9/30/05 23:20
Speak My Language by The Cure
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Serenity was an excellent movie and an excellent end to Firefly. Now they need to do a movie about Book. Seriously. I want to know about Book, darnit! But even though it was excellent, it had its sad parts and I cried. Everyone should see it and, if they haven't seen Firefly, watch the show... or if you want to see the show first, go for it. Even though it'd probably make a reasonable amount of sense to those who haven't seen the show, I think watching it would greatly add to your Serenity experience.

I felt kinda guilty not going to iaido... but Jesus, if I had to miss the embu, there was no way in Hell I was going to miss seeing Serenity on its opening day and that's that.

Also, I was the only person there wearing a brown coat. I was kinda disapointed.

Earlier was school and it was bleh. I was very tired, even after taking a nap yesterday from 1-5, then going to bed at about 10 and woke up and 5:30 the next morning. Stupid caughing fit I had the evening of the 28th kept me up until my alarm went off. God, staying awake for 24 hours sucks. I can operate reasonably well on an hour of sleep (Though it's not recommended. At all.), I'm useless when didn't get any. Thank goodness it was emu's turn to drive. .

Now I'm going to climb into bed and read. I'm planning on finishing the book I started reading before emu let me borrow Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, then start reading that.
Music: Disappear by Hoobastank

9/28/05 21:28
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Mood: A little better, but still crappy

Well, it looks like I won't be going to the Embu after all. Joe can't go and I was going to bum a ride off him and everyone else is leaving in the morning... and I have a discussion thing I need to be at for History. Also, no one else needs a ride that late in the day... so I'm stuck here at home. Which sucks; I was looking forward to it... but there'll be dozens of embu in the future.

...But it still sucks.

Well, emu and I will be going to see Serenity at least.

I decided to brave work today despite my overall state of crappiness. I did just fine in children's, though there was so much to presort that took 90% of the hour and a half I was over there. It isn't very dusty in children's.. probably because the books don't stay in place long enough to gather dust.

Adults' was hell. It's dustier over there. I started sneezing and sniffling again in no time. But at least I got scifi and most of the romances shelved. I don't care if that's slow... I didn't feel good. .

Then I went to iai and, like I said, it turns out that I can't go to the embu. But I gave sensei a check to get me a shirt, at least. :D

9/28/05 00:05
Youshanaku DENJARASU ~Mercilessly Dangerous (Bakuretsu Hunters) by Shinnosuke Furumoto (Carrot)
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Mood: bored and still CRAPPY

This is only one trash can. And there are more tissues under that black mass.

Mom and I put glasses on Kobie. Isn't he cute?

I'm once again going to try to update later... but this desire to do so may be spawned from the fact that I'm bored as hell because I feel like crap. Feeling like crap sucks so much. .

And now for a random heart. ♥

Man I need something to do besides sit around watching DVDs and playing SWG. I want out of the house... well, today I guess I did get to go to Texas Art Supply and get a big sheet of Stonehenge paper... but that doesn't count. I want to freaking wander. DO SOMETHING. But I feel like crap. Danget.

In my feels-like-crappiness state, I have rewatched of of Slayers NEXT, played Star Wars Galaxies, read a bit, consumed large amounts of soup and tea (because they feel good on my throat) and slept. Ah, and soaked in the bath. Though the latter is annoying... in the bath I feel like I've cleared up... but once I'm out... bleh.

Watching NEXT has reawakened my somewhat buried Slayers fangirl. I have volumes 5 and 7 of the manga just because and that Medieval Meyham thing... now I need to get the rest. ♥

I can't wait for the embu this weekend... I only hope I'm better by then. Mom actually surprised me by saying she'd pay for food and stuff. Originally she said I'd have to pay for it all... however she said that since I'm not missing school, she'd pitch in. I'm kinda happy. I have a mess of money now to spend on other things. ♥ Only... now all those freaking sales are over. Darn them.

*checks out RightStuf's sales* Lets see... as of tomorrow I'll have about $300 of spending money... Joy. I just bought the Big O boxed set for $26.99 and the Ninja Cadets DVD for $7.99. God, I always want to buy crap when I'm bored.



LazyEditorLiChan (12:33:20 AM): I need something to do other than write in the blog~
LazyEditorLiChan (12:33:32 AM): that doesn't require much effort
Kaji no Tama (12:33:36 AM): haha, I know the feeling
Kaji no Tama (12:33:44 AM): listen to music?
LazyEditorLiChan (12:33:48 AM): am
Kaji no Tama (12:33:49 AM): watch a good movie?
LazyEditorLiChan (12:33:52 AM): did
Kaji no Tama (12:33:56 AM): hm... read?
LazyEditorLiChan (12:33:58 AM): did
LazyEditorLiChan (12:34:01 AM): XD
Kaji no Tama (12:34:02 AM): T__T
LazyEditorLiChan (12:34:07 AM): *really wants to just get out and wander around*
LazyEditorLiChan (12:34:09 AM): waaaander
Kaji no Tama (12:34:13 AM): Flail about?
Kaji no Tama (12:34:17 AM): XD
LazyEditorLiChan (12:34:25 AM): sounds painful...
Kaji no Tama (12:34:34 AM): go for it! assault the neighbors!
Kaji no Tama (12:34:38 AM): You can flail, too XD
LazyEditorLiChan (12:34:40 AM): XD

I wonder where Kobie is...
Kiminchi by Shinohara Tomoe

9/27/05 23:16
The Long Way of Drums (Samurai Champloo BGM) by Tsutchie
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Mood: still CRAPPY

Birthday:March 7, 1987
Birthplace:Corpus Christi, TX
Current Location:Still in Texas
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Right Handed or Left Handed:Righty, though I'm pretty good with the left
Your Heritage:Mexican, German, and French. A fun mix
The Shoes You Wore Today:SANDALS
Your Weakness:ticklish.
Your Fears:aliens and needles. Even worse: aliens with needles
Your Perfect Pizza:cheeseh
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:Um... I would like to pass my first semester of college?
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:"nifty." But that isn't a phrase... hm...
Thoughts First Waking Up:I don't think. I do.
Your Best Physical Feature:Um... I'm a buttless wonder, so that doesn't go in.. eyes, I guess. Though light hurts them...
Your Bedtime:whenever!
Your Most Missed Memory:did I lose it!? :O
Pepsi or Coke:COKE.
MacDonalds or Burger King:MacDonalds... BK ruined their fries.
Single or Group Dates:I don't really date.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:neither
Chocolate or Vanilla:CHOCOLATE!!
Cappuccino or Coffee:Cappuccino
Do you Smoke:Hell no
Do you Swear:somewhat
Do you Sing:yes, horribly
Do you Shower Daily:no, I prefer baths
Have you Been in Love:well, I wouldn't be a single geek if I'd truely been in love
Do you want to go to College:I am in college. There had so be some want in there...
Do you want to get Married:eventually, though it isn't a life goal.
Do you belive in yourself:YES
Do you get Motion Sickness:Only when I spin.
Do you think you are Attractive:I think I'm pretty.
Are you a Health Freak:I bathe in vinegar every day
Do you get along with your Parents:Well enough
Do you like Thunderstorms:as long as the power don't go out
Do you play an Instrument:string bass! ?
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:nope
In the past month have you Smoked:ew
In the past month have you been on Drugs:Claritin! or Clariton! However it's spelled. My sinuses are trying to drown me.
In the past month have you gone on a Date:only with my usual group of friends.
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:no, actually...
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:nope
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:nope ;_;
In the past month have you been on Stage:no
In the past month have you been Dumped:nopers
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:Of course. I don't bathe with my clothes on...
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:a few pens. but that's normal.
Ever been Drunk:no~
Ever been called a Tease:not that I know of
Ever been Beaten up:nope
Ever Shoplifted:nooo
How do you want to Die:My, aren't you depressing?
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:AN ANIMATOR!
What country would you most like to Visit:Japan
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:green. green eyes rock
Favourite Hair Color:dunno
Short or Long Hair:hmm... dunno
Weight:not fat
Best Clothing Style:dunno
Number of Drugs I have taken:nothing illegal or ODed
Number of CDs I own:don't care
Number of Piercings:nothing adnormal
Number of Tattoos:dun care
Number of things in my Past I Regret:dun care. I put a lot of thought into this, huh?


I love how the subjects of those questions are capitalized... In fact, some things are just randomly capitalized... WTF?

9/27/05 22:19
Invoke (Phase Shift Armoured Version) by TM Revolution
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For the past three days my sinuses have been trying with all their might to drown me. They've failed so far... but who knows if they'll suceed... so I figured I'd write before they do. If they do.

This was just said and it amuses me:

LazyEditorLiChan (10:18:29 PM): I think I'm creeping otu my mom. my soar throat makes me have ot laugh lower than usual and she keeps giving me funny looks
emukatze (10:20:37 PM): XD You've been possessed by a man with a deep laugh!

Anyway, I keep waking up with a killer soar throat and I think it's because I tend to sleep with my mouth gaping open, thus drying out my throat... so I'm going to try tying my mouth shut tonight. I know it's weird and I'm pretty sure my sinuses will effectively clog up my nose... but maybe for once I'll wake up before I run out of air. .

Rita has passed and she crapped out on Galveston, which makes me very happy because I didn't evacuate. If she hadn't crapped out, I'd be even more annoyed than I am that I didn't evacuate. Instead we stayed in the Schlumberger building because it's a big cememt building... Daddy had to use a fork lift to move a 5,500 lb box that was infront of the door. But after that, we were in. Kobie liked the field (it was all fenced in so we let him run around before the storm). The power never went out and since I had my laptop, we watched several DVDs. Then slept. We came home early the next morning and Dad and I went riding around town. I took photos. :D Most of the damage was just branches on the ground, though several billboards were down and there was some shingle damage on some rooves. And downed fences. Everyone else I know is well and most of them are already home again.

That's it, really. I haven't done much because I feel like crap. :P
Music: Waltz Clavier (FFV Piano) by Nobuo Uematsu

9/21/05 22:59
Pose by X Japan
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I decided to follow most of my friends' example and make a last post before I evacuate tomorrow morning. We're pretty much boarded up, however my dad hurt his back at work and we still have... 3 downstairs windows to board. But that'll be done tomorrow morning. I'm pretty much packed and ready to go with the exception of my laptop, which isn't in its backpack, and my harddrives. Those are coming out and getting packed tomorrow morning, too, then Omoikane itself is going in a trash bag and put in a small windowless room, probably the other sink area. Dunno if the rest'll be bagged. I hate my second monitor... and we're insured... but I'll probably still put it somewhere somewhat safe.

It's a darned good thing I don't have a bass. Leaving it would probably just tear me apart.

My parents, on the other hand... haven't even gotten out the suitcases. .

We're evacuating for sure, though. League City's mandatory evacuation starts tomorrow at noon and at least by then most of the people nearer to the coast will be out of here. Maybe traffic won't be too bad. Maybe. Somehow I doubt this. We're going up to Denton because the Denton iaidoka are opening up their dojo to Houston evacuees and Charles-sensei is letting people use his shower. I'd like to go ahead and thank everyone up there for this.

Though I'm glad we're going... I'm still very worried about the house. I've already trashbagged the hardcover and old books and photo albums and such... but I just don't like knowing that there's a chance that our crap could get ruined. It just bothers me. Stupid hurricane. . And my freaking History test is probably still going to happen Monday and that's just retarded.

Also... I find that the library could get messed up just as upsetting. I love our city library. It's going to really suck is the huge windowed wall breaks and books get water damaged.

Oh well. At least we'll all be alive! It's certainly better than being dead. Or whatever.
Music: Prayers for Rain by The Cure (WTF? If anyone prayed for a hurricane, I hope their house blows over.)

9/18/05 23:33
Use Me by Garbage
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Mood: :(

I just realized that I haven't done a review of any of my classes, so I shall do so.

For MWF, I start off with College Algebra. The class has 200 and something people in it, but even so... it's math. All you really do is take down notes and that's that. However, I will admit that my teacher is a nutcase and thus is cool. She even sang to us. XD

English is after that. We're in a janitor's closet with about 15~20 people and my teacher is a booby monster... but she's still cool. One of the few cool booby monsters in the world. Go you, teacher lady. But the class itself... is OK. I've gotten into a good group, thankfully, and we have good discussions. Well, most of the time. One person likes to take over the conversation and run like mad with it in the opposite direction, which is quite annoying.

US History is last after an hour break. The class is about 450 people big and my teacher is an old guy who wears suspenders, which is cool. I love suspenders~ XD. I'll admit that I'm guilty of reading in his class instead of listening... but only because Timothy Zahn's books are too darned good. I'll refrain from reading in his class in the future, though. Anyway, he has a good sense of humor and always picks on the young guys saying that they're all pervers. XD

I only have Fundamentals of Drawing on Tuesday and Thursday for three hours. Once again, I have a cool teacher and by god is it nice having three hours to work each day instead of 45 minutes. My teacher stresses that mistakes are OK and can actually made the piece more interesting... and I like this way of thinking. I'm less nervous about people seeing my stuff now and even less nervous about screwing up. :D

Whee~ Review... END.

Yesterday emu, Des, Sarah, and I went to the ballet and met William there. I think Sarah traumatized the poor man, but I think he'll survive. XD The ballet was absolutely beautiful and very amusing in some parts... though it is a sad story. But it's Onegin's own fault for being such a jerk. :P I want to go to the theater and ballet and opera and symphony more~ I've never even been to the opera before, actually... hm.

Alright, I'm tired. Goodnight.

Ah, wait. I wish I could have a bass. It hurts worse than I thought it would to not have on around.
Music: Joker by X Japan

9/6/05 22:19
Another Grey Day in The Big Blue World by Maaya Sakamoto
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Mood: WHOOHOO!!!

I want to read so I'll get this over with fast. I'll post my AnimeFest con reports later. :P

Today emu's tire blew!! In the HOV lane!!! It's was very... rattly. A nice cop came and changed out the tire (emu has a spacesaver tire) and we went on to school... then stopped by the shop afterwards. She got her new tire and I went home.

At work, emu and I proposed our now named Helen Hall Teen Anime Group (HHTAG... or TAG) and Jeanie and Jenny/Jennie loved it. We just finished planning a bit and we're going to try and start on Sept. 27.

Evelyn went into the shop today because Friday the minor problem light showed up on the thing infront of the steering wheel and... it's more serious than the system thought. There's a hole in my brake something and they gave me a rental car. It's a 2005 Taurus. I haven't driven it yet... but I guess I'll see how it drives tomorrow when I go to work.

Now I'm off to read Timothy Zahn. :D
Music: Blind Summer Fish by Maaya Sakamoto