9/26/04 11:52
Winter Fall by L'arc~en~Ciel
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I'm taking a break from doing work... -.-;

Mom, Dad, and I all went and looked on houses on the bay a few days ago... I saw a house I really like, but it isn't right on the water and there's a boat house infront of it, so Mom and Dad don't want it. We also found a house we all agreed on getting if we ever win the lottery that was for sale... it looked so awsome. ^_^;

Kaleido Star 39 finally came out and... I'll just say that I was expecting what happened to happen, but I was hoping it wouldn't. Or whatever

I dislike Sasuke even more after chapter 232 of Naruto... I think the mangaka's lost it, though I'll admit that I want Naruto to beat him up even more than before. .

Alrighty, now back to work...
Music: Les Soldats (Noir BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

9/19/04 23:17
The Round Handball Song (Vampire Princess Miyu BGM) by Kenji Kawai
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I can't sleep. >.<

emu, Sam, William and I all went to see Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence at 2:55 in the morning Saturday and it's by far the prettiest animated movie I've seen. ^_^; I suggest seeing it despite all the random quoting.

The funniest part of our trip was that at 3:45 AMish, there were a bunch of middle aged men playing Dance Dance Revolution... probably because they can't play it during normal hours. XD Well, if that's what they like, they can knock themselves out... but I still find it funny.

Mom and Dad have made up their minds to move to Dickenson on the bayou... Mom and I went and looked around yesterday. I found a super one story of doom (it was freaking HUGE) and we visited the Armstrong Estate, which is for sale (though for a high price)... and that's only really funny if you watch Full Metal Alchemist. They seem to want to buy some land on the water and have something built... a one story, but they said that I can have my own upstairs loft-room thing and that makes me happy. I can have my own little studio or something. ^_^

And as a random note... it's cheaper to live on the water in Dickenson than it is to live in a regular house in League City. Isn't it sad?
Music: Kuru Kuru Mirakuru by Shinohara Tomoe

9/12/04 00:16
Weekend by X-Japan
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Yesterday was fun. Lots of migraney goodness... yep.

I went to bed Thursday night with the base of my skull hurting (which is usually a sign that a migrane's starting) and woke up with it trying to kill me. Normally, going to sleep will make it go away, especially if I catch it early like I did, but that wasn't the case this time. I ended up not going to school and sleeping and sleeping, then woke up at 11:30 'cause I was hungry. Thanks to my quick and easy-to-make ramen I didn't starve, though it probably wasn't the best choice. Soon afterwards I went back to sleep and woke up again at around 4:00 to find that the headache was abating, but I still didn't want to do much 'cause it started bothering me if I walked around too much... didn't go to the first karate class of the session or to iai. I hope everything went OK there...

Migranes suck. -.-

But to make up for that, I got to check out emu's new loft bed! It's freaking awsome~ I climbed up and sat (well, crouched) in it for about 30 minutes before leaving with a nice 'lil pile of manga. I want a loft bed... Mom said it was OK, but Dad doesn't like idea. Both think I'll kill myself 'cause I roll, but from what I saw of emu's bed, the rail's pretty high. It'd take a lot of effort to roll out of it. But even if Dad does join Mom and me in the all-for-loftbedness, it'll probably be a bit before I get one. Then I can get a nifty little coffee table to set in the middle of my big open floor and stuff. *dances*

Ah, and speaking of freeloading off emu (though I barely mentioned it)...

emukatze (10:56:17 PM): http://www.livejournal.com/users/ame_no_heisei/26530.html That's amusing.
LazyEditorLiChan (10:58:40 PM): wow XD
emukatze (10:59:09 PM): *wants to read that bloody book, by the way, but has no idea whether or not the library will be getting it and can't afford the hardback right now*
emukatze (10:59:38 PM): Hell, they might have it already..
LazyEditorLiChan (10:59:40 PM): you could be like that person and buy it against your better judgment
emukatze (10:59:51 PM): You just want to read it, don't you?
emukatze (11:00:13 PM): Because otherwise you'd have said "sou ka?" or "..." or etc.
emukatze (11:00:17 PM): _
LazyEditorLiChan (11:00:33 PM): .

...I'm becoming predictable. .
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9/6/04 1:15
Thanksgiving Day by Do As Infinity
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Well, I got some super scupty from Joannes today and rediscovered how retarded I am when it comes to molding clay/clay-like things. I feel so pathetic... I've redone my reference clay dog for my animation several times... I'm just going to quit for tonight and start all over tomorrow. *sulks*

Right now I'm talking to emu about the gothic lolita fasion... I wanna make a gothic lolita dress. Maybe that should be a random project for Mom and me... Mom'd probably be so glad that I want to wear a dress or skirt that she probably wouldn't complain too much. And I think I could pull off the gothic lolita look... I'd just have to actually wear make-up and get my freaking hair to curl. It'd take hair-products of doom to make it stay curled.

I FINALLY say Kill Bill 2 today. FINALLY. Personally, I loved it... and the end was rather sad. But I'll stop there since I dun wanna give away spoilers.
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9/4/04 23:51
Asu e no Brilliant Road (Stellvia op) by angela
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Whee~ Yesterday we had a full campus lock-down because someone brought a gun to school. I got to sit around on cold tile... and butt was freezing for an hour or so afterwards. -.-;

It turns out that the kid with the gun was in the building I was in (F) only a couple of rooms down... and apparently he must've had the gun in his locker or something, cause he didn't whip it out or anything. I saw him getting arrested when I went to the restroom just before the lock-down. x_x Oh the irony. It's probably a good thing he didn't have the gun on him at that moment... Even though it turns out that it was a BB gun, but still.

Since emu got bored and I was just doing random stuff that needs doing, emu and I went off to the mall, Best Buy, and Barnes and Nobles, then to her house to watch Sleeping Beauty. I just wanted to go the Best Buy to see how much their their Logitech MX 510 mice are. Turns out that they're $49.99 and they only have the red ones... I want a blue one 'cause blue kicks arse. Now why do I want a new mouse? 'cause I have a cheap ball mouse that sucks when it comes to drawing with it and I like that mouse mainly for it's window-switching skills. I really don't need that, but it's a nifty useless thing. And it looks cool overall.
Music: Imprisoned Town (Genso Suikoden II) by Yuko Ueno

9/1/04 23:12
Onnatachi no Tamashii, Tsukanoma nite Yasuragi, Nochi ni... (R.O.D. BGM) by Taku Iwasaki
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Yeah... I was far too amused by that.

Weeeeeeeell, the weekend was fun! I tried to do the best I could at the seminar last weekend and I thoroughly wore myself out. Though my right ankle has been bothering me since... I'm stretching it and it's gradually loosening up. It caused some trouble in at the dojo today 'cause my ankle didn't want to be sat upon... well, I sit on the heel... but that puts pressure on the ankle... yeah...

Lightwave 3D is a fun program... the only problem is that I keep doing random pointless things. . I like playing around in new programs far too much.

Hmmm... mou... I'm tired. I'm stopping here. -.-
Music: Shupuu no Kyou, Toraerarerumono ha Nashi (R.O.D. BGM) by Taku Iwasaki