6/29/04 2:04
Anna ni Isshodattanoni by See-Saw
Current Desk Area Temperature: 79.0F

Well, missed the 28th by about two hours... but ah well. I'm writing about it, anyways.

Mom and I went to see the Twilight Samurai and the Landmark Greenway 3. Only we didn't know that this theater was underground and had a hell of a time finding it... and I was right about its location, but Mom didn't want to go underground unless she was sure it was down there. Then 30 minutes later she accepted the fact that the theater was underground. Good thing we had a lot of lost time... we were still 45 minutes early. After looking around at some of the stores in that little underground shopping thing (it's separate from the big one), we sat around until 3:55 and got our tickets and food and entered the theater.

There were only two other people there... but darn was it a good movie. Even my mom enjoyed it... and that's saying something. She usually doesn't like Japanese films... It was so XD and o.o and ;_;... yeah. I suggest it.

Afterwards, we met Dad at McDonalds and ate since we somehow had no food at home that could just be thrown in the microwave but ramen and I'm the only one that eats that.

Ah! And Mom's willingly watching Neon Genesis Evangelion! Amazing...

6/27/04 23:28
Unaffected by Hoobastank
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.9F

Last night (or this morning...) I went to bed at 5:00 AM... and woke up at 9:00 AM this morning. I felt dead through iai... and all the in depth discussion on the waza... my brain huuuurt. But I still learned a lot. And there was a really polite person there to watch the class.

After iai, I started cleaning up my room because I was determined to get all my chores done. Unfortunately, I'm not the cleaning type. And I always get hungry when I clean... dunno why, but it wasn't long before I took a break with some food and watched emu's Kino no Tabi DVD 3... and it was a good DVD. I loved episodes 8 and 10 ;_; I was so happy at the end of 8 and so sad at the end of 10...

When I finished the DVD, I was about dead and took an hour long nap and got back to work. I finished all my chores! I no longer owe my mom money (for now)! I'm seeing The Twilight Samurai tomorrow! Life is good.

And a random thing of the moment (It has to do with episode 9 of the KnT DVD I mentioned):

emukatze (11:11:06 PM): The tank thing made me sad.
emukatze (11:11:36 PM): I was like "Poor Mr. Creepy Floating Tank."
LazyEditorLiChan (11:11:50 PM): it needs to look in a mirror
emukatze (11:12:30 PM): But then it would have to kill itself.
emukatze (11:12:37 PM): It was a big, creepy, floating tragedy.
LazyEditorLiChan (11:12:50 PM): or it'd just shoot at the mirror and not realize it was looking at itself
emukatze (11:13:47 PM): Yeah..


6/25/04 2:35
Secret Game (Noir BGM) by Yuri Kasahara
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.4F

It's late, I'm wide awake, and I'm bored. Whee~

I finally decided to check and see when Waterworld opens because I'm dragging a bunch of people for there for a day of fun (did that sound dumb or what?) only to discover that it opens at noon. I'd hoped to go in the morning then brake at noon for lunch 'cause it's the hottest part of the day... darnit. Ah well, looks like we're showing up at noon!

emu decided that she wanted to go yardsale hopping some weekend and I'm tagging along... and I'm driving.

emukatze (2:17:18 AM): Do you wanna drive, or should I?
LazyEditorLiChan (2:17:24 AM): doesn't matter to me
emukatze (2:17:40 AM): *saw him, and was scared* You probably should.. You know about my sense of direction.
LazyEditorLiChan (2:17:50 AM): are you trying to save on gas?
emukatze (2:18:06 AM): Yes. Because if I drive, we'll use about two times as much gas as if you drive..
LazyEditorLiChan (2:18:14 AM): ZD
LazyEditorLiChan (2:18:41 AM): buy me a cheap fisherman's hat and we have a deal
emukatze (2:19:05 AM): XD; If we see one.. Otherwise, I'll buy you something else cheap.
LazyEditorLiChan (2:19:11 AM): alrighty

Looks like the soul sistas are going to hit the garage sales some Saturday! Yay! Mom never wants to go to them... >.<

I really hope I find a nifty fisherman's hat... one with mesh around the top part so I can pin on random pins and stuff. I sure as hell have enough of them... I collected them when I was little. I haven't even looked at those since 6th grade... Now I must go get them.

Success. I stuck them all on an old shirt for some reason... I could've sworn I had more... they're probably burried in my closet somewhere. Darn this thing's heavy. Wow, I have some old ET ones and one of Simba, lots of little pins from when I was in gymnastics, one with a heart that says "NO!" on it for some bizarre reason, some from when I was in the local library's kiddy reading thing... one says "I read book" *likes that one*. There's even one from the pig races at the Houston Rodeo... wow. Lots of Hard Rock Cafe pins... a wale and cat... some Nasa ones, two of Madonna (o.O), one that says "IT'S A GIRL, SPOHN HOSPITAL, CORPUS CHRISTI." Interesting. One's from swimming lessons, one that says "Music means the world to me," some smiley faces, some smiley face ones, and a star. There are others, but they're either holiday ones or just aren't cool.

Of course, in addition to these, I have my anime pins... but I won't go there. My hat'd come in handy at a convention... *plots*

6/24/04 19:40
Five Variants of 'Dives and Lazarus' by Vaughan Williams
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F

My alarm clocks (yes, that's supposed to be plural...) successfully woke me up today. Today I hung out with Ashley, who I barely got to see during school because we had absolutely no classes together and were only in the same lunch during the first semester, and Kyle, too. Kyle was supposed to be around, but wasn't until later because we couldn't get ahold of him.

Anyways, we went and ate at Chik-fil-A at noon and talked for a while. Kyle's mom finally called me on my cell phone (I left a message at his house and left my cell phone number. This was probably a mistake since Kyle's an idiot...) and checked to make sure we were going to the 3:00 showing of The Stepford Wives and told us that he'd be waiting at the enterance. Well, we finished eating at 1:00, so we ended up going over to my house to sit around and watch a movie and left at 1:30.

The Stepford Wives is awsome and freakishly funny! Music was good, too, and I couldn't stop laughing for a good hour because of the way it ended... go see it!

6/23/04 12:45
My Immortal by Evenescence
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.1F (It changed!)

Oops... didn't post on the 22nd. Oh well, at least I'm posting a day later instead of a week later. .

For the hell of it, here's one of my current conversations:

PsychoticLEMONS9 (12:47:34 PM): YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!
LazyEditorLiChan (12:47:42 PM): *blinks*
PsychoticLEMONS9 (12:47:52 PM): I'm so bored and secluded and I needed to make contact with the outside world.
PsychoticLEMONS9 (12:47:55 PM): I'm paranoid.
PsychoticLEMONS9 (12:48:01 PM): There's nothing to eat!
PsychoticLEMONS9 (12:48:04 PM): I had a nightmare!
PsychoticLEMONS9 (12:48:07 PM): Tv is stupid!
LazyEditorLiChan (12:48:07 PM): o.o no f00d!
LazyEditorLiChan (12:48:14 PM): NO F00D!
LazyEditorLiChan (12:48:18 PM): *dies
PsychoticLEMONS9 (12:48:37 PM): But um
PsychoticLEMONS9 (12:48:40 PM): Yea.
PsychoticLEMONS9 (12:48:44 PM): Sadness.


Anyways, yesterday Mom and I went around and about, but we didn't do anything worth mentioning. That evening, Dad and we sat around and watched The Last Samurai since Mom didn't see it in theaters because of her shoulder. SHING!

Today... nothing has happened. I woke up a little after noon 'cause my stupid alarm clock didn't go off even though the switch is on "on," unless it turns off after so long and I didn't know it. Or it broke. Who knows.

So then why am I posting? Because I can... and so there will at least be a post on the 23rd. ^_^

6/21/04 22:20
Matenrou no Utsuro (Avenger BGM) by Ali-Project
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.5F (still...)

3 Days! ^_^

Mom and I went to the Hong Kong Food Market that's on Scarsdale again for ramune. Good stuff, that ramune... though not worth the freakin' $2 a bottle they were going for at A-kon. I got a pack of 6 for $5.25, making it $.875 a bottle. Saving money is good.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand once again today was uneventful. The end of Salem's whatever was today and I didn't think it was worth the 2 hours I spent sitting around watching it today and yesterday, but oh well.

6/20/04 01:08
The Sacred Moon (Shingetsutan Tsukihime Op.) by Ohmori Toshiyuki
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.5F

Well, I'm on a roll now, aren't I? I bet I just jinxed myself... .

Not much to talk about, really... went to bass lessons for the first time in... 2 weeks. Dang, this is the first weekend of summer I've been home, isn't it? Wow... A-kon then Denton... I hope I really don't have to be anywhere. *worries* Ah well, it's nice to be home with Omoikane, thought Full Metal Alchemist fanfiction authors have suddenly stopped writing RoyxHawkeye fluff. Ah well, what goes up must come down or whatever.

I got really desperate to see the next episode of FMA and ended up downloading the raw (un-subtitled, FYI) version of it. I could only understand maybe a quarter of what was being said but... but... ;_; Winly... and... stuff... and... why Hawkeye follows Roy... oh crap, I'll shut up now. I'm probably going to be thoroughly insane by the time Spoon or whatever-that-other-fansub-group's-called lets their subbed versions loose.

Hmmm... Other than bass lessons... nothing really happened. I watched Zoolander again with Mom and that show's always great for a good laugh... *shrugs*

Now it's random topic time! If I can think of one... oh yes. School bathroom graffiti. I've always wanted to rant about this. Don't ask why.

At my school... the girls' bathroom with the most grammar and spelling errors is probably the English building one, ironicly. Sure, there's some weird crap in the other ones... but some of the errors are so bad that I almost want to pull out a sharpy and make corrections. I should've done so while I still had a male teacher in that building... next year if my English teacher uses the public building bathroom instead of the staff one... she'd probably recognize my handwriting in an instant. Gosh darn my... special handwriting.

Also, why the hell do people write about how crappy the school is on the walls??? They're helping the school look even crappier by writing crap on the walls. Ah, well.

6/19/04 02:11
Asu e no Brilliant Road ~ Second Genisis Ver. (Stellvia) by Angela
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.5F

Well, today was fun! Kinda. I finally got 1-20 of Cooking Master Boy... and I just shouldn't watch old shounen anime. Seriously. I like that show far too much and even I can't say it's healthy... food defies gravity and there is a noodle dancer boy... and you can be a master chef by watching your mom cook. I must really suck, then... . Not... well, yeah, I can't cook... but I can bake! Mwaha! But that's kinda off topic, ne? Oh yeah, and there's a huge open roof stadium with every ingredient you could ever need for one cooking contest... but I can't help but imagine a flock of birds flying over it and... yeah.

Also, in Full Metal Alchemist... I'm not overly curious about the humonculi/Seven Sins thanks to episode 35 (which was overly depressing, by the way ;_;). emu's already brought up many of the things I've been wondering about... but most of all, I want to know about Gluttony. I mean... did he look like that before he became a humonculous??? Were they doing research on mental people??? Ah well, dunno if that'll ever be aswered... but I can still wonder!

Anime stuff aside, I got to go see Oliver today! emu was nice enough to take me along and it kicked arse! My favorite characters were probably the coroner, his wife, and Fabian... and now I must read the actual book... *cackles insanely for a few minutes* Ahem. Anyways, the one downside was that they didn't have a string bass in the pit... only a keyboardist that set it on the string bass sound thing... but that's just a bias. Basses rule. And the Theater Under the Stars is a nice theater... I've now been to both it and the Alley Theatre; nifty, ne?

6/17/04 00:19
None! >.<
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.0F

Yay! The new layout's up! It looks nifty... but there are a couple of quirks in it that bother me... I may or may not fix them later.

Anyways, this weekend was lots of fun... I went to Denton! Wanna know why? 'cause of the little dojo training trip to the main dojo!

Yep, I finally went to John-sensei's dojo. The crowd consisted of Emily-sensei, Joe, Matthew and me... and we all learned that we can't do iai. . But aside from that, all four of us passed our tests and Matthew, Sue, Lindy and I are shodan and Emily-sensei and Joe are both sandan now. Nifty, isn't it?

Also... Charles-sensei's house is awsome. He graciously gave us places to sleep and let us eat whatever was in the kitchen... and even threw a little party Saturday evening and opened up the spa. The spa was nice... very nice. ^_^

Mou, I don't feel much like talking; I have lots of reading to do. *eyes her ever growing pile of library books* But anyways, I'm alive.

6/10/04 00:11
Clubbed to Death by Rob D
Current Desk Area Temperature: 79.0F

'ello! Went to A-kon this weekend... but I'll be posting a con report on the Convention section of the main site.

Umm... didn't do much today. I woke up at 11 and sat around reading whatever was within arms reach, be it a book or something on the computer. Unfortunatly, when I go into reading mode, I neglect me usually strong need to eat... yeah. Mom drove me to McDonald's to cure that little problem. Then I started reading again. . Read several fanfictions and original stories online (yeah, the majority of my reading was on the computer), volumes of manga, and I just finished reading The Vampire Prince by Darren Shan... which is actually a kid's book, but it has such a darned interesting story and just just got more interesting. .

On one of my breaks from reading (I take occasional ones to check e-mail and such), I decided to start a RoyxHawkeye (from Full Metal Alchemist) fluff fanfiction writing contest on the SFMA LJ community and several people are already interested. Yay! RoyxHawkeye happens to be my favorite couple from that series... and I've been favoring romantic fluff in the fanfic area of my reading spree.

Anyways, I brought up some food from the kitchen just a while ago to keep myself from starving... I need to start keeping my own little supply at my desk like I used to. And I need more Hershey Bars... Hershey Bars are good... and a microwave would be nice, but that'd probably be asking for too much. I already have a small fridge up here big enough to keep 6 cans of coke or whatever food needs to be kept cold cold. ^_^;

Oh yeah! For Father's Day, Dad ordered himself a 160 GB hard drive for Teki! And of course said I could use it (our computers are conveniently networked) to dump stuff on. And I shall. Happiness.

Now excuse me while I read some more and eat these yummy Cinnamon "two-bite" scones.