers.

GIRLY GIRL - Clever Kitty
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and people are always bringing you down for
being sad. What do they know, anyway? You feel
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What kind of girl are you?
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o.O The word doesn't fit the description... huh...

Today's one of those days where I have a lot to say but I don't feel like saying much, so I'll keep things short.

Umm... where'd I leave off in the last post... Oh well, I'll just say things as I remember them. Tomorrow, I get to miss 7th and 8th periods to go play at Stewart Elem. Orchestra's going through with the plan to get the kids going into intermediate school to join orchestra instead of band *laughs evily*

I discovered that the afore mentioned apart ment was a huge rip off. How? I called my sister, who went to U of H and lived in Houston. After hearing this, I looked around and found a super-nifty place~ Right now, it's the goal. And once I'm graduated and moved into an apartment, my first mission shall be to convince the landlord to let me get an iguana. I don't see why he/she wouldn't... they're clean, probably one of the cleanest pets possible.

My Special Edition .Hack//SIGN 5 DVD came in and it came with a box to put the CDs I've gotten from the previous special editions. Now I wonder what the last DVD'll have... there's only one left...

Mou... I'm going now.
Jealousy (Noir BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

11/17/03 22:22
Shiro (Wolf's Rain BGM) by Yoko Kanno
Current Desk Area Temperature: 82.9F

You are the sly, mischevious, and decitful Loki.
Father of Lies, Bad Deals, and mischeif.

Which Norse God are you?
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YOU ARE: Odin. Creator and deadly. You are the
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emu and I were plotting to move into an apartment right by U of H when she's a Sophmore and I'm a Freshman... but now it's kinda iffy. We found out that the price ($500/month) was per person... but we'll probably both have jobs by then and then we'll be able to hang out! ZD It'd be even cheaper if we snatched together 4 people total... but I don't know how likely it'd be that they'd accept all our requests... though I don't see why they wouldn't, either.

Umm... today all the art classes except Electronic Media went on a field trip to the Art Museum and that was kind of unfair... in my opinion. But we got to watch more of Finding Nemu. But still... -.-

It rained like hell today. It was nice... until halfway through the symphony rehearsals. It was like someone uncorked a huge jug of water... and it was the worth weather I'd ever driven in. I had to drive at 30 m/h when it was 55m/h in order to see. >.< And my street was starting to flood... but it could've been worse. North Houston had tornadoes and lots of goodies.

When I got home (and after some hecktic stuff) I wrote my paper on Erich Fromm for Psychology, did my Physics... wait, Physics. I do have something to talk about...

Yes. Physics. Thursday we were assigned into groups to do a lab. I got stuck with idiots. What took people 2 days or 2 days and 5 min. to do took us a full 3... and on that third day we were assigned a lot of class work that, if you didn't finish, was homework. Thus I got a lot of Physics homework. *not happy about that* At least I got it done... -.- What amused me, though, is that when I started talking to them like I would if I were teaching a bunch of little kids physics, it worked. They listened. I got a kick out of that... And they didn't believe me when I sad I was a quarter Mexican. That's all. Class dismissed.
Music: Little Busters (FLCL BGM) by The Pillows

11/16/03 21:11
Successful Mission (Saber Marionette J OP) by Hayashibara Megumi
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F

You are Frigg! Frigg is the goddess of childbirth
and marriage. She is the wife of Odin and
highest in rank of the goddesses. She is called
the mother of the Gods. Frigg is as wise as Odin but is more reserved and
shy. She's very rational and people come to her
for advice.

Which Norse Mythology character are you?
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You are Freyr! The elves are your special race and
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Loki, the Trickster, challenges the structure and
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of the race of Ettins (Elementals) and thus
possesses some daemonic qualities. He is both a
helper and a foe of the Aesir; he gets them out
of predicaments, but spawns the worst monsters
ever seen on the face of the Earth: the Fenris
Wolf and Jormurgandr, the Midgard Wyrm. His
other children include the goddess Hel (Hella,
Holle), and Sleipnir, Odin's 8-legged horse;
these beings are at least benign, if not
somewhat terrifying to behold.

What Norse God Are You?
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...That's very WTF... Anyways...

I'm happy~ Mom said that I'd be able to get an iaito for my birthday~ I already pretty much know what I want on it... I've known since... last March. Mom said that the $499 one's OK. I'd get the less expensive one if it had more tsuba and some menuki options, but it doesn't. I'm pickey.

Mom, Dad and I all went to see Master and Commander and it was freakin' good. I won't go into detail, just go see it.

Nothing else's really happened... o.O

11/15/03 18:43
none o.O
Current Desk Area Temperature: 84.0F

Well, it seems like emu's most likely going to UofH, which is where I'll most likely go. You can do it emu!!

And if I do go, I think I will try out the dorms. For the longest time, I had this fear of them since I'd heard so many stories... plus my sister said it was rediculously loud. Well, Monika went during the early 90's and was probably still recovering from the 80's and I've read nice things about UofH's dorms... and I'm a pretty positive thinker ^_^; emu's description of the fitness center there was also interesting. I might actually start running a mile everyday like I'm supposed to be doing... and I can finally do some weight training, which is something I've been wanting to do. So, emu, I'll probably be joining you there after I graduate!

OK, that out of the way, I'll talk about last night's karate class~ I taught and did a good job! I had the orange belt girls and, unlike the guys, they listened. I'm seriously beginning to believe that almost every little boy there has A.D.D. or something... Anyways, I got my hands on a list of techniques and went over the stuff they'd be doing for their belt test, which'll be next week. I'm proud of myself... >.>

Today, I got to have an hour long bass lesson. someone else with an hour long lesson (from 10-11) cancelled and Mrs. Merritt, who I'd told before that I wanted to try to get hour long lessons when I can, called me up and told me, and thus I went at 10. We got a lot done. o.o It's amazing how much more you can do in an hour rather than in half an hour.

Afterwards, I went home, layed around, then went to the library to do some research on Erich Fromm. He's cool and he can write better than most psychologists. He mainly was into dream analysis, but not like Freud. I won't go into detail, yall can go do yall's own research. I also ran into Stella there and said hi, checked out some books for the coming Thanksgiving break, and split, played some .Hack, and now I'm here.

11/13/03 19:49
Kiwami (Hikaru no Go BGM) by Wakakusa Megu
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.8F

You are neutral. Neither good nor bad. Now is that
good or bad?

How evil are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm... where to start... Well, I guess Tuesday's a good place to start. I went over to emu's and watched the first two DVDs of Full Metal Panic... and it was good. Sousuke's adorabibble~ ...but I keep thinking his name's "Sasuke." By the way, KAKASHI~ for Sam, if he ever reads this.

Yesterday, after iaido, I went over to Paul's martial art's school since he's been bothering me for a year to go and spar him. That, and I need to do 3 reports on schools out of ASK in order to test for black, though I probably won't be doing that for another two years. Anyways, I was being lazy and I was starving. I had a PowerBar on the way there... but it wasn't enough. Then I learned that they do take-downs while sparring... a new thing for me. And I kept forgetting that they do that. -.-

Got progress reports today. I have all A's and B's and a C in Pre-AP Algebra, but we only have a few grade and my only test grade was low due to stupid mistakes, so that'll go up in no time.

Umm... what else has happened...? Well, today was a half day, which are stupid. We should get whole days off... it's all those Elementary teachers' fault. According to Mr. Fontenot, they outnumber the high school and intermediate teachers and rule the calendar.

In Electronic Media, I finished up my CD design for the digital yearbook thingy... now just gotta hope that it gets picked... >.> Also, since everyone brought 3 nonperishable (spelling...) foods, we get to watch Finding Nemo in class~ w00t for Finding Nemo.

Oh, and guess what! I have finally been uping my timed writes in English. Out of 9 points, I used to get 2's and threes... but now I'm mainly getting 5's and 6's~ *happy* ...Though the last one I did sucked. >.< I hate lit. analysis papers, and that last one was one. I usually understand the passage... but I have difficulty expressing what I know and understand in a way that makes sense. Meh.
Music: Asu e no Brilliant Road Second Genisis Ver. (Stellvia of the Universe) by Seikou Nagaoka

11/11/03 00:05
Kokoro no Iro (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka
Current Desk Area Temperature: 82.1F

w00t for the new blog layout! It features Kakashi-sensei, who is a god, from Naruto. Take that Sam... if you ever read this... >.>

As yall heard in a previous post, I went to Ren. Fest with emu Sat. I had fun~ It was cold, but still fun.

I got a nifty little glass dragon, found that I still have kick-butt aim with a cross bow, played with the long bows, and lost at King of the Log. Oh, I also got two strands of little bells~ I made them into an addition to my jingle bell alarm system on my bedroom door. kukuku... It's impossible to open my door without making them jingle.

Sunday I went to the dojo as usual for iaido. Unlike karate, in iaido I like it when there's a small group, and since there were only three people present on Sunday, I was happy. We got all the way through Seiza no Bu and bowed out, though we could stay for some extra practice. I had to leave; Mom wanted me to pick something up for her. She's sick.

Dad went off-shore right after I'd made it a habit to play at least one game of chess against him a day... but to make up for the lack of chess-playing, I've been playing go on the Kiseido go server. I really suck at go... I utterly lost every game by at least 5 moku... but by the end of the day (I'd been playing randomly throught it), I'd actually gotten a little better. ^_^;

Oh, and Full Metal Alchemist kicks butt. Everyone who hasn't seen it, get it. Now. GO. Then GO play GO!! (heh...)
Music: Rakuen to Tobira (Matantei Loki Ragnarok Op TV size) by YAMOTO

11/06/03 23:26
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.4F

There is nothing I hate more than letting other people join in on my work

But nonetheless, I do. And I always regret it in the end. If I really wanted to, I'd be a loner like I used to be and not speak to others or anything. If I really wanted, to, I would do everything I do alone.

Danget I suck at working in groups. I either have to do everything or nothing; I can never be in between. Dunno why, but I can't. And it pisses me off like no one would believe when I'm forced into the "do nothing" mode and practically forbidden from being mad. Damnit, I get mad, too. Does anyone care? No. Can I ever be a little selfish without everyone getting mad at me? No. These are some of the reasons why I've never really gotten into being with people until recently. But I just don't work well with others. Hell, if I weren't as nice as I am, I wouldn't ask anyone to help me with things. Ever.

And yes, I am in a bad mood. Go ahead and start pointing out why I suck. For once, I really wanted to be pissed and let it out, even just a little.

11/05/03 22:48
Believe in Heaven (Matantei Loki Ragnarok End - TV sized) by Shini'chirou Miki (Yamino)
Current Desk Area Temperature: 83.8F

Well, long time no write, ne?

Halloween. I'd rather not talk about it because I promised someone I forgot to pick up that I wouldn't talk about one of the parties I went to. But I did get some people to watch 28 Days Later.

Ummmm... I had stuff to say, but now I'm drawing blanks. Well, yesterday I left school less than 5 min. into first period. Why? Because I nearly threw up in the cafeteria before school and didn't feel good. No one noticed that I was trying to motion them to move. I feel noticed. *sulks* Well, when I got home, I napped until Mom came home and we went to Best Buy. I got that feeling you get when you know that if you move... you'll barf and I stood absolutely still in mid-step for a while... and Mom didn't notice. *sulks some more* I feel cared about...

I've been very agitated lately and I don't know why. Just little things that I've always found annoying have been making me snappy. Maybe it's the coming of winter... but still. I tend to not be very noticable. IE: I go in one direction while walking in a group, but no one follows while if someone else does, everyone follows. People don't wait for me. Just those little things have been getting me upset and they usually don't bother me since that's the way it's always been for me. Same with people rephrasing my usually terse comments into something longer and taking credit for them. Oh well, this'll pass. It always does.

And I've come to realize something: next year I won't be going to school with half my friends. I knew this, but the real realization of what it means just recently popped out from a bush and shouted "boo!" Another thing I get upset about, even though I'm happy for them.'

Oh, and people have been accusing, either directly or indirectly, me of not caring. But enough of that. I psych myself out too much. Mom says it's because I keep to myself too much, but whatever.

I started a l33t artwork-ness. I won't put it up until it's done... but I've been flashing some of my friends with it every now and then as it progresses. It's gonna be cool. >.>

Oh yeah! I'm going to Ren Fest with emu Saturday! I thought I wouldn't be able to go this year and I get to after all *dances*
Music: Isekai (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka