10/29/03 21:06 (yep, same time as yesterday o.o)
Himeta Omoi (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.8F

I've noticed something: I think I'm the tritest speaker in my English class. Everyone else will take 5 minutes describing the meaning of some symbol or event and be wrong, then I'll answer the question with a really short sentence and be right. *ponders this* I need to start speaking up more... *would probably feel smarter if she tried to participate more in the class converation on whatever book the class's reading*

Also, still on English, I discovered that The Scarlet Letter has a sex scene that totally went over my head, though that's probably because I was watching a movie at the same time. Once he read the section, I couldn't help but think that I was an idiot for missing something that practically hits the reader over the head... >.<

In Psychology we watched a movie about teens and sex that was made in 1983... and it was funny as hell. There was this one teen couple in which the guy obviously raped the girl... he said that he had to talk her into it, anyways. Then he talked her into running away and convinced her into believing that she didn't have parents. Brainwash~ Heh.

School aside, today was the first time I went to the dojo where I'm learning iaido for the first time in a few weeks. Emily-senpai and Joe-senpai returned from Japan... and Emily-senpai had presents! I got a l33t 100 yen coin, a nifty bag, a notepad for writing in kana (it has squares and spaces for furigana and everything~), and other nifty little nick-nacks. She also had photos, which I spent a goodly time gawking at. *wants to go to Japan* >.> They're lucky >.<
Music: Kessen (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka
21:17 (almost the same time as yesterday O.O creepy...)

10/28/03 21:06
Yamino Ryuusuke (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.0F


I 5th place of 14 places!!! *dances

I should've posted sooner, but Region auditions were Saturday and I made it~ It's now my l33t goal to move up to at least 3rd chair at the chair test. *insert determined look* But dang, when I noticed it, I literally ran into the cafeteria (where everyone waits/gathers/pratices) and lept over the table to hug my mom. Why? Because I was happy!!! We're going to play lots of music, including some stuff from The Planets... don't remember the details at the moment, though.

Following this joyous day was the tourney, at which I had to stand around for 5 hours and sparred my worst spar in the history of my practice of karate. I ate at 9... sparred at 3 or so... so it was 6 hours after I actually ate, and in the 8 hours since I had eaten breakfast to the end, I only ate some crackers emu had with her. I really didn't have fun... but I'll remember to prepare better for the wait before I get food... Gosh darn me for being a pathetic idiot.

However, there was one extremely funny thing that happened. All the guys in karate are required to wear cups for obvious reasons... and one white belt had obviously never worn one. After the reff. called break, the kid called time and said that he had something in the leg of his pants. He then went on to shake it out and out came his cup! It was... interesting. And new.

As for my past to days: I can't wait until Thanksgiving break, 28 Days Later is the best movie ever made and should be worshipped, and I will forever hold a grudge against my mom because of her knack for picking up terrible movies, those horror movies that consist of a group of teens getting lost. Those are just about always bad *shudders*
Music: Isekai (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka

10/21/03 22:57
Dance of Curse (Escflowne BGM) by Yoko Kanno
Current Desk Area Temperature: 83.0F (exactly what it was yesterday o.o)

Today I discovered that Mr. Fontenot can do a Ring Wraith impression. o.o

In his class, we were all discussing Pearl in The Scarlet Letter and how her role is to point out sin... then out of nowhere, he pointed and did the Ring Wraith impression. It was great! ZD

... I really have nothing to say. I made a new icon featuring a pic of me I drew:

Mou~ nothing to talk about... wait...

I hate having study questions to do as I read. I don't mind them if they aren't required, if they're just there to help point out some things, and I prefer to annotate things myself. Whenever I have any kind of stupid study questions, I usually don't do my own annotating because it takes long enough to find the nice little piece of notebook paper to answer the questions on in complete sentences rather than scribbling something in the marging and sticking a post-it note on it. But that's just me. -.- *shall burn the study question sheet when she's done... since the answers, in complete sentences, are on another sheet* Mou~
Music: Isekai (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka

10/20/03 21:53
Key of the Twilight (.Hack//SIGN BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
Current Desk Area Temperature: 83.0F

Today's been very bleh-ish. The only highlights were Orchestra, Electronic Media, AP English, and the little NHS thing after school.

For the heck of it, I'll start off with orchestra. Since Saturday is the Region auditions, everyone who is auditioning has permission to go into a practice room and work on region etudes. Dang am I grateful for that...

In Electronic Media, I got to work on my nifty-looking project, which is actually turning out pretty good. I love that class... just sit around and play in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

English. Mr. Fontenot is cool and that class is the perfect way for my day to end. Literally. I'm glad I never gave it up. Even if I'm not the best in the class, I still enjoy it more than most of my classes... and that's how it's always been... well... Musgrave is another story... but I won't rant about that person. It'd be nice if I could work up the courage to actually talk to someone, though. I haven't managed that in all the years I've been in AP English. The only time I talk is when we're discussing things, and even then, I usually only comment on the subject when no one else does. And since I've been getting a grasp on timed writings (finally), I'm actually finding them a little relaxing... or at least after I'm done with them.

Anyways, after school I stuck around and went to Mr. O'Hare's room to help floof Hawaiian flower necklaces!! Why? Because the NHS booth's selling them at Homecoming. That and I got points for standing around flailing my arms while holding necklaces. Whee~

I reall don't have much to say... mou~
Music: Obsession (.Hack//SIGN) by See-Saw

10/19/03 22:43
Isekai (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by ?
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.4F

Right now I'm pretty much frustrated beyond words. I have five days until Region auditions this Saturday and I'm still making little progress in my etudes. It's as if I'm at a stupid wall again... and I've run into it at the worst possible time. So, this week I'll probably end up spending over an hour each day trying to get them right, well the second one's the one giving me the problems. It's fun, but I've actually gotten worse at it rather than better. But no matter what, I am making Region. I'm glad I'm the stuborn idiot I am when it comes to these things. If I wasn't, I'd have given up half the things I've done for a long time up a goodly while ago.

Hell, I'm even been tempted to give up English III... but I'm just too stubborn. For a while, I had convinced myself that I sucked totally and was the worst in the class, but then, after reading some of the essay that people make on the actual AP test, I felt better. It's hard to believe some of those essays managed to get even 3's... But still, I seemed to have gotten over one hurdle... only to crash into another. Nonetheless, I refuse to give up! I will be good at timed writes by the time the AP test comes up! *insert random rediculously determined face*

I could even say the same for karate... and drawing, and writing. >.<

Oh well, on to a more positive note. Mr. Sute (who was my first karate instructor) complimented me!! I got to spar him for the first time ever since I was in the junior class and he complimented me! To tell the truth, though, I remember almost nothing of the match, just thinking "he's too fast... so just worry about scoring points." and I recall hitting him some times, but afterwards he congratulated me. Even if he said it out of pity or something, he still complimented me! *dances around*

Orchestra had a concert last Thursday at University Baptist Church (which I think is a silly name... but I won't go into that) and it was by far our best concert. Dunno if it was the force of God or something in the church, but we did well... even if I messed up my solo. >.>

On a random note, I'm plotting to reread As I Lay Daying by Faulkner once I'm done with American Gods by Gaiman just because. Well, not really "just because," but because I want to be able to rant about it on my AP English test and I've proven that I notice more crap when I reread or watch things.
Music: The End of the World (karaoke) by Angela

10/13/03 23:06
Blight (Haibane Renmei BGM) by Kou Ootani
Current Desk Area Temperature: 83.0F

To start things off, here's this:

He glared down with me with dark, unresponsive eyes; eyes which I loved beyond comprehension. With all the scraps of strength I could muster, I reached my hands, bound by hard, biting ropes, towards him. Opening my mouth, I tried to form words, words that he'd understand, around the gag deep in my throat. It was impossible; impossible to even form tears. Slowly, he began to turn, oblivious to my attempts. I lurch forwards, snapping the bonds holding me back, only to see his back and a single thought crosses my mind: "Does he know...? Does he hate me...?"

And thus, I begun to mend the torn bindings to observe in silence, keeping all thoughts and feelings to myself. However, when this cruel task if completed, walls, cold, stone walls with barred windows, are formed around me so that I can never again attempt to trouble him with my silly mind.

OK, now why'd I write this? Because every other bloody person's seems to have gathered the guts to confess to the person they like. I'm not very obsessed with getting a boyfriend, but since my freshman year, I've been hoping for one, but every time I get a dang chance to confess, I don't. Why? Because I'm an idiot. Oh, and I just felt like writing a random scene and this popped out

That out of the way, I shall move on.

The Great Foil Wrapper Ball is growing. It's bigger than a tennis ball now, actually, and I haven't even finished sticking on the rest of the foil wrappers. I wonder if anyone's ever set a record for a foil wrapper ball and if someone has... what the record was? *ponders*

Mou... writing that piece of crap knocked the desire to write out of me *goes off to read crap that's actually good*
Music: Himitsu (Noir BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

10/11/03 23:18
None o.O
Current Desk Area Temperature: 82.5F

Yesterday = markers=headache, headache+(karate+teaching+reffing+working out+running nearly a mile)=migrane.

That was my day yesterday. If I were more negative, that is.

In Electronic Media, I had to, in addition to Prismacolor markers, use these smelly Design Markers or whatever. Those things are stronger than Sharpies for goodness sakes. I literally held my breath while using them and capped them when I needed to breath. This resulted in a small headache that lasted throughout the day and that I mainly ignored.

During lunch, I tripped and fell right smack on my knee on tile, resulting in only a big arse bruise. I shall forever be thankful that I have strong knees, unlike many other freakin' joints I have, because I could've shattered my kneecap for all I know.

The rest of Friday ran smoothly, then I went to assist with the kids' karate class... only to notice how few other upper level belts were present. Of course, this observation spawned the thought, "Oh crap, I hope I don't end up teaching," and, of course, it came true. I taught a group of little boys. A small groups, but still a group of little boys. Fortunately, I had an assistant (she who, among many, shares my last name) for my first teaching experience ever.

In the adults' class, we just warmed up and sparred, though with a twist. we split up into groups of 3 or 4 and were given a number. One person was to be in the middle and Ms. Moore would call out numbers and the person who corresponds with the number would come in and spar the monkey in the middle. Someone gave another a bloody nose. whee~ Anyways, as I mentioned before, I had a headache for the whole day. Well, it grew. We ran 10 laps around the gym. Thus, the headache grew into a migrain. Nonetheless, I still finished first, which kind of makes me wonder. o.O

And today was... KILL BILL. That movie was so dang funny, however, as usual, I don't feel like talking about it. Just see it. Though I will mention that it was silly in a cool hilarious way. When I got back, I burned a bunch of anime disks and freed up about 10 gigs of space on Omoikane and Teki combined. Now to watch some newly downloaded stuff~
Music: none

10/09/03 00:13
Himitsu (Noir BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.0F

The one big event that happened today was emu's and my trip to D's house to watch The Cat Came Back (or something along those lines, I think) and some other stuff. The movie was actually pretty good... though I still love Stellvia and Loki. >.> Anyways, the movie was basically about a girl who saves a cat and in return, is dragged to the Kingdom of Cats (or something) to marry the prince. The king is an ugly nut. Anyways, as the main character girl begins to give in, she gradually becomes a cat. Just watch it.

Next we watched Tokyo Mew Mew. I don't think it was that great... but I can't say much after just watching the first episode. There's far too many cheesy poses and crap, though I may get a few more episodes before I come up with a final conclusion.

Oh yeah, and D's cats like me. Why do cat's like me? I have no freakin' idea. Hell, even the gay cat was hitting on me: while D was holding it, it reached over and just set its paw on my shoulder and, according to D, it was leaning towards me as well. Jack's adorable~!! *was obsession over him for a goodly while* And he's so soft~ ^______^

Ummm... school was fairly uneventfull save that I got hit on again at the Nineth Grade Center and we were under a tornado watch during 6th period, which was Algebra II for me. I don't know the condition of the guy who hit on me's fingers, but it was a bit of a surprise that we were under a tornado warning. Sure, we get tornadoes, but they're pretty rare here in the Houson-Galveston area.

Bleh, I'm going to sleep... =.=
Music: Asu e no Brilliant Road (Karaoke) (Stellvia of the Universe) by Angela

10/06/03 20:07
Asu e no Brilliant Road (Karaoke) (Stellvia of the Universe) by Angela
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.4F

W00t for the new layout!! It's the great and almighty Halloween one!! It's really the second Oct. one... but oh well. I had a helluva lot of fun making this one and it stars Loki! Again! And it's so becoming a wallpaper!

Mou~ Today's been a rather boring day. Mr. Black was absent for whatever reason and we had a sub. who made the mistake of making us play without a real conductor. It was... interesting.

The rest of the day was... bleh-ish. In English, we finished going over the Declaration of Independence and that thing's one nice piece of pursuasive writing. I'd go into detail, but I really don't feel like it...

Umm.. I came home and finished watchign the first disk of Ranma 1/2 while munching on popcorn. I cannot stand that show's opening... *bothered by it* Anyways, after that, I went off to the library to drop off some books and look up information on the different cooking styles of different regions in China for my Chinese II class's big project. Afterwards, I went off to Blockbuster to drop off Dreamcatcher and headed over to emu's to get back my Stellvia disks and for blank ones to copy the eps onto for her. I'm glad I finally got someone addicted to it... Now just need to get everyone else addicted... well to Loki, too. *wonders why no one ever considers her suggestions until she bothers them to death...* I'm still saddened by the fact that two of the series that I have been obsessing over have ended... I need to throw a view party for Stellvia... *plots* I wanna see it all at once... I had to wait at least a week for every episode to come out... And a Loki one, too...

Oh well, on to my ramble about the "Ninja" camp. As I said yesterday, I don't really like the idea. Much less the idea of letting kids ages 5-12 throw throwing stars, which I was helping with. Those and nunchaku... and I won't even start on the swords. I'll start with the swords since I actually have knowledge of them, though it's nothing compared to my senpais'. First, they stepped over and adjusted the swords with their feet. That's disrespectful. Second, They laid the swords with what would be the cutting edge towards the instructer which, from my knowledge, shows distrust. Second, none of the people teaching kept their center. I still have a hard time doing so with a sword... but goodness, they were, like, lunging or something. And the stars... there was a puddle of what I assumed was slime right next to the board the kids were throwing the stars at. Yes, I had to pick the stars out of them numerous times. Yes, it was gross. Yes, I washed my hands ASAP. As for the nunchaku, I didn't actually see them playing with them since they were upstairs... but little kids swinging things around that are hard to control means something bad if you ask me... but that's my opinion. Unfortunately, I don't have the authority to complain, I meerly assist.

Now, on to homework.
Music: Obsession (Full Ver.) (.Hack//SIGN) by See-Saw

10/05/03 00:18
Asu e no Brilliant Road ~Second Genesis Version~ (Stellvia of the Universe) by Angela
Current Desk Area Temperature: 79.0F

K, now I'm finally going to blog seriously.!

Recently, I've become obsessed with the song Asu e no Brilliant Road ~Second Genesis Version~ ^_^b It's such a pretty voice... and I like Angela's voice... *wonders if she has any other CDs out...* Anyways, the show it's from, Stellvia of the Universe (AKA Uchuu no Stellvia) is also awsome! But it ended. ;_; *has started rewatching random episodes* I can't wait for it to be licensed~ Oh, and the Great Mission arc is better than the Genisis Mission, as a whole anyways.

Matantei Loki Ragnarok also reached a conclusion... somewhat. The first season ended with hints that there will be another season that even an amoeba can see. I wanna cosplay little Loki~ *might do so... wants to wear a big white ribbon around her neck and his cool coat* It'd be cool if I ran into a Kakusei Loki there ZD

Ummm... As I said last post, I have to assist at the "Ninja" camp and I have to be there at 12:00. It's at the Barnett Field House and I'm going to drive myself with Dad leading me in his truck to make sure I don't get lost. I don't know when I'll be coming home, so I just thought that it'd be easier to just drive myself home since I seem to be good at backtracking and I have a good sense of direction... unlike Mom. >.> I'll get to wear my nifty green brown belt shirt for the first time! *feels brown belt-y*

Friday night, I discovered that I'm not doing as bad a job at reffing that I thought I was. I was actually complimented. *needs to stop mentally berating herself*

The big even today was when Mom and I went to Sears for pillows. I even (hesistantly) got a new one. It's squishy, but not as squishy as my old one. I tend to squish my pillow, which is king sized, by the way, into the pillow case until it's about half the size of a regular one. Forunately, this pillow can do this, but I have yet to sleep on it. Also, Mom and I stopped by Walden Books and I discovered that the new MLA Handbook was released and Mom got it for me. *wonders how much Half Price'll pay for her old one...*

Danget, I had stuff to say before I started posting, but it's all left me~ Oh well, time to test that pillow...
Music: Blight by Kou Ootani

10/04/03 15:40
Asu e no Brilliant Road ~Second Genesis Version~ (Stellvia of the Universe), Track 2 of Angela's End of the World single
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Non-Con pervert
Non-con Pervert You just love it when the uke squeals and cries.
You're one of those Muraki fangirls, right?

What type of Yami no Matsuei pervert are you?
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Rhombus Akira
You are the Rhombus Akira! Don't you love these
rhombus sweaters he usually wears? Comfortable
yet stylish, Akira shows his warmth and his
quiet, introverted self, but he's also a Go pro
and takes his duties very seriously.

What Akira Touya style are you? ~ Hikaru no Go ~
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Will's Sword Fetish
You are.... Will's sword fetish! Spending hours at a time in a
hot confined room with sharp pointy objects
really makes you happy. Maybe you should listen
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I don't think all that sweat is from working at
the forge, mate.

Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character's Unhealthy Fetish are YOU?
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My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
don't understand.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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It's been a really long time since I've done anything like this. Even if you look at Thesis Cheese, you won't be very updated. Why? Because I was stupid and kept thinking "Neoservers will be up tomorrow and I'll get my blog back..." which it didn't and still hasn't gone back up. Which brings me to my second point: blog is subject to change and doesn't have all the features the one that's still on Neoservers has. And, unless Neoservers lives again or if it dies permanently and am forced to to it, it will stay that way. 99 percent of the site in general needs rescripting. I know. Bleh, anyways, tomorrow I have to go help with the "Ninja Camp" for the little karate kids. I'm not too thrilled... but they really do need help keeping the sugar-high munchkins attentive. But I've never liked that name, either. *shrugs* I don't have much to talk about (I'm hungry, have a migrane, and was recently yelled at for speaking her mind), so I'll get back to yall later.