8/27/04 23:54
Hidan (Area88 BGM) by ... it doesn't say...
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Rawlings approved of my idea for my final product! w00t~ Now for the real tricky part: actually learning enough of Lightwave to do the product as fast as posible. >.<

Anyways, today was the first day of the John Ray-sensei seminar that I don't think I've mentioned yet. Yep, sensei came down a second time for the year, which is rather surprising. Today we did drills and the first for techniques of Batto ho. Yes, including Shatto *loathes that waza with a passion*. For the last 10~15 minutes of class, we just had free practice and John-sensei walked around correcting us. It turns out that I'd gotten into the habit of ending my kirioroshi with the blade almost horizontal instead of the tip at my knees. I wonder when that started...
Music: Music Hour by Porno Graffi

8/23/04 21:54
Ningentte Sonna mono ne by kokia
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I haven't been around 'cause my own snot and tears and stuff have been trying to drown me. They almost succeeded, too. . Anyways, it's not nearly as bad now as it was.

Today I went to see my mentor, Pat Rawlings and decided that I will definately use Lightwave and do a bone-structured character... though the latter was actually my own choice. I'm thinking about doing something with a Kobie-like (my dog) dog, but I won't go into detail 'cause I'm paranoid about strangers taking ideas.

I really don't feel like talking. I was miserable at school and I was glad that Mr. Black was gone today so I didn't have to take the playing test while feeling like crap. . I would've probably sneeze or snot-dripped in the middle of it. >.< EW.

Thank goodness I didn't have homwork today. I took a bath soon after getting home because of that nasty feeling you get when you're sick and layed around all day watching TV with Mom and reading emu's copy of Howl's Moving Castle. The only problem is that I can't watch TV or read in this state for very long without falling asleep. At least I feel much better now after 6 hours of rest.

Speaking of that book... it kicks arse. So far I like all the characters... even the Witch of the Waste amuses me to some degree. Michael's just plain adorable and Howl cracks me up (especially when he gets sick) and Sophie rules and Calcifer's cool, too. Ph34r the string of "ands." .

Alright, I'm going to lay around some more in case this is one of those decieving "I feel better" feelings that you get and you really aren't better. Read the book.
Music: Still I'm With You by L'arc~en~Ciel

8/17/04 00:48
Nijin Kumikyoku Part 1 Onisoto Naru Sei, Minamotouchi (R.O.D. BGM) by Taku Iwasaki
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I seem to be getting good about forgetting to upload my blog. >.< *kicks the post below this one*

Anyways, I can't sleep and I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow (today)... so I guess I'll write about what happened today (yesterday). Sorry if this seems garbled.

As usual, Advisory was rediculously long... and D's in my class 'cause she's also an La... it's weird having someone who was a class higher than you in your class group o.o

First period of the day is Chinese III, which takes place at the same time as Chinese II 'cause the class is so small. The new teacher... she asked us to call her by her maiden name, which is Chinese, but I don't remember it... her current name is Parker, though. Back to what I was going to say. She's really nice and actually tries to get us to learn rather than randomly throwing things at us and expecting us to know everything right away. This might be because Han yu (Mandarin) is her second language... I don't know her first. It might've been English... Caryn, Jennifer, Paul, Jeremiah and a few others are in this with me.

Orchestra was second period and all we really did was figure out the rhythem that Mr. Black was tapping and write it down (in notes, of course).

Then there was AP 2D Design. Ms. Fox mainly just talked and made fun of us for taking the summer assignment so seriously 'cause the due date's actually the third week of school. She said that some people called and paniced and some others even had their parents call because they were scared to tell her they couldn't finish it. After this, she just explained the class to us and the usuall first-day stuff. There're a bunch of people from the Anime Club in it. o.o

LUNCH! Sam, Rebekah, Emma, Raina, and a few others have my lunch~ emu showed up today just because she could, however left afterwards instead of sticking around. Or at least she said she was leaving when the bell rang...

Pre-AP PreCal... Ms. McNatt's really nice. She's almost deaf in one ear and speaks really loudly though... but it's OK 'cause she's a cool person. I know nothing about her teaching style, though. Once again... the usual first-day stuff. She likes cats. . And the room's overrun with orchdorks! w00t for us.

Next was the much awaited AP English IV. Stella, Hansel (spelling...), Emma (she's never taken AP before...), and a few other people I know are in this with me. Ms. Crowell is a former AP English IV teacher, actually, and she didn't talk down to us... she just made a point that she hated the idea of teaching AP again. I also learned that Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Berner went to Deerpark... though I still don't know the reason. She seems like she'll at least do a decent job... but I still wish Ms. Sanchez were still here. >.<

ISM (Independant Study Mentorship for those of you who don't know) was 7th period. Ashley has this the same period as me and we took over the couch! It's comfy. *plots to take over it every time she has to be in there* Anyways, Ms. Gandin gave us all the paperwork for the entire semester... about 50 pages. I'll just say that it weighed down my binder...

Aaaaand... last was US Government. Mr. Clements apparently knows what he's talking about... and has 8 freaking degrees. Makes me wonder why he's teaching high school... but oh well. We talked about the differences between Democrats and Republicans and how now there's no real different and how Bush is cool (Yes, I support Bush you stupid people) because he keeps his word and stuff. Melissa, Irena, and the overly Christian girl who's name I don't remember at the moment (sorry >.<) that was in my lunch group last semester are in it.

What do I think overall? Well... I really wish Ms. Sanchez were still here!!! >.< Nonetheless, I think this'll be an enjoyable year.
Music: Subete no Eichi wo Eikoku he! (R.O.D BGM) by Taku Iwasaki

8/14/04 23:41
Fate by L'arc~en~Ciel
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Well, I'm slowly mastering the art of typing with the very tips of my fingers again. >.< What fun.

Today I went against my better judgement and went to bass lessons and it turned out to be a mistake. I couldn't do anything very well because of these stupid blisters... but now Ms. Merritt's determined to get me to play with the very tips of my fingers holding down the string... which is ideal but almost no one does it 'cause it's easy for your fingers to slip off the string and it hurts more. After lessons, Ms. Merritt pointed out a pair of speakers that were really nice save that the grid was all cat-scratched and asked if I wanted them... for free. o.o I called the house and Dad said to bring him home... we got some new fabric and now they're pretty again! So now we have 2 new speakers for the den's surround sound.

And then I read and read and read. I wonder when and how I developed the habit of procrastinating... it must've happened sometime last school year 'cause I didn't have this problem so much my sophomore year. >.< Oh well, what the hell.

And then I napped for an hour. I shouldn't have done this... but I did!

And then I wasted a lot of time. I shouldn't have done this... but I did!!!

And now I'm drawing cable locks.
Music: Blackout (Final Fantasy XI BGM) by Naoshi Mizuta

8/13/04 00:22
Seperation (Soukyuu no Fafner ed) by angela
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Well, since 3 new warts sprung up on my fingertips after killing the one that'd been on my left middle finger for 2 years, I decided to just go to the doctor and freezing them. Now they hurt... I don't even know why I'm typing, but please forgive any letters that're left out in this post 'cause I'm pressing the keys as lightly as possible.

Well, after the doctor's appointmnt (it was at 10:00), Mom and I went to the Hong Kong Food Market for more instant udon and daifuku. There was a fight in the blue crab thing... it was hilarious. XD After that, we went somewhere... but I can't remember wher for some reason. >.< Anyways, we picked up Dad and went to some Chinese buffet by the local Mr. Gatty's and they had good sushi! It was freshly made; thre was a guy right there that made it... but then we went looking at paint and wallpaper 'cause Mom wants to repaint the master bathroom... I was glad I threw my book in my bag. >.<

Meh, I'll end it here.
Music: Asu e no Brilliant Road (Stellvia op) by angela

8/10/04 23:16
Anxiety (Final Fantasy IX BGM) by Nobuo Uematsu
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We found out this morning... it was working just fine the night before. >.< But on the up side, Dad wired it so it'll work for a bit until he gets a replacement part or whatever. I had to boil my water on the freakin' stove though before he messed with it. The STOVE. >.< Dad's getting that part tomorrow and he'll fix it tomorrow or feel the wrath of a hungry amoeba.

Also, today I had to go see the eye doctor... and they took a picture of my eye or whatever. Note that that was singular, not plural. They never got to the left eye. Blinding light plus a place that has a wall of glass that fills the room with sunlight makes an unhappy and migrane-tormented amoeba. My doctor decided to try to take a look at it himself with the lighted mignifying glass thing... but he didn't get much of a look. >.< However, I did learn that my eyesight has only gotten a little worse and that my insurance'll let me get new glasses in December.

Umm... I finished watching all 52 episodes of Cooking Master Boy today. ;_; It had a sucky ending... an expect-another-season ending that isn't followed by another ending. It makes me want to cry. ;_; Considering that CMB started in 1997 and ended in 1998 (note: this is a guestimate), I don't think it's likely that there'll be another season. >.< It's like Nadesico... only with evil vs. good cooking people instead of human martians vs Earth people. They both never got their second seasons. >.<

Who are you in the Hagaren world?

brought to you by Quizilla

*proud of herself* Though I thought I'd get Izumi considering my answers to some of those questions... w00t for Hawkeye!
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8/7/04 1:39
Negative Power (Chrno Crusade BGM) by Hikaru Nanase
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God, I'm tired. Today was the last day of orchestra camp and we made our section posters. The base one is freaking awsome~ it has a bass random paint splatters! XD And after playing with pain in orchestra camp, I got to go over to Ms. Tee's classroom and play with paint some more!

I helped turn a golf cart into a bus! Kinda. We just designed side panel things to put on the golf cart so it'll look like a bus. It was so cute! We spent about 5 hours working on it! I think I was nearly high by the time we were done... working with paint for that long's a bad idea.

After this, Mom and I went shopping since it's no-tax weekend here in the huge state of Texas. I got some nifty shirts and a free watch since we got $50 worth of stuff from Palais Royal. Yay for free stuff! Stores here in America should give away more free stuff... Japanese people are lucky that way.

I didn't get to go to karate, so I went straight to iai and only Matthew, Joe, and I were present. We went through all of Seiza no Bu and did the first four of Tate Hiza. Tate Hiza is so awsome... Okuiai can wait as long as it needs to... I'm quite content with Tate Hiza~ *obsesses over Tate Hiza*
Music: Dark Side of Times (Chrno Crusade) by Hikaru Nanase

8/5/04 1:09
Melissa (Full Metal Alchemist op 1) by Porno Graffiti
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Today was the first day of orchestra camp!!! Two new basses were present, though I believe Mr. Black said that there are three. Anyways, one of them made the advanced orchestra... so now all the girls are in the advanced and all the guys are in the lower. XD *finds this more amusing that she probably should* And the bass teacher that Emma and I have (the other basses had a different one since Emma and I have done bass longer) is cool... he knows a buttload of random history concerning basses and bassists. I never knew Dragonetti died 'cause bass' tailgut snapped. Glad tailguts are made out of metal nowadays... But anyways, we got through etude 29 and he likes to play in thumb position. I hate thumb position. It should be avoided if at all posible.

Tomorrow'll be fun (sarcasm) I have to be at the school at 8:00 AM to pick up my schedule, then I have camp from 9:00-noon, then I have to go to the fish camp (1:00-5:00) because I'm an officer in the Art Club. Plus I have to show the band director the band shirt design thing and... lost of stuff. It's also Mr. Black birthday... which totally doesn't fit in with my complaining but oh well. I'm hungry... We're having pizza tomorrow after camp.
Chrno's Despair (Chrno Crusade BGM) by Hikaru Nanase

8/3/04 1:18
The Song of Azmaria (Chrno Crusade BGM) by Hikaru Nanase and Azmaria's seiyuu
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Whee~ Today was another one of those days where I plan to do lots of things something and I don't do them. Procrastinating's addictive... I used to never procrastinate... now look at me. >.<

Anyways, Mom and I went to Walmart and spent about 2-3 hours in there, dropped off the icecream and stuff, then went to HEB for stuff Walmart was out of and to get some money (Walmart only allows you to make checks out for only $20 over). Afterwards, we went to see The Village and it kicked ARSE!!! *The Village fangirl now* The music was great... the story... I'm jealous of the writer/director/producer guy (I'm bad at names...) for his mad imagination. I want his brain!!!

The only thing I did do that was constructive was practice my bass... and Matthew called while I was doing so. And, being the stubborn person I am, I ended up playing while talking to him and shocking him with my mad multi-tasking skills.

After that, Mom and I watched Independance Day 'cause it was brought up a while ago and I couldn't remember much of it. Now I'm here.

I sooooo wanna rant about The Village... but you people should just go see it so I can rant without feeling guilty.

Random conversation of the moment:

LazyEditorLiChan (1:25:30 AM): no! they've corrupted the poor rubber duckies!
LazyEditorLiChan (1:25:35 AM): NOT THE RUBBER DUCKIES!!!
PsychoticLEMONS9 (1:25:38 AM): lmao
PsychoticLEMONS9 (1:25:39 AM): Yea
PsychoticLEMONS9 (1:26:26 AM): You remember the time in the cafeteria that our argument about whether bryan looks like a duck or a chicken went too far?
LazyEditorLiChan (1:27:04 AM): all too well XD
PsychoticLEMONS9 (1:27:19 AM): People were totally confused and staring at us.
PsychoticLEMONS9 (1:27:26 AM): And then joining in!

Don't ask about Ashley... . *worries about her* But still... the poor rubber duckies. ;_;

Speaking of rubber duckies... I got another rubber ducky Mardi Gras bead necklace for Evelyn! Her last one broke... there are still beads rolling around on the floor that turn up every once in a while while I drive.

And look what I'm getting for my graduation present if things go as planned! *can't wait to graduate*

Alrighty, I'm going to work on my summer art assignment thingy...
Music: Zet's Despair (Chrno Crusade BGM) by Hikaru Nanase

8/1/04 1:20
Sweet Memories #2 (.Hack//LIMINALITY BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
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This is actually an hour and 20 minutes late... but HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY, eMU!!!

Today emu threw a film noir-styled movie watching party thing... and we actually only got through a movie and a half before whipping out the games. XD While eating pizza, we played Clue without 2 cards... Sam and Des won the two rounds. Soon after that we got Pictionary out and did awful drawings... I think emu's going to post them on Pepper Stretch sometime. After that we played charades and I think Sarah inflicted serious mental damage on Sam. Ah, and the party consisted of emu, Des, Sarah, Sam, and me.

Hnn... I don't really feel like writing. Just thought I'd get that out... .
Music: Kyougetsu-tei de Aimashou by Ali-Project