7/12/03 22:46
In the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon (.Hack//SIGN BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
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Reading: Into the Wild by Krakauer, Memoirs of a Geisha by Golden, and random manga and little things

Back~! Today was fun... I got to compare another tarot deck to mine! emu and I went to look at tarot cards since she finally decided to get some. We went to Barnes and Nobles and after emu picked out her cards I went around and gathered all but one of my books I'll need next year that I hadn't found and I got a cool metal planner, which I hope will manage to survive living in my bag. Since emu had $10 left and I was hungry (When emu drives, she never stops to eat! REVENGE!!!) I went over to the mall and we looked around Walden Books (emu didn't get a manga after all >.<) then went to the food court and I had some good ol' waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A. While I was eating, we compared the cards pics, but I still want to compare the interpretation books... hers had more religious stuff on them than mine and uses the Wands and Coins instead of the Staffs and Pentacles.

7/12/03 21:07
Believe in Heaven (Matantei Loki Ragnarok End Song) by Miki
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Rather than going through each and every even of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus, I'm just going to talk about the things I thought were fun and kewlness.

The coolest thing was the dude who ran around and jumped on the Wheel. it was this big, oval-shapped metal thing with one end bigger than the other. He'd run on either the inside or the outside of the bigger wheel and jump and do tricks on it... and he nearly fell a couple of times, but I think that those were just jokes to make people nervous. There was also TM the Gator Guy who, of course, did stuff with American aligators and he also had a freakin' HUGE snake (I think it was a boa, but I could be wrong). The gators looked sedated... or they could've just been well fed; they usually don't attack things unless they're threatened or hungry... or so I hear. There was also Sara the Tiger Whisperer. The tigers were so cute! Ano.. I know they really aren't, but these were! They would sit on their little seats and do tricks and she gave them treats. Oh, and before the circus, I got to go down on the floor and get some perfomers to sign my program! Plus I got a shirt, a must for me.

Last night, I got my cool competition gi! But it was so stiff and new-ish that the pants (which were a bit longer than my legs) stood up around me. I'll have to break it in before the tourney. And I felt like crap. My nose was trying to suffocate me... and it's not fun having your lungs hurt, have a headache, and having your nose runing while sparring. Stupid medicine didn't want to work right. >.<

Once karate was over, I headed home to take a bath and take more medicine since I was going to spend the night at emu's. It was fun... so fun we ate maggots. Not intentionally... but her old chocolate she's had since Christmas had maggots in them. Thank goodness they're healthy at least... *shudders* I made emu watch RahXephon and I think I managed to get her hooked... but I could just be convincing myself. Then she turned around and got me hooked on Princess Tutu. It's just so cute and I love the story. Plus it strongly reminded my of Maho Tsukai Tai (Magic Users Club) by the way it made me feel... but without the perverted jokes. I dunno how it reminds emu of Furuba...

7/10/03 00:53
Liminality # Full Version by Yuki Kajiura
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I'm really too tired to write... but if I don't, I probably won't forgive myself.

Besides that next week's summer school classes could be pushed back because of Tropical Storm Claudet (spelling?), I had a great day because I I went to the circus!! the Ringly Bro. and Barlem and Baily (doesn't even want to know how badly she spelled that...). It was great-ness! The ringleader had a nice arse (kukuku...), the costumes were cool, and the performances were great!

I'm going to be brief since I want to sleep... and my throat hurts from cheering. It started off with the parade and the ringmaster singing (he has an awsome voice, too). The elephants held tails and I just found that cute. Following the parade, there was a lady dancing on a ring in mid-air... and she nearly fell at one point but made a quick recovery. A guy who could balance things as large and tall as tables and ladders went up next... and dang can he balance stuff. The ring dancing lady also did a cool thing where she made the horses dance. After him, the "Prince of Laughter" came on after taking a 4 year break. He popped up through the entire show *liked him*.

Mou~ I'll just talk about it tomorrow. *kicks her crappy not-finished account of what happened*

7/4/03 00:26
In the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon (.Hack//SIGN BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
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I don't give a crap about what those negative weirdos and terrorists think... I love my country. Even though I'd like to live in Japan for a bit, I honestly don't think anything can compare to living in the US. *waves flags about*

That out of the way, today was great. Mom and I went to the Kemah board walk for the fireworks, and as usual, cool stuff came up and Dad wasn't there. Anyways, we ate at Joe's Crab Shack where I got snow crab!! I love snow crab... *fantasises and drools* crab... mmm... *recovers* Anyways, we got in and out of there suprisingly fast. We're usually still eating when the fireworks start, but we got out and hour and a half before them. Thus, we decided to get tickets to ride the Boardwalk Beast, which is its new, fast public boat, only to discover that they were going out on the water to watch the fireworks! And we got the 17th and 16th from the last tickets for it!

After getting our tickets, we wandered about and I played a couple of games and won a squid and another plushie that I can't remember what is was for some strange reason. Time flew by and we got in line 45 minutes early and got awsome seats. I've never been so close to outdoors fireworks. The closest I've ever been would have to be the fireworks in the Astrodome... but I'm refering to outdoors *points* bleh.

Gosh darn interruptions!!!