8/21/05 21:30
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Today I slept in as late as I possibly could without missing iai... though I did come early enough to gulp down a can of coke before class. It was a very enlightening class... but anyway, we did Batto Ho, then sat around eating sushi. Once he has food for our thoughts and stomachs, we played with posters, saws, and drills for over an hour. I believe sensei and William went to Salad Express afterwards, but I went on home.

I ate dinner, then went and pestered Mom about how to do Rinali's black part of her skirt for a bit and she decided that my favorite idea for how to go about it was the easiest. This experience also renewed my belief that Mom is incapable of understanding my concept sketches. . Or at least after explaining them for a bit.

Then I read Turn to Stone by... somone. *checks* Phillip Gross. It's a very very good book... and a bit creepy. I just picked it up because it's one of the brand new books for the Teens section in the library and I had a good feeling about it. *has such a wonder method for choosing books...* I love it~ Though Lizard Music by Daniel Manus Pinkwater is my current favorite book. Now I kinda want to read some of his other books in J-F... but some of them are iffy. I want my own copy of Lizard Music... and emu, I seriously recomend this book. :D

Now I need to get back on track. After trying to read, my tiredness caught up with me and I took a nap until just a bit past 9:00 and took a bath and... now I'm here. Whoo~ goodbye last day of summer vacation. *waves*
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8/16/05 2:34
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It would seem that 2:something in the morning is the time to post. Hm.

Work today was... interesting. When I went in circ. to get the children's cart, they said that there were, like, five carts in childrens... and normally when they say this, they mean five carts with maybe the top shelf full. But no. There were five carts loaded. As in full. And I got to presort them. I had to break from this twice to shelve an immense number of videos (which took far longer than it should have due to the state of the already shelved videos) and to cram the board books in the alligator (which also took longer than it should have due to the fact that they ordered more board books for the kids to chew than could fit in the alligator). And that's all I did all day in childrens'.

On the adult side of the downstairs, I shelved new books... nonfiction was interesting because there was no room. What's-her-butt bothered Bruce about it and he said it was OK to pull the book from April even though the librarian said no. Thank goodness. I got to pull all the 4s, which was quite satisfying. Dunno why, but it was. Then I shelved the new books again 'cause they just don't stop coming in. >.<

A rather uneventful day at work. Ah, and I searched for things that I didn't find.

The original War of The Worlds came in and I checked it out and watched it with the parents. It's quite amusing... Last time I watched it was in seventh grade. I think I like old alien horrors. The aliens look too funny for me to be ridiculously paranoid about them after the movie.

Ah, and emu and I are hitting Anime Fest in Dallas this year! Oh yeah! XD Watch out Shinichiro Watanabe for I shall be one of the many stalking you! XD XD XD I'm all set to go, but emu, Des, and Caryn (who's going whether she wants to or not) haven't registered yet. Go me. I don't have a wig for my Hawkeye costume yet... so I may be just a brunette Hawkeye. Unless I find a decent wig before then.

As a final note, anyone can watch my friends and my antics here as we have fun with some of our characters: Valaskialf Public High School.

8/16/05 2:13
Daraku-rou by Ali-Project
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I finally recovered from my horrible headache. And cramps suck arse. Thank goodness it's over with. Dad and I went to UH to get my books and they only had one in... my four history books'll be in Friday, though. It turns out that the reserve thing was for somewhere else and I'm just confused. Ah well.

Hackmaster today was fun, the greatest part being the halfling bodyslamming a level eight magic user from the second or third floor of a building. XD And I got strange pizza. x_x

8/12/05 2:42
Read or Die no Teema ~Long Version~ by Taku Iwasaki
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I can't sleep, darnit. I got up because I had the sudden urge to ink something and started... but I don't want to make a mess so late at night and I don't have an art table set up so I'm scared I'll spill or drip my ink on the keyboard, one of the monitors, or worse... Loki. So... this paycheck I'll probably go and buy myself a cheap fold-out table and rug for my art desk.

Today was pretty uneventful. Went to work, then came home and played SWG. Then I went to bed, read, tried to sleep, tried to ink something, then started typing. Meh. I need to get more ink, too, actually. Traditional art is annoying that way... you can run out of supplies. With digital stuff, your supplies are always there and never run out, you just need the software and good enough equipment to run it. But... traditional art is fun! That's enough to make me keep doing it.

Now just because... here's a list of supplies I need. I don't have much because AP art students were aloud to check out or request anything they could ever possibly need from the art department for free.

cheap table
cheap rug
light box (can wait, though)
nice field watercolors (cheaper and I avoid watercolor when it comes to everything but background washes)
ink - in more colors than just black
matte glue
replace some nibs
expand nib collection
find something to pour small amounts of ink in 'cause the narrow-neck jar is messy
brushes. Both nice for paint and cheap for glue. Actually, two nice ones for watercolor and thicker paints.

I'd say paper but I'd rather get what I need when I need it.

Jesus I'm in an artsy mood but I don't have the supplies. I need that mess desk and protective rug. I don't want to damage my babies. argh.

8/9/05 2:37
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Mom and I went into Houston today! The real reason was so that Mom could see another doctor about her hand because Workman's Comp is retarded and thinks she needs a second doctor to say "Yes, you have carpal tunnel" even though the tests make it very obvious. Anyway, he said yes, she has it and all is well.

After this, we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science! I love the museum. The butterfly room thing was so pretty! My favorite ones were the big blue ones, however I could get a picture of one on something with its wings open. There were so many of them, though, and they were all so pretty! And as we were leaving, we started talking about the iguana that lives in the Moody Gardens butterfly thing and I saw an iguana. He was a big guy sitting on top of a tree; we wouldn't have seen them on ground level. I took several pictures of him. He looked so cute and happy.

Next was the planetarium... and I love planetariums. We saw the Starry Night Express show and it was so cool. It was mainly about galaxies. :D

And last was the Lord of the Rings Exibit. We spent well over an hour in there 'cause there was so much to see and do. They even had a camera that hobbit-ized you and I have one of me as a hobbit and mom normal and vice versa. I make a very scrawny hobbit. Ah, and they had all the costumes and weapons and stuff... it was so nifty! We even went and resaw some things and rewatched some of the videos. Ah, and there were models of the two towers and everything! I didn't wanna go. ;_;

However, we had to go eventually. >.< Mom and I stopped by Salad Express to eat.

8/7/05 22:32
None, playing Star Wars Galaxies
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Whee~ Playing SWG~

Iai was fun today, though I hurt my hip. Too much hip power too fast = "CRAAACK!" + pain. But after stretching it and just taking it easy, the pain wore off.

I got my mom's blessing for the Japan-for-a-semester thing and now I just need to nag my dad 'cause he's the money maker. But at least I have some backing

After iai Emily-sensei, William and I ate... ate... I want to eat. ;_; At Salad Express. We were there for about 2 and a half hours talking. XD

Tomorrow I get to take Mom into Houston so that a doctor can poke at her hand and wrist, then we're going to the Museum of Natural Science and do just about everything. Butterflies, IMAX, the Lord of the Rings thing they have, and the planetarium. I love planetariums. I haven't been in one since I was little.

Now I'm playing sWG and hungry. That is all.

8/7/05 1:02
Fake Jewel (Le Portraite de Petite Cossette BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
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Yep, as many have noticed, I finally changed the layout after having the other one up for just over 7 months. XD This image is from the latest chapter of Emma... and by god did I love this scene. ;_; I want the next chapter...

I just finished whatching a strange French romance film that had a very WTF ending. Very very WTF. Anyway... last time I posted was what? Tuesday? Meh, nothing very interesting has happened since. Friday night's iai practice was a lot of fun, though. It's always nice when we sit down and discuss things. However... Lindy came in to say goodbye. So... of my group that leaves just Mathew and me... and Mathew has pretty much stopped practicing iai. It's kinda funny because Wednesday night I was thinking about how I miss learning everything with Lindy and Sue and Matthew.

Nothing excited happened at work today. I suggested and volunteered to do the dusting in the fiction area... and it's far worse than I thought it was. So now I dust half my time over there and shelves half the time. Fun. I've been sneezing a lot thanks to the dusting... but when I'm done all will be well! Or something.

Mom and I went to the mall after I got home from work and I found a couple if nifty skirts and a shirt at Foley's and two shirts from Hot Topic. One's a Samurai Champloo one and the other is a cool-looking Willy Wonka one. It was kinda nice because they were having a buy one get one half of sale with their shirts.

Ah yes, my Canon Wordtank G50 came in a while ago and it's freaking awsome. *hugs it* Also, I finally got Star Wars Galaxies on Loki... and it runs almost perfectly on him. I don't think I'll ever be able to play it on Omoikane again. x_x
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8/2/05 1:30
Houseki (Le Portraite de Petite Cossette Op) by Marina Inoue
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Whee! Sorry I didn't post about Saturday or Sunday. Sat. was emu's birthday party and she got a cute little fish, $20, a soft, squishy plushie of one of the penguins from Madagascar, and her first Pinky St. The latter was from me. ^_^; It was a lot of fun; we played twister for a very long time (my wrists were still tired Sunday for iai ;_;) and even played Pictionary. Pictionary is always interesting... only Suu-chan really got any of emu's drawings.

However, I was the only one there without a ridiculously expensive Korean ball jointed doll. . Instead I brought my Pinky girls and they got to meem Mari (emu's). emu made little hats for the dolls and everything. :D Anyway, we played with all of them for a a while before everyone decided it was about time to leave. I thought it was a very successful party. *gives a thumbs up*

Yesterday was iai, of course. I got to lead the dangai through Seiza while Emily-sensei worked on Tate Hiza and Toho with Joe and William. It didn't bother me, however... maybe it's because I know that we'll be doing it often now. Hm.

William and I tagged along with sensei to Salad Express for lunch because we were all quite hungry. I love their crosant (spelling!) turkey sandwitches... they're just so yummy. ^_^; Emily-sensei, however, had to go to work and we eventually all went our seperate ways.

Now for today. Mom and I went to a couple of resale shops to find some long skirts since I no longer have a strong dislike for them... though they definately aren't practicle for work. I found two nice ones plus a crosheyed (spelling!!!) little sweatery thing. They're all pretty. On our way home, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my new Pinky:St girls arrived... my army has doubled! Almost. I do have quite a selection of outfits for them, though. They're all lined up cutely along my second monitor. They're just so cute! *can't resist them* emu came over with Mari and she had her try on some of the outfits... and Mari is just so cute! We even brought over some of my other figures to play with and decided that my statues of Roy and Riza will be the landlord and lady of my Pinkys' apartment complex. XD Also, Black Hayate is the perfect size for my Pinky girls. XD XD XD

And, as a random note, I'm happy to say that I won the paper craft Pinky:St without having a bid duel with anyone.

When 6:30 came around, I was at the HackMaster meeting, where I met someone I hadn't met before and show off my cute, sexy son, Loki. Our other laptop user tried to say that his was better... but nothing beats having a numberpad on the laptop. Period. Also, at this meeting my character revealed to the other characters that she has a gambling addiction, however she did walk out of the place 100-something gold pieces more than she had. XD It was a lot of fun.

It's nice not working Mondays.
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