7/21/04 23:44
Princess no Tameni (Sailor Moon Stars BGM) by ???
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Mood: fwee~

Sorry for the long delay~ Ishness.com switched back over to Neoservers and I didn't feel like messing with the site until the move was 100% done.

Yay! I went somewhere with Matthew for the first time Monday. I know he'll probably go out of his way to rub this stuff in, but hell, this is my bloody blog. . Emotion should burn. Anyways, I picked him up from his job (which is conveniently close to the house) and drove him over to Szechuan Garden for lunch~ Johnson (a waiter there that knows Mom and me well) was shocked to see me with a guy he didn't know, it was amusing. XD Anyways, we sat around and talked for the hour, then I had to take him back. -.- Pity his Mom's so possesive of him... Mou... and I want to see I, Robot and Spiderman 2. >.< And he's leaving Friday morning and will be gone for a week... doubt I'll get to drag him off anywhere tomorrow. Ah, well.

It's rather interesting to date someone so Christian. I'm very agnostic... an agnostic theist (as it's sometimes called), but still agnostic.

Hnn... I'm drawing a blank trying to remember yesterdays events! >.< Umm... umm...... did anything happen yesterday? x_x Mom and I watched something... Oh, hell. Onwards before I hurt myself.

Nothing much happened today except that I finished watching the last 7 or so episodes Midori no Hibi, the romance-comedy in which a girl gets turned into a guy's right hand. Yep.

OH YEAH! Yesterday evening, I went over to emu's to watch some of a show in which everyone but one person has bad hair. And we also somehow got on the subject of concave butts... it's probably best not to ask, though I will say that the name "concave butt" came from me. I should keep away from that ancient Diet Coke she has... which, by the way, no longer tastes like beer. It's past that stage... it tastes like very strange syrup now. But I'm dumb enough to still drink it even if there're probably things growing in it by now. At least there're no maggots swimming around in it (long story).

At iai today, there was yet ANOTHER person to sit around and watch the class. We're running out of space!!! We're all going to DIE and I'm already afraid to stand next to John since he nearly ochiburi-ed me once. If this guy joins, he'll be our first Asian! XD Emily-sensei also brought along the DVDs from the Shodan Shiken and I watched all the shodan do their waza. I didn't do as badly as I thought I did, though I saw lots of things I did that I didn't know about. Whee~
Music: Episode II - Setsuko (Grave of Fireflies) by Yoshio Mamiya

7/19/04 5:22
Let Go by Frou Frou (Rhymes XD)
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Mood: Ninja koi

Yep, that says 5:22 as in 5:22 AM. Why am I up this late? Because I've already slept my 7 hours.

I ment to take a nap at around 7:00 PM-ish... and woke up at 2. x_x Yep, I've had my fill of sleep and now I'm wide awake. I already did a 300-word why-I-deserve-this essay thing for a scholarship and I'm reading some of my newer comics. American comics have so much text... takes longer. And the art's so pretty it takes me twice as long to get through the comic than if I were just reading. XD

Ah... I need something to talk about. I'm bored as hell. emu gave me the link to places to download a manga called Death Note... which I downloaded. I haven't read it yet, though. *pokes it*

I think I know why I've been sneezing so much lately... Matthew's mom's been nitpicking me. XD She's apparently against him having a girlfriend. . I feel so... nitpicked at. XD

Something to talk about... something to talk about... *looks around her room for something to jar her mind* I need to replace that light bulb... Looks like it's time to play more Suikoden...
Music: Happy End (Boogiepop Phantom) by Flare

7/16/04 00:12
Rumble Fish by Do As Infinity
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Mood: Still happy

I had to run off there for a minute. ^_^;

Today... I remembered that the Dojo party is on Saturday... so emu's and my stuff watching party's been pushed back to the 24th. I hate it when I'm talking about two things... then realize "Oh crap, they're on the same day!" I need to check my calendar before planning things more often. .

I finally went to the doctors' office today about my neck and to get a refferal so I can see the back-specialist for my annual back check. The doctor decided that he'd just kill two birds with one stone and also let the specialist look at my neck... ah well.

After the appointment, Mom and I went to the local big Target so I could get a few white 1" binders that have the clear thing on them. I like to get those early 'cause once August arives, I can't find them anywhere. >.< Gosh darn everyone else for using them, too. .

And lastly, Li-chan's no longer single! ^_^
Music: Psychobabble by Frou Frou

7/15/04 23:32
Senyaichiya (.Hack//Liminality) by See-Saw
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Mood: IAITO!!!

After four months and five days... my iaito finally arrived!!! *has been clinging to the poor thing for most of day, but with it in its bag* I love it... the only downside was that I was hoping for a light sword... but this one's weight feel about the same as the one from the dojo I've been using, so it's OK! And I got expensive freebies. o.o A $65 sword bag and a $12 fusa... and I don't know why I got them; I didn't order either one. Not that I'm complaining or anything. ^_^ I'll put pictures of it up soon~

7/15/04 00:53
Tenshi (Area88 BGM) by... I still need to find out.
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Mood: In need of Ridaline... or however it's spelled

To start off my American comic book collection (excluding the stuff I got on Free Comic Book Day) I went to Half Price Books. Though I really went to see if they had Sophocles's Oedipus Rex. They didn't and I thought "I bet they have comics real cheap here" and I was right. $.25 each or 5 for a dollar... ended up getting six dollars worth... that's 30 freaking comics that orignially cost $2.50-$2.95 each and they were all in darned good condition. Man am I glad most people take care of comics. Since I don't know much about the longer running series such as Spiderman and Batman, I avoided those. I don't know what versions are good and which are bad... and I'd rather wait a bit before I spend money on them, even if they are cheap at HPB... so I did a very hypocritish thing and chose comics with pretty art that I got a good feeling about. Fortunately, I have a pretty good intuition. I got 1-18 of Out There, Legs (which is a one-shot), 4-5 and 7-8 of The Path (I'll fill in the gaps later), and 1-6 of Fight for Tomorrow. SO far, I love Out There... not as much as Sandman, but it's darned good. I need to pay a visit to Galaxy soon... I used to go there on a regular basis. The guys that work there don't even remember me (or at least they didn't when I went on July 3 and they used to have my name and box number memorized). ;_;

Today's iai class... was the largest regular class EVER. There was a grand total of 10 people on the mat. I am forced to ask again... "where are all these people coming from???" The commercial isn't even out yet... x_x It's going to get dangerous on the mat... But... 10 people...

And Matthew really has stolen my kirioroshi. -.- I'm still holding the sword funny before the kirioroshi and I'm really blaming the change in the way the block's done now (it changed! CHANGED!!!)... but Matthew's kirioroshi's been good lately, so he must be in on it. .

This Saturday I'm spending most of the day and sleeping over at emu's house for a good 'ol mini anime and possibly movie-watching thing. We're going to watch all of Spiral, Miyazaki's Laputa (aka Castle in the Sky... not as good as Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away in my opinion... but I still love it. Miyazaki kicks butt.), and I'm going to make emu watch the first episode or two of Cooking Master Boy.

And I checked out The Seven Samurai so Daddy and I can watch it... but he went off shore. >.< *pokes it* It's a good thing no one had a hold on it... I renewed it and it's now due the 22nd. Maybe Mom'll want to see it; she liked The Twilight Samurai, though the two are very different. I'd take it to the stuff-watching thing, but it's 2 and a half hours long. Ah well.

Now to read more Out There...
Music: Tabidachi (Kiki's Delivery Service BGM) by Joe Hisaishi

7/12/04 21:40
Ningen no Kodomo by Akino Arai
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Mood: Suikoden~


What few readers I have have probably noticed the lack of posting going on here. You can thank Suikoden for this

Yep, the game I've had for the past 2~3 years is finally getting played. Sam, of course, was in shock (it's his game) and actually went out to search for a job. We made a deal before school was out that if I played Suikoden before school starts, he has to get a job. Yay! Now he can get a new computer and do iaido (if he still wants to). Mwahaha.

I don't have much to say since I've mainly been playing Suikoden and reading... I need to keep myself from the library; I'm reading library book instead of doing my summer reading for English. . I'm intimidated by Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World because it's about philosophy and I try to avoid talking about philosophy as much as posible. My philosophy is mine, yours is yours and that's that. *pokes it* But the summary says it's in the form of a mystery... which is intriguing... *eyes it warily* The cover's pretty, though (insert stupid grin here). It makes me want to design a random book cover for no reason at all...

Ah, and Ashley suddenly felt like doing a random walkathon thing with just us. Here's emu's responce:

emukatze (9:50:15 PM): I'm not going on a walkathon. NOOO. NEVER.
LazyEditorLiChan (9:50:27 PM): XD
LazyEditorLiChan (9:50:29 PM): fine then
emukatze (9:50:29 PM): Why the hell do you want me to, anyway? You're trying to kill me, aren't you.
LazyEditorLiChan (9:50:38 PM): >.>
LazyEditorLiChan (9:51:23 PM): EnvyxGluttony
emukatze (9:51:44 PM): ..............x_x
LazyEditorLiChan (9:51:57 PM): see? why would I make you walk when doing that's so much easier?

There's a bit of a story behind the EnvyxGluttony thing... but I won't go into that. XD

And this is when I say "now what."
Music: Hikari no Naka e (Escaflowne) by Yoko Kanno

7/10/04 00:05
WIZ-DOM (Aquarian Age BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
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Mood: Ramen

Darnit, missed the 9th by five minutes. Well, I did post 4 times on the 7th... .

Well, it's finally happened. There is now an anime version of NetFlix... RentAnime.com is up and running. For only $19.99 a month, you can rent as many anime DVDs as you want... though you can actually only have 3 at a time. But hell, watch the three one day, send 'em back, and tada! More anime. Even I, a collector, am tempted. But wait! You can buy the used DVDs for 50% off the regular price... so only $15 a DVD... but used... *pulls on her haird* Grah!

And as a random note, this is amusing:

"Watch 'The End of Evangelion' as many times as it takes for it to make sense."

I just rewatched all of Evangelion and I was still like "...huh?" on some things. Though it did make more sense than when I watched it the first time. There's just so much in 26 freakin's episodes... it would be so much easier if it were 13. But there are 17 angles, so that wouldn't work. >.< I'd watch it yet again... but I think emu wants her DVDs back. .

Alright, today. Today... I got up at 12:30ish, ate, then watched Mystic River with Mom. It's a pretty good show. After that, I lazed around and did NOTHING. Nothing at all. Or at least if I did do something, I don't remember doing it.

Ah! I did do something. I ordered the special version of the Full Metal Alchemist Fanbook Volume 3 that comes with the special binder for all the fanbooks. ^_^ *feels accomplished*

Instead of sparring at karate (I didn't want to risk messing up my neck... I can move it and I want to keep it that way), I helped teach the white belts their first kata. Then after karate, I went to iai. Emily-sensei's visiting her sisters, so Joe led the class. Matthew and a new guy (Names! NAMES!!!) were also there. I came in time to do some Seiza no Bu and did the first three of Tate Hize. Tate Hize's fun~ Though I couldn't do kirioroshi for a while... Joe finally pointed out that I was holding the blade at a funny angle and I was like WTF??? Fixed that pretty fast. Dunny why I was doing that; it was driving me nuts. >.< I was honestly beginning to think that Matthew'd stollen my kirioroshi. .
Kuroi no Chiisa Door (Avenger BGM) by Ali-Project

7/8/04 23:15
Free Bird (Haibane Renmei opening) by Kou Outani
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Man I'm exhausted. I'm posting... then I shall die... if I can be any more dead that I am now.

Well, got up at 8 this morning (I generally like to get up 2 hours before I leave to go where ever) and ran around getting ready for the WaterWorld trip and people started showing up at around 9:45. emu, Des, Ashley, Sam, Sarah, Dan, and I made up the WaterWorld group... Meagan said she'd come, but apparently she forgot and didn't wake up; nothing out-of-the-ordinary. Sarah and Dan went in Dan's car and in the end, we all piled into Des's '97 Ford Taurus... which looks larger than my '03 Kia Rio, but my car's still far wider and has a bigger trunk *feels the maternal need to defend her baby*. . Ah well.

The first stop was Kroger to get the tickets to Astroworld/WaterWorld. Why get them there? Because they have a special thing: you can get them for $20.99 instead of the forty-something dollars they go for at the park. After that, we went to Chik-fil-A for lunch; food at the park's incredibly expensive. Then we went to WaterWorld.

It was raining on the way to the park... but we could see the edge of the storm, so we kept going. And fortunately, it was just one of the random showers that've been floating around Houston. By the time we actually made it across Astroworld, got a locker, etc, etc, everything at WaterWorld was back up and running. I won't go into too much detail, but we sat around in the wave pool, floated around in the lazy river, went down a slide, ran around that Pirate's whatever thing (I monopolized the water dumping things... and did a crappy job of terrizing the little kids. Sarah and Dan left after this; Dan wasn't feeling well), went on the Big Kahoona (Sam didn't, though), and messed around in the wave pool again. By this time it was about... 2~3:00 and we changed and wandered around Astroworld for food and games. I ate crappy pizza... and I think I should've gotten nachos. -.- But anyways, I won myself a fish plushie at darts (I lost on the first try... at DARTS!!! That was a first... I'm always good at the dart game >.<) and a snake plushie at the guessing thing... though Ashley actually went up. My age and weight are too easy to guess. -.-; We also went on the ferris wheel... well Sam stood off with all the stuff. Poor boy, he was the only male once Dan left... and Dan wasn't a very good sheild, anyways. He groped Sam's butt. XD It's fun hanging around with drama people. I honestly doubt he'll ever go somewhere with a large group of girls again... but then again, he's persevered through his past exploits.

Alright, that's enough too keep up my record. This post is probably riddled with typos... *dies*
Music: Ai Sincere Heart (Excel Saga) by Mikako Takahashi and Yumiko Kobayashi

7/7/04 23:31
Virtual Star Hasseigaku (Revolutionary Girl Utena second ending) by... it doesn't say
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It's a record! Four posts in one day.

Today I went to Walmart and finally got a nifty fisherman's hat! It's a pretty blue-purple color. *wearing it right now* It's going to make its debut tomorrow on the WaterWorld trip~ It's going to be fun.

Speaking of WaterWorld... D got wind of the trip. Dunno exactly how, but I have a few speculations, however she would've heard about it eventually, anyways, and as expected, she isn't happy. But then again I wasn't too happy when she abused my trust and made a point of saying that she didn't care. I usually don't get so upset over these things, but she was one of my better friends and did that and now I don't want to deal with her too much. Sometimes I wonder if dealing with other people in general is worth the effort... but then again, would not dealing with people be worth the effort? Ah well, enough of that.

My hat is beautiful~ It's a pity that it's against the school rules to wear hats on campus... it'd come in handy while walking between buildings in the sun with my arms full of books. Hat~ hat~ HAT~ ^_^

Well, nothing out of the ordinary happened today except that I picked up my room. Mom said that the only way everyone could meet at our house was if I made my room look decent. And before that I watched emu's The Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi volume 2 DVD. That series is great. XD

And at iai... there were a lot of people present. o.o Three newer students, four older, plus Emily-sensei and Joe. I want to know where all these new people're coming from... But anyways, we worked one some Batto ho and all of Toho... and we haven't done Toho in ages. ^_^; It was interesting.
Music: Satellite Song by Akino Arai

7/7/04 14:10
Who Knows by Avril Lavigne
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F

Random conversation posting time again. emu sent me the past Cooking Master Boy conversations and here they are.

LazyEditorLiChan (8:28:08 PM): Super Chefs are so much cooler than super saiyans
LazyEditorLiChan (8:28:18 PM): 'cause they have mad cooking skills and can make GLOWING FOOD
emukatze (8:28:23 PM): Most anything is cooler than super saiyans.
emukatze (8:28:25 PM): But that's kind of odd.
emukatze (8:28:31 PM): I'd be afraid to eat it.
LazyEditorLiChan (8:28:50 PM): *got more Cooking Master Boy* *forever amused by how they show how delicious the food is*
LazyEditorLiChan (8:31:04 PM): *wants to be a super chef*

LazyEditorLiChan (11:02:00 PM): There's a Chefs of Darkness Society in Cook Master Boy ^_^
LazyEditorLiChan (11:02:06 PM): cooking^
emukatze (11:02:07 PM): WTF.
LazyEditorLiChan (11:02:09 PM): ZD
LazyEditorLiChan (11:02:14 PM): alright, oyasumi
emukatze (11:02:20 PM): You're making me more and more afraid of that show with everything you say..

LazyEditorLiChan (1:27:22 PM): ...The Chefs are Darkness are cool
LazyEditorLiChan (1:27:29 PM): they have forbidden cooking techniques
emukatze (1:27:34 PM): ........
LazyEditorLiChan (1:27:37 PM): ZD
emukatze (1:27:49 PM): I really hope that show isn't serious. _

LazyEditorLiChan (12:03:05 AM): ah! and in CMB, there are now Legendary Cooking Utensils
LazyEditorLiChan (12:03:17 AM): and Mao is collecting them to beat the Chefs of Darkness
emukatze (12:03:23 AM): ...if you ever want me to watch that show, you're going to have to stop talking about it.
LazyEditorLiChan (12:03:36 AM): ZD
LazyEditorLiChan (12:04:21 AM): well, you probably aren't ever going to watch it, anyways
emukatze (12:04:54 AM): It scares m e.
emukatze (12:04:56 AM): me.
emukatze (12:05:06 AM): I only watch things that weird if they're magical girl shows.
LazyEditorLiChan (12:05:18 AM): but Mao's a magical boy!\
LazyEditorLiChan (12:05:29 AM): *kills the \*
LazyEditorLiChan (12:06:53 AM): *wants a wok*
LazyEditorLiChan (12:07:02 AM): then I can carry it around on my back
emukatze (12:07:08 AM): *has a wok, but isn't letting you anywhere near it*
LazyEditorLiChan (12:07:26 AM): *puppy eyes*
emukatze (12:15:00 AM): No.

By the way, the ZD instead of the XD is an ongoing joke thing.

Everyone should watch Cooking Master Boy. XD Gosh darn my liking weird food competition shows... Yes, I love watching Iron Chef.
Music: Yucca by Maya Sakamoto

7/7/04 13:18
Garasu no Yumi Karaoke (Haibane Renmei) by Heart of Air
Current Desk Area Temperature: 77.4F

Well, tomorrow's the Great and Almighty WaterWorld trip! It's going to be fun... and speaking of the WaterWorld trip..

SpookieBunnie (1:16:38 PM): Don't mind my wearing a shirt tomorrow. :O I'm shy. And I don't want to be skeering the chill'uns.
LazyEditorLiChan (1:16:53 PM): no problem
SpookieBunnie (1:17:12 PM): Heh. I know. I'm just hyper at the moment.
LazyEditorLiChan (1:17:20 PM): you should probably appologize to Sarah about that...
SpookieBunnie (1:17:49 PM): She already knows. Despite her insistence I have no reason to be shy.
LazyEditorLiChan (1:17:55 PM): XD
SpookieBunnie (1:18:34 PM): I swear. -.o; That girl's going to give me a big head. Just 'cause she likes my fuzzy, pale body doesn't mean everyone needs to. -.0;;;;
LazyEditorLiChan (1:19:22 PM): ... thank you for your consideration
SpookieBunnie (1:19:48 PM): O_O; I'll go now. >_>
LazyEditorLiChan (1:19:55 PM): XD
SpookieBunnie (1:20:26 PM): XD Seriously tho, thanks for inviting us.
LazyEditorLiChan (1:20:45 PM): no problem ^_^

And that's me filling Sarah's boyfriend in on the details of the trip. XD I have such weird friends...

I'm still mad at WaterWorld for opening at NOON of all times. The hottest part of the day. they should open in the morning so people can take a break at noon-1 or 2 or whatever. Idiots.

Something else did happen yesterday that I failed to mention... Dad got the marble out of a ramune bottle. o.o I have wanted to get one out for the longest time... but doing so would mean either breaking the glass bottle or somehow getting the plastic thing on the top off... and Dad did the latter. Nifty-ness

7/7/04 2:26
Revelation by Dakona
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Today was the indayment of nothing-happened-ness. The only thing that is worth mentioning is that Mom and I finished Neon Genesis Evangelion... and it was Mom's first time watching a 26 episode series and the second series she's ever watched all of, the first being Haibane Renmei. She's slowly opening her eyes to anime... though she still has a hard time taking it seriously 'cause it's animated. -.- Anyways, she also likes Witch Hunter Robin... maybe she'll pitch in to help me finish getting it... *plots*

7/5/04 3:22
Voices (Cello Version) (Macross Plus) by Yoko Kanno
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.0F

*dances* New layout for July! I started it on the fourth... and now I'm posting it up. Finally got my layout with Roy and Hawkeye. ^_^ I just need to change the Tagboard colors...

Hope ya'll had a happy Fourth! Mom, Dad, and I all went to Kemah and ate at Joe's Crab Shack and I got some Dungenous Crab because I haven't had that in ages; Joe's is the only place around here that carries it and I usually eat Alasking Snow Crab. Crab is good~ Except Blue Crab... dun like that for some reason, but then again it could've just been the crab I got when I tried it. But this is off topic! Well, when we finished, we went to an empty lot right by the coast and watched the fireworks... I love going to Kemah for fireworks. You not get to see Kemah's, but at least 4 other places'.

Now to jump backwards to iai. Today, Matthew was the senior student, so he got to lead the students that... um... have at least gone through all the basic waza since Joe didn't come to class and Emily-sensei had to break in a new person. He was doing a good job, but then he had to leave at his usual 2:00... and I was left being the senior student for the last 30 minutes. My mind went blank for a second because everything was opposite what I was used to seeing in front of me... but I think I did OK. It went much better than when I try to teach little kids karate. *shudders at that thought* And I also got to unlock the dojo with my nifty key for the first time ever! ^_^

7/3/04 23:56
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.5F

Yay! First post in a long time that's made before midnight!

Garage saling is fun but tiresome... Ah, and Sam didn't tag along after all, so it was only the soul sistas (XD). emu ended up getting more random stuff than I did... I only got a nifty mini checkers set and a maze puzzle that was free. Before I left to pick emu up, Mom asked me to keep an eye out for bar stools to donate to the orchestra (We poor basses always need stools) and Dad told me to keep an eye out for a cheap stereo for the garage; the one that was in there was dying. Well, I found no bar stools, but I did find an old stereo that works. It's funny... 'cause not only does it play casettes and have a radio... but it also plays 45s... or it would if it had a needle. And as a random note, we ran into someone I know: Matthew's mom of all people XD

When I got home, Dad hooked up the new stereo and Mom, Kobie, and I swam! Kobie was happy, he hasn't swam for a long time and kept dunking himself on the steps, jumping out, shaking, and repeating. Then he got his ball and thought that he was the center of attention. -.-

7/2/04 11:16
Limits (.Hack//SIGN) by Yuki Kajiura
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.5F

Whee~ I'm just sitting around waiting for Mom to come home so that we can get food! We need food and food is good.

You know... I don't even know why I started writing this. I had something to say, but what it was... I dunno.

Now for some random ranting... Beowulf. One thing has really bothered me... and it has to do with the Volsungs. After Beowulf kicks Grendel's butt... they sing about how Sigmund killed a dragon... but I don't remember Sigmund killing a dragon! I remember his son, Sigurd killing Fafnir the dragon... Gah! All I remember about Sigmund is how he got his sword, his big wife problem... you know, when he marries the fallen Vakyrie, looses his memory of that and marries what's-her-butt, then gets killed by the Valkyrie's new husband or whatever. I remember a few other things... but... *pulls at her hair* But I don't remember him killing a dragon! And I bet he did and I just don't remember or something. God I feel stupid.

7/1/04 1:37
Shh by Frou Frou
Current Desk Area Temperature: 79.0F (again...)

Today was my senior picture shoot day thing. It was... very boring. There were 4 other people there and they shot each of our various pictures alternately and there was only one Playstation Magazine among all the fashion magazines... and the two guys kept hogging it. ;_;

After that, Mom and I did a few little errands before returning home... then I napped late enough to be late for iai. I hate being late... but at least class almost always starts late... and we had 2 observers today. Why are there so many new people? I may never know... but Sam needs to find himself a job so he can join in on the sword-swinging action.

Mou... but I suddenly didn't feel good in the middle of class. First, I broke out into a cold sweat out of the blue, causing me to need to sit down. Once that went away, a headache started at the base of my skull and soon after joining the class again, I had to sit down. >.< Yep, it was migrane fun time. I went home a bit early, took some Advil, and layed around... but it went away pretty fast, surprisingly.

Migrane somewhat managed, I stopped by the library 10 minutes before it closed to pick up The Magnificent Seven, which I had on hold. Dad and I watched it... but I'll just say that I prefer The Seven Samurai over it. I wish I could magically aim when my gun was down by my side...

W00t! emu and I are going garage sale hopping this Saturday! And Sam seems to want to tag along, though I'm not 100% sure he's coming; emu just told me she thinks he wants to come. After we shop, we might go to the 4:15 showing of The Twilight Samurai... just because I want to see it again and emu and Sam haven't seen it and should. Whee~ Saturday's going to be fun.