10/12/04 21:17
Revolving by Dakona
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Whee~ I'm avoiding doing things at all cost today. Why? Because I deserve a break. . Or at least I think I do.

I can't wait for my copy of Lightwave 8 to come in~ I'll probably kiss it when I get it... and carry it around with me all day. Maybe even MARRY it. Maybe. But I have another week before I can get it... >.<

I'm hungry and all I have is a bag of chocolate filled marshmallows... and I want RAMEN!! Yummy ramen with shrimp in it... my room smells weird without the smell of ramen. I took the trash out, so there're no used ramen cups to perfume the air. Gosh darn it all. They need a ramen scented candle...

Dang I'm hungry.

I want to eat some sushi. I have a sushi craving... and I rarely actually crave sushi. Maybe Mom, Dad, and I can go get some tomorrow...

Tomorrow'll be fun. Our schedule's going to be all fsked up. Seniors'll be in the auditorium until 11:30 and all Sophomores and the Juniors that want to take it are taking the PSAT... for free, I believe. Not sure on that, but still... I had to pay for mine. Stupd people. >.<

Speaking of the PSAT, I took my SAT again Sat... I think I did better than my first one. Or at least I wasn't as paniced as before and on all but one 30 min section, I had at least 10 minutes to check everything. Yay for me~

After the SAT I went straight to the orchestra car wash after changing in Randall's and had car-washy fun.

Looks like I'll be helping out with Conforting Sounds now... I get to choose songs. ^_^
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10/2/04 21:48
The Dream Within (Final Fantasy Movie) by Lara Fabian
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Today was set-making day! For the Halloween concert (which'll be on 21st), we're doing The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with the intermediate kids acting and the HS orchestra playing. For some reason (probably because Mr. Black thought it'd be a good idea) we're placing a set-like thing behind us; we'll be in the pit, by the way. So far, it looks nifty. We only got the rough done (because the thing is going to be rather large and we didn't want to make any mistakes... we made a half-sized rough) and the base colors down before we stopped. We're meeting again Friday after school to finish it up.

That wasn't the only thing going on, though. Some people were making signs for the car wash we're doing this Saturday (which I won't be at because of my SATs) and others were hanging up our section signs above each sections' instrument racks. The people that didn't do any of these things helped clean up the room. Also, we recieved one of each size of our new concert dress. It's a black two-piece now... We won't stick out at Region this year! XD

One of the major plusses of going was that we got pizza from Pizza Hut, though I only got three slices before the cheese was gone.

I left at two and took a bath 'cause I had paint on the top of my right foot, my arms, and my hands and sat around a bit 'till emu came and picked me up so we could see Shaun of the Dead, which was a freaking hilarious movie. I suggest seeing it. XD

After the movie, I went over to emu's to watch My Neighbor Totoro... and the big totoro's creepy. . It was a good movie, though.

Now to go back in time! I'll talk about yesterday's Homecoming Festival. I have fourth period lunch (the first lunch of the day), thus I got first pick over everything. I got something from all the clubs I'm in: a lei from the National Honor Society, some Little Debbies from the Orchestra, Pocky from the Anime Club, and a Batman logo painted on my left cheek at the Art Club booth.

The sophomore class's booth was a blessing: they were selling straw cowboy hats that they decorated. And, with how sensitive my eyes are to the sun... I snatched one up. They got all bought up in fourth period! XD I was the only person who thought to put my senior crown on my hat, though. *feels so original... or something*

And speaking of senior crowns... I actually did the senior thing. I got a marroon sleeveless shirt and decorated it all Creeky and Seniory, wore shorts, and made a senior crown. I tried to get my junior friends to follow my commands... but they ended up just steeling my crown for a little while. . Sometimes it sucks to be short...

Hnn... I mainly hung out with Freya 'cause I lost everyone else in pairs, however at the beginning, we all sat down in a shadey area and ate lunch together. ^_^

When 7th period came around (ISM), I had to work the Anime Club booth. Before, I didn't actually really notice how incredibly popular the karaoke was. o.o There was a sea of people around the booth... it actually made me a little nervous. However, it was entertaining watching people get up and either sing well or make fools of themselves. I actually wanted to sing, too, but with someone... but I never did. ^_^; Ah well.

Going even further back in time... we have a new rule at school. A new retarded rule. It concerns absenses... before you only needed to bring a note from home to the office stating why you were absent and a parent signature and you'd be OK. Now you have to have a note and take around a slip of paper and have all the teachers who's classes you missed sign it. What the Hel??? They say that it's to show you didn't skip, but isn't the letter from your parent/guardian enough? Stupid, pointless, wastes of time like this piss me off. >.< Stupid idiots.
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