10/31/05 21:28
Don't Waste Your Love (Saber Marionette J) by ?
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Mood: yaaaaaawn

Well, it rained. Kobie seemed to be very upset. He knows what it means when the noisy halloween mat is out and he's in a costume. It means that he's the center of attention for many children, thus he gets petted a lot. He kept getting up and looking out the door like "WTF man? Where're my petters!?!?" But they came after it stopped raining. After I took a bath and was in my PJs. ¬.¬ It sucks. But it rained. Ah well. I'll wear my disco outfit next year.
Music: Kujikenaikara (The Slayers ed) by Megumi Hayashibara nd Masami Okui

10/31/05 14:20
Life is Like a Boat (First Bleach ed) by Rie Fu
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Mood: Yay!

Happy Halloween!

My history test if over! Yay! It was kinda funny, though... my teacher announces when half the time has passed and I generally don't look up. However, everyone was laughing, so I looked up and my professor was wearing a werewolf mask. x_x
Music: Let's Go Gekiganger 3 (Nadesico) by ?

10/27/05 22:26
I'm Cryin' by Journey
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Mood: If there is a god, I thank him/her

WHOOHOO!!! I finished my freaking essay.

I haven't posted in a while, have I? Maybe the cold makes me not want to post. I think that may be true; all I want to do when it's cold is curl up in bed. ¬.¬ I remember when that cold front blew through, it was about 84 degrees and I woke up and it was 73. And my ladder was cold (it's metal) and my feet bare and I'm sure anyone can figure out what my reaction was.

Fortunately, my room has warmed up and I have replaced the broken bathroom space heater and all is well.

And I ordered Leya! I already picked the name Mirabel for her and she shall be a brunette with this wig. ♥ I can't wait to get her.
Music: Float (Le Portrait de Petit Cossette BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

10/18/05 23:10
Escape by Journey
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Mood: :D

This time two people came to the anime club! It seems that so far we're getting a new attendee every meeting. That's deffinately better than none every meeting. XD

Nothing exciting really happened. In Drawing we went back into the courtyard and drew and emu showed up and I get my stuff and we left, then I fell asleep at home and went into work an hour late. Whoops. Then I set up the shelves on the new wooden shelves in the young adult section at work and shelved and shelved some more. Then it was the afore mentioned anime club meeting and then I did homework and now I'm here.

Whoohoo! Now I'm going to curl up with Sabriel by Garth Nix. ♥
Music: Message of Love by Journey

10/16/05 23:14
Cello Suite I in G Major, V. Menuets I and II by Bach performed by Edgar Meyer on string bass
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Mood: >.<

I hate it when I'm doing so well on a paper, then my brain just decides to crap out. I'm working on my rough draft, which doesn't have to be done tomorrow, just half, but still. So I'm just quitting for the night and I'll look at the damage tomorrow morning when I'm all good and rested. :D

Aside from writing, I've been cleaning because the bug man/exterminator is coming either tomorrow or Tuesday. I hate it when he comes simply because I'm forced to clean. >.< Kobie likes it, anyway. He comes in and flops down, something he usually can't do. XD

Ah, and I finished Anansi Boys. It had a very satisfying ending and I must agree with emu that both Spider and Charlie get better. :D
Music: Cello Suite I in G Major, VI. Gigue by Bach performed by Edgar Meyer on string bass

10/13/05 22:36
Cello Suite I in G Major, VI. Gigue by Bach performed by Edgar Meyer on string bass
Current Desk Area Temperature: 82.9°F
Mood: :D

For the past couple of classes in art we've been going outside and drawing walls 'cause we're doing perspective, which I hate. I liked going outside Tuesday, though, because we stayed on the fourth floor, where the mosquitos don't go. But... Today we went into the courtyard and I stayed huddled in my duster. I warded off all but one of them. ¬.¬

Danget, I just remembered that I have math homework. I guess I'll do that once I'm done here.

At work I decided to masochistically read the shelves in the 500's in childrens 'cause no one reads shelves but me and the 500's are always messed up... then went and shelved all the new books for October that the circ. people finally decided to put in the computer... then I was put in charge of ordering new manga for the library. >:D Every freaking single one of the requests were from Jessica and I put what they had on the order list, then I added some of my own... ♥

Soon after I finished dinner after work, emu and I went to Hobby Lobby 'cause emu needed some trinkets and stuff for Sheba's Halloween costume and I got to carry Eli around. ♥ I went because I'd been meaning to go and get some of those doll accessories for my Pinky army (which will resume its expansion once I order Leya). Those little things are expensive. x_x Then we went to Michael's to search for the trinkets some more because emu didn't find what she wanted. Eli got a straw hat.

Now Eli is here on my desk hugging one of my cute little rockets I got at the Busness Expo that occured not too long ago. He looks happy. :D Ah, and after much frantic searching, I found my Pinkies. They were missing. x_x I'd packed them up for the hurricane and apparently tossed them in a drawer in the other sink area without really thinking. Now they're once again taking over my desk.

Angy got ahold of the tiny rifle I forgot I already had.
Music: Cello Suite V in C minor, V. Gavottes I and II by Bach performed by Edgar Meyer on string bass

10/10/05 21:54
Cello Suite V in C minor, II. Allemande by Bach performed by Edgar Meyer on string bass
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Mood: x_x

Well, today was rainy... the first truely rainy day that I've had to go to school on. However, it was just kinda sprinkling constantly instead of pouring down.

Mom and I went to the doctor about my supereme cramps and the headaches that I get... and she made me give up blood. I think it was the fastest I've ever given blood though because the guy was able to get my arm while Anansi Boys was distracting me and I couldn't get it back. XO Now I've got a nasty looking but small bruise on the crook of my arm and I hate it. It's nasty. They get to see if my stuff is balanced 'cause it's weird that someone as young as me has so much trouble... and I might get put on birth control for it. ¬.¬ The doctor lady says that it'll make the cramps almost non-existant and the migranes should go away. And that's good... but birth control? And she gave me some migrane medicine samples. ¬.¬

After that I layed around all day because my arm hurt and still hurts and I was crampy. I did, however, eventually go to Target with Mom and bought myself some toys and that makes me a little happier. I got a cute little Luke, R2D2, Han, and Leia to put with my little Darth Vader and Obi-Wan. They're just too cute. ♥
Music: Cello Suite V in C minor, I. Prélude by Bach performed by Edgar Meyer on string bass

10/9/05 22:34
Cello Suite II in D minor, I. Prélude by Bach performed by Edgar Meyer on string bass
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Mood: Cozy

I like my room. It's the only warm room in the house. My parents are plotting to sneak into my room and open my window.

I know it.

The cold front's starting to wear off, thankfully. All the windows in the house will be closed up soon once it hits 85 degrees outside and all will be well again.

For the past week or so I've been picking the iaidoka of the dojo who went to the embu's brains for information and I think I'vepretty much gotten all I could out of them, though info crops up every now and then, still.

Also, I got to see Serenity for my third time yesterday. I was happy. :D Especially since 2 of my friends who haven't seen it or Firefly came. XD

I finished reading book two of of Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix. and now I want the third book, Drowned Wednesday so very badly, but Saturday at work they didn't have it and I could only get Grim Tuesday. I want it. Dunno what I'll do after that one, though, since the fourth book isn't out. But at least I have my hold on the third book. ¬.¬
Music: Cello Suite I in G Major, II. Allemande by Bach performed by Edgar Meyer on string bass

10/4/05 21:43
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.8°F

Well, today was the first Anime Group meeting at the library... and not a single person showed. XD It was just emu, Jennie (the new boss), Jessica for a bit, and me. We ended up just sitting around making lewd comments the entire time. It's kinda hard not to when you're watching Generator Gawl. ¬.¬

todkapuz (9:30:30 PM): hm... breif nudity... thought this was a pg13 group :-)
LazyEditorLiChan (9:30:45 PM): yep, PG 13 has brief nudity
todkapuz (9:32:16 PM): hm
todkapuz (9:34:14 PM): coo guess its just a side effect of bug-human transofmration or something like that so i understand
LazyEditorLiChan (9:34:42 PM): and they store clothes in their butts
todkapuz (9:35:41 PM): i figured taht was coming next

And then soon after that:

emukatze (9:39:51 PM): I told him not to ask you about that.
LazyEditorLiChan (9:40:13 PM): XD
emukatze (9:41:30 PM): I really think all of their clothing is stored in Ryo's ass, and that's why he always has that dopey look on his face.
LazyEditorLiChan (9:41:58 PM): XD
LazyEditorLiChan (9:42:08 PM): He was blanking out the pain
emukatze (9:42:20 PM): No, he enjoys it.
emukatze (9:42:24 PM): So he's always happy.

What fun.

I got to take over the CD player in my drawing class today. I went out to Evelyn and grabbed a couple of CDs 'cause I wanted to listen to something new and... took over. We listened to the Gattaca (spelling...) OST and the ROD OVA OST. Whoo! My art teacher actually asked if I'd burn a copy of the latter for him. XD

Nothing else really happened besides work. Someone brought Shipley's doughnuts and I ate one because they rule.

10/3/05 00:18
Opened the Door by Journey
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Mood: Whoo!!

I've done almost all my work. I just need to finish reading something for history and I'm all set for my test. I don't know why I was so worried now... though now that I say that, I'll probably do badly. Ah well. In the two years I haven't taken a history class, I'd forgotten just how well I remember historical stuff... temporarily, anyway. Since I don't think about it regularly, I tend to eventually forget it.

At iai it was just Joe, Greg, Robert, Phil, and... Adam? I don't remember who the last person is for some reason. Hm. We did all of seiza and batto ho... and I got to do Tate Hiza~ Yay. Also, Phillip and Robert started getting rough talking about more advanced things in the waza at one point and Joe had to yell "stick with the basics!" or something along those lines. XD It was kinda funny 'cause I've never seen new people do that. Sadly, I missed most of it because they were behind me. It makes me happy, though, that they're that interested in the waza.

Afterwards Mom and I went to Walmart for transfer paper, a plain white shirt, and a lighter. I needed the white shirt and paper for the Serenity logo thing 'cause I need 8000 points for an official Browncoat shirt. And it will be mine.

...Mom laughed at me when I said I only have 165 points. ¬.¬

My shirt came out reasonably well, however it was my first time ever using transfer paper. I had no idea a huge white thing would come out around the actual logo... and I kinda scortched part of the paper and it carried onto the plasticy whatever that's transfered... but that part looks kinda cool. But... I'm not too impressed with the transfer thing. The shirt will probably become a PJ shirt.

Other than that.. I've been studying for my history test tomorrow. And made an emergency last-minute trip to the library. I'm glad I'm an employee... I took my pile of books for English to the circulation room and checked them out to myself instead of waiting in line. XD
Music: Blight (Haibane Renmei BGM) by Kou Outani