6/30/03 23:05
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.0F
I forgot to mention that this time, the office named me Alifya. I didn't even know that was a name until today. Those office people must be on something...

7/1/03 21:26
Emit a Flash (Witch Hunter Robin BGM) by Taku Iwasaki
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F

My finger hurts!! I finally went to the doctor to get it frozen off... and it hurts!! And the nurse says to expect a nasty blister... >.< That means that I won't be able to practice my bass until it's healed... and I have to go back for more pain! Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I were masochistic... but I'm not. -.-

I finished The Grapes of Wrath today... and I'm saddened. ;_; I hate it when good books end. Next up in line for my summer reading is the second chapter of Walden.

Ano... to finish this up, Mom and I went to Half Price Books and I got a pile of books, both fun and school ones. Ja ne

6/30/03 22:10
Tomadoi (Hikaru no Go BGM) by Wakakusa Megu
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1F

Today was rather uneventfull... save that I spent most of it at summer school, playing .Hack, reading, eating, and practicing my bass and kata for karate and waza for iaido...

I dunno if I've mentioned it... but I'm going to try to audition for the All-State as well as Region orchestra... and the etude is dang hard. At least I expected it...

I need to get a practice mute for my bass, my house echoes like hell. I don't wanna know what it'd be like if we had wood instead of carpet... *ph34rs*

I got my very own Puchiguso/Grunty in .Hack!! It's a gentleman... and has an annoying accent. But I'm stilly happy. And just wait until a mate it *grins insanely* It's supposed to be like the Chocobo thing in FFVII... but I haven't played that far into the game. ^_^; .Hack is great... when you don't feel like following the story line, just go to one of the hundreds of little dungeons... But I need to finish the first game so I can start .Hack//MUTATION >.<

Well, emu just sent me the stuff I scanned with her scanner... and I'm going to go ahead and upload them ^_^

6/29/03 00:57
Mizerable by Gackt
Current Desk Area Temperature: 79.9°F

I can't sleep... again. Thus, I shall talk about random stuff. I'm starting to do that more often now... weird. I usually just keep my mouth shut. Maybe it's because I have a blog to write the random crap that runs around in my head down in.

Thanks to emu's discovery of Strings of Fate, I've started experimenting with the art style. Yall can expect to see some different stuff in the summer-school section of my margins pics... whenever I get it up. And I already did a nifty little pic. And another and: I may have found a semi-good way for keeping my eyes in line in my drawings and not funky-fied.

I also looked into a random thing: Ed Parker. He's the founder of the karate I study, but until now, I knew little or nothing about the man. Plus I learned a couple of things I'm probably going to try out next class if we spar. It'll probably earn me a couple of punches or kicks in the head, but hell, I'm trying something a bit new and I hope it'll be worth it...

Bleh, once I start clawing my way out of my pit of self-destructive depression, everyone else seems to have a ton of problems. It sounds silly, but I tend to feel guilty when other people have problems. Probably has to do with my tendancy to blame myself... Then there's the fact that some people get mad at me for doing things I've done for a long time and they know it. And then there are those who get mad at me because I'm busy or because I seem so laid back to people who don't know me that they accuse me of lying. Maybe I should speak up more... People started getting mad at me for not mentioning my orchestra concerts or karate stuff, but now it seems that more people are getting mad at me for daring to mention my stuff yet they can continuously blame others for their not doing crap. I'm not making any sense, but I gotta get this out >.< Anyways, that's why I don't really mention stuff much; I just figure people are too busy. I've never forced someone to go to something, I've only mentioned it and then people get pissed. Most of these people are those who force me to go to their stuff and get pissed when I can't go because I'm doing something I've done for the past goodness knows how many years. Same goes for when I mention my problems. It's like "How DARE you mention your hardships when mine are worse and I think I must drag you down with me!" Then, to make up for my lack of mentioning crap, I just talk about sleepy-ness and hunger-ness instead of my big problems. bleh, I'm changing the subject. I think that's the most I've ever complained in a long time. Anways, I don't mind people complaining, we're all human, but it's quite different if someone blames you for crap you shouldn't be blamed for. All it does is drag others down with you. As for all the crap you just read, well, I just needed to get my mind out. It's my own fault for thinking the way I do. Bleh, I make no sense... now the subject change.

I named my new plants! My two air plants are named Touda and Tenkou and my 3 bamboo are named Tsuzuki. I'm developing my own little garden by my desk. ^_^ Pretty soon, I'm going to search the garden for some little cacti to add to it. Touda and Tenkou are so cute and fuzzy... and I'm sure the Touda from YnM would enjoy being called that. ZD I was running out of characters who's names started with "T's..." I need to just start making a list of characters with names that start with Ts so I won't have to rake through my memory in search of one for my plants.

Sometime, Mom, Dad, and I are going to go see the circus! It's one of the most famous ones... but I don't remember the name! Or exactly when we're seeing it, but Dad ordered the tickets.

Time for another attempt at sleeping... oyasumi nasai

6/29/03 22:58
Fading by Kou Outani
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.5°F

I ment to write yesterday... but in the end, I was too sleepy. Mom and I shopped for most of the day. We stopped by Sam's Club for some stuff and got the new Harry Potter book since they had them for $15 (and yes, I had to search for a book that had all its pages >.< ), then to Walmart, and finally to Suncoast in the mall. I reserved myself a copy of .Hack//SIGN disk four and I ended up getting the Cowboy Bebop movie for free. Well, not really. I had a coupon for $20 off and the movie was on sale for $19.99... but at least I don't owe Mom any more money...

Today I woke up early for iaido, and ended up staying until 15:00... but ippon me mae's getting a little easier!! Then I went home and sat around, played some .Hack, and now I'm here. K, now this is over with, ja ne.

6/27/03 23:31
Obsession (String Ver.) by Yuki Kajiura
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.0°F

Today was a busy day... in its own weird way. *laughs at her stupid rhyme*

Ah... well, Mom and I went to Walmart to get me some cool license plate frame-things since the car dealer's ones are ugly and I can't stand them. We discovered that they had matching gecko ones and go those. Well, besides these, we also got a basket-load of crap. A few things included in the pile of crap were a new binder for next year, another air-plant (these, it came with two, are mine, though and they're little), bamboo (finally), a new toilet seat, Laputa/Castle in the Sky, and a new box of ramen.

When we finally got home, I sat around and watched Laputa... only to discover that I had to get ready for karate. Thus, I left without dinner, but I took a Hershey's bar, which I took out of the gym and nibbled on at intervals. Mr. Gray was there yet again and I gave him my money for my competition gi. During the kids' class, I was charged with taking a white belt and mit and getting him/her used to moving around while doing techniques... that or they just had to give me something to do. Class was fun, but we didn't get to spar even though we got our gear and all out and on... then it let out earlier than usual, so I convinced Mom to let me run over to the dojo for iaido, and made it. I think that's the fastest I've ever managed to get dressed in my gi and hakama. Ever. I got onto the floor in time to start working on Batto ho (I think this is it...) and for the last 10~15-ish minutes of class, we had free time. It was fun... Matt-senpei, Jessica-senpai, and I were working on ippon me mae... with much talking. Goodness knows how Emily-senpai and Joe-senpai could concentrate with us talking... bleh, they managed.

I just finished eating and I'm now content... though I'd've rather had something other than popcorn... I'll probably go get some ramen later.

6/26/03 23:12
Rakuen no Tobira (Matantei Loki Ragnarok End Song) by Yamoto
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.4°F

I went ahead and made and put up a new blog layout for July... if you didn't notice. It features Loki!! He's so adorable... glaring at you like he wants to kill you... not really. He normally looks like a cute little kid... why can't other kids act like him... *ph34rs having to assist on Friday* But then again, he really isn't a kid... bleh. And I think Loki's going to be a 13 episode series, but I could be wrong. Why the hell do I always like the 13 episode series!?!? >.< Mou~

Well, today was the last day of the first session of summer school, thus that's one semester of US History done. One more to go. I just hope the student teacher-dude is cool...

Back to Loki; I finally got emu to watch it! The Loki fandom is spreading!!!

Umm... what else happened. Oh! I got my hanjuban that I ordered finally and also my July issue of Newtype... which I still need to read. Oh, and I'm excited that the glory of Sailor Moon Classic is finally coming to the US in its original form... the poor thing deserves it. I can't believe DiC did all that crap to it...

And does anyone know what "Chinese splits" are!?!? I'm looking at a manual for teaching the kids karate that I was given last week and I have no idea what they are...

6/24/03 00:04
Music: Believe in Heaven (Matantei Loki Ragnarok End Song) by Miki Shinichirou (voice of Yamino)
Current Desk Area Temperature: 77.4°F

I seem to be adapting to my US History teacher's voice; I'm mananging to stay awake better and I only start nodding off when a break's about to come around. It's already the last week of the first semester... and Thursday I get out at 11! Then it's just the second session. We're going to have a different teacher next session, then it ends on July 17 and I'm free until school starts up in August.

Today's been weird; one of those good-but-disapointing days. I got an invitation in the mail to join some national scholar council thing and go to Washington, DC, to meet a LOT of Senators and other people in the government... but by the looks of things, I can't go. I don't know whether to consider this a good or bad thing... if I went, I probably would be looked at like I don't belong there, but I want to go, anyways. Bleh, that's enough; don't want to bother yall too much with my crap.

I got a cool sun blocker thing for my windsheild today. Until now, I'd been using my froggy beach towel, but now I have gecko sun blockers! They match my light blue paint job and yellow-and-orange rubber duckey mardi gras necklace so well... next things I plan on getting for Evey are new license plate holders... I hate the ones we got from the car dealer. Well, I'm going to read a bit and try to sleep, oyasumi nasai.

6/20/03 23:33
Music: Morgana Tolerance Ver. (.Hack//SIGN) by Yuki Kajiura
Current Desk Area Temperature: 79.0°F

Nothing has really happened... except that Mom, Dad, and I went to the Forbidden Gardens in Katy and to the Galleria. I'd gone to the Forbidden Gardens, which is a model on Emperor Qin's grave and the Forbidden City, with my Chinese class back in the fall, so I showed Mom and Dad around the clay figures and told them about them while we were waiting for our tour guide to show up. I'm a history dork... and I remember just about everything the tour guide from my first visit there had told my class. ^_^; Fortunately, he showed us the Forbidden City exhibit first and, since the entire thing's outdoors, we left when he was done with that. We then went to the Galleria to eat and wander and went home.

I finally got to go help the kids' karate class... and I'm glad I remembered how to tie belts on other people, 'cause I had to do that. Things ran smoothly, save for the fact that I forgot to eat dinner before I left... but I had a Power Bar. We worked on ducking and stuff and my legs are actually sore. It's unusual for my legs to get sore after a workout... my joints are usually just a bit stiff the next day. I fear waking up tomorrow. I'm gonna go to sleep and worry about that when I have to... oyasumi nasai.

6/15/03 22:54
Music: Journey: Trial by Fire CD
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.5°F

Today was a busy-but-laid-back day. Weird, ne? I woke up and Mom and I gave Dad his presents (we got him a glass chess/checkers and tic-tac-to set and a couple of shirts), then I got dressed and went to iaido. I like the Sunday iaido class best... I don't know why, I just do. At about 2:45, I got home and Aunt Barbie and Uncle Gene showed up about five minutes afterwards. We sat around talking for a while and went to eat at The Reef. I wanted king crab, but I was too tired to fight it for the meat, so I got shrimp. >.< When we got home, I finished my homework and we sat around talking some more.
I don't feel like writing... *picks up The Grapes of Wrath.

6/15/03 00:06
Music: Strawberry Kiss Kiss (Tokyo Babylon) by Hideaki Matsuoka
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.4°F

I don't really feel like writing, but I'm doing so for the sake of writing. Friday, I went to iaido since there was no karate and I was the only one there besides Emily-senpai. Thus, I got some help with ippon me mae... which I need help with. ^_^; Today I went to bass lessons as usual and spent most of the day cleaning since my aunt and uncle are coming tomorrow. I went to the dojo cleaning party at around 14:00-ish only to find that the only person there was Matt's mom. Well, we did some retaping on the floor and we left and I cleaned my room some more. I later worked on some homework and reading and now I'm here, finally done. Other stuff happened, but I just don't feel like writing.

6/11/03 22:27
Music: Miyazaki Yukino IV (Piano version) (Kare Kano) by Shiro Sagisu
Current Desk Area Temperature: 83.0°F

Today was a backwards day... I managed to go to sleep early yesterday only to find myself nodding off during class. It's normal for me to be tired, but not so tired that I'm going to fall asleep at any second. Hell, I almost fell out of my desk I was nodding off so badly. After many efforts to stay awake, I went to the restroom and rinsed my eyes to wake me up and that worked... but the teacher's voice started putting me to sleep again. Thank goodness for the margins. And at least the first lunch break was only about 30 min. away. Besides that, the rest of class ran smoothly.

I filled Evey's tank at the gas station... and I'm still gas pump operating impared. I don't know why, but I always mess up somehow when I try to use one. This time I didn't know you were supposed to remove the nozel before pressing the type of gas you want... and I find that retarded. You should be able to choose while the nozzel is still in the machine!! And yes, I realize how easily missinterpreted this is... just be happy I wasn't trying to make it sound sick.

Once home, I made popcorn and watched Darkside Blues, which I rented from Blockbuster a little while ago. I didn't like it. That's all I have to say.

I went to iaido early, as usual, to drink a coke and this time I brough my beloved The Grapes of Wrath to read while enjoying my coke. I also brought my A-kon pictures and I forgot to take some orchestra pics out of the stack. One of the iaido guys (My inablity to remember names hinders me again!! Well, he's a funny dude) was looking at them and the picture of me standing with my bass was on top of the pile. He flipped to the next photo to see a bunch of guys in their underwear with leaves covering the front. When he told me about this... I tried hard not to crack up too much. There was a book called Bored of the Rings there for some reason (I think Emily-senpai brought it... but I'm not sure) and he was reading quotes while class was going on... it was hell trying not to laugh. And after class Emily-senpai commented that I'm getting better! I thought that I was doing terribly... ^_^; Keep going, Li-chan! You can do it!

*Ahem* Anyways... it turns out that my Aunt Barbie and Uncle Gene are coming down late Saturday or early Sunday, much to my surprise. They called the house while I was at the dojo and it's just a quick stop by since they'll be in the area... but I gotta clean my room. Well, it needs it... in a bad way. Now time to go back to Steinbeck wonderland... La~ De~ Da~~~!

6/10/03 20:46
Music: Euroba no Mizu by Akino Arai
Current Desk Area Temperature: 85.0°F

Today's class wasn't nearly as boring, but that might be me just liking history. And if there's a wide margin, I'm more than happy. I'm just glad that he doesn't mind my drawing while he's talking... none of my teachers ever mind. Weird *just realized this*. At least I listen...

After school, I came home and went to the library to get Rashomon. I've become a sucker for Japanese films... and there's an add in my Realms of Fantasy magazine for Onmyoji and I might get that. Japanese film plus magic... can't beat that. but I only have $10, so it'll probably have to wait.

I read more Steinbeck. ^_^ Later, emu came over to claim some little cacti. She ended up getting some of the little ones that duplicate like mice, so it was no problem... and I'm sure at least one of them will survive.

...I really don't have much to talk about... Oh, random note... Mom managed to hurt her back so I'll probably have to continue to trip over my hakama... mou~

6/10/03 00:40
Music: I don't feel like saying
Current Desk Area Temperature: 85.4°F

Why the hell can't I sleep when I have school? I sleep just fine during the summer, but nooooo, I can't when I have school. Instead I'm sleepy all day and at night, I finally wake up. It must be that psychological thing with the sleep cycles and knowing I have school... Oh well, I'll learn about that next year in AP Psychology...

The first day of summer school went off without a hitch, save that I forgot to bring notebook paper. I left early so I could drop by the office to ask about my report card, and I have an 83 in English. The Chemistry exam... was different. When they looked in Ms. Lee's gradebook, I had no exam grade. No grade. As if I was exempt (Sophmores can't be exempt from exams at my school). I don't really mind, but it's kind of annoying that I studied and took the time to take the exam only for it to not matter. Oh well, I'm content.

Oh yeah, they put my name on the role list as "Alison..." dunno why, but the staff at the school have just lost some of my respect. I've gone there two years and they just now get it wrong. Well, I went on my merry way to class expecting to have the usual weird history teacher only to find a nasaly-talking guy who poses gayly. All my history teachers up till now have been weird in a cool way... until now. And I have to spend about five hours in his class... the lunch breaks make up the sixth hour. I ended up being the one of the first people done with all the worksheets and did some cool doodles in the little space that was left from my doodling while the teacher was talking. But jees, I like history, but to have to listen to him talk about the same thing for 20 minutes is annoying... I almost want to say, "You etched that into our brains 15 minutes ago, can we move on?" I eventually went into my weird hyper mode and managed to wake some people up and it got a little more fun. I really think the teacher dude isn't a morning person though... after the second break he kicked it up a notch. But that's just an observation based off what I've seen in only one day.

Since I want to (attempt to) go to sleep, I'll just kind of list the rest of my day. I went to McDonald's for lunch, sat around, went ot HEB to get my A-Kon pics that were finally done, did the small bit of homework I had from US History, read, and now I'm here. Oyasumi nasai.

6/09/03 00:16
Music: Eternal (Ai no Kusabi opening) by Shinichi Ishihara
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.8°F

I can't sleep. Mom's going to wake me up at 5:30 for summer school... all the books I'm reading are too interesting to make we sleepy even at this hour... mou~. Steinbeck kicks arse... He's slowly catching up to Faulkner on my list of favorite literature authors... I wish I could just read it for fun, but at least I don't have to take my own notes *takes too many notes*. Mr. Fontenot, my AP English III teacher for next year, gave us questions to answer at the end of each chaper, so at least I can read through the chapters without interruption. Thanks Mr. Fontenot... if you ever read this, but it's the thought that counts, ne?

Mou... I want to watch the eighth episode of Furuba again, but Doug has all my Furuba disks... he didn't give them back before the end of the school year. >.< Oh well... Matantei Loki Ragnarok kicks arse. It's made me curious about Norse mythology... and I'm now on a quest to relearn all the mythology I once new. I was obsessed with it back in sixth grade and knew a butt-load of stuff... but back then I had no one to talk to about it and it passed and it went into my passive memory. *sighs* But mythology's fun. Did you know that Loki, who's a man, gave birth to a horse? I find that funny, even if it is logical in its own way. It's hard to believe that he, who is forced to be in a child's body in Matantei Loki, gave birth to a horse... and a few other things. I want to cosplay Loki; he has a cool but simple outfit and I want to wear a cool, long white ribbon ^_^; And his jacket's awsome. Speaking of that... Mom still needs to hem my hakama...

I had to wake up earlier than usual this... erm... yesterday morning for a bass lesson since I missed it Saturday. Afterwards, I promptly went to iaido. I'm still obsessed with it... it's fun, no da. Anyways, I got to go to the restroom wearing hakama for the first time. I'm not going into detail, yall can get your own hakama and try it, weirdos.

Later, Mom and I sat down and watched The Pianist... and that was a great movie. We rented something else... but I don't remember what it was called and I don't wanna get up unless it's to go to bed and sleep. Well, the other one was about an old guy who has just retired and his wife, who he didn't appreciate, dies. He becomes lonely and tries to find people to stay with, but the only family he really has is his daughter, who doesn't want him around. So he ends up taking the RV he got for his wife and driving around to all the places he'd gone to. It's a great movie... The Pianist is about a guy who is a Jew and a pianist (duh..) in Warsaw (spelling...), Poland, during WWII. I loved it ;_; *wonders why she loves these things so much...* Anyways, he manages to escape his work on the ghetto wall or whatever and survives, mainly thanks to some of his Christian friends and to a Nazi that actually had pity. I suggest both of these movies...

Danget, I'm not getting any sleepier >.< I'm going to take my report card to the office to ask about the blank English part... but I'm scared that I failed. It's silly... but I won't know until tomorrow. Pheh. I'm going to try to sleep... If I'm unsuccessful, I'll probably be back in an hour or so...

6/07/03 21:22
Music: None
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1°F

My stupid foot hurts... It started hurting Thursday evening and on through karate and it still hurts today. I don't know why it started hurting, but it just does and I have to walk funny because of it. Why the hell do I have so many of these kinds of problems... first it's my ankles, then it's my hip, now it's my foot... and I have iaido tomorrow and we'll probably work on seiza no bu. >.< Maybe sitting on it will snap something into place...

Mom and I swam today and Kobie fell in the pool while catching his ball. He probably did it on purpose... but it was still funny. Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut and to Blockbuster, where yet another kid started talking to me for no reason. I swear all I did was smile and it liked me. This, of course, brought up the question "Why the hell do these kids like me?" yet again. And Mrs. Moore wants me to help teach the kids more... mou~

6/06/03 23:16
Music: More Than Words ~ In My Heart (Slayers) by Masami Okui
Current Desk Area Temperature: 85.4°F

I have found a literature author I like almost as much as Faulkner: John Steinback. For next year's english summer reading, one of the books I gotta read is The Grapes of Wrath and I love it. It makes me want to reread As I Lay Dying... but I'm reading enough books as it is... ^_^;

Tonight's karate class was nice; Mr. Gray came to instruct us and since we had newbies (tonight was the first class of the session), we went over the bare, broken down basics. It was kind of refreshing... I like going over things like that and it's nice knowing that I still have my balance... except side kicks... you use your hips to power it and I keep forgetting and I don't adjust... that is something I need to fix... plus there's my infamous inablity to keep my back straight for more than a few minutes... But it feels weird when I have my back straight! Bleh. Fear my posture-killing skillz because I sure do. And I have bass lessons tomorrow. I haven't practiced because I'm afraid if I touch my bass, it'll fall appart... my poor baby. ;_; It better survive the trip to Mrs. Merritt's house...

6/06/03 16:44
Music: Tokimeki no Doukasen by Konna Yukari
Current Desk Area Temperature: 82.9°F

I'm pissed. Very pissed. I got my report card only to discover that they didn't give me credit for the second semester of Pre-AP English II, one of the hardest courses available at my school. They didn't even put down my average for the fourth nine weeks, my exam grade, or my semester average. I'm hoping it's a computer glitch, because I didn't get my exam grade for Chemistry... but I got credit! But summer school starts Monday, so I'll go to the office and fume...

On the up side, Finding Nemo is one of the best movies I've seen in a loooooooooong time. Now excuse me while I go do some kata... *desires seeing something in pain... even if it's imagined*

6/05/03 14:41
Music: Safe Place by Staind
Current Desk Area Temperature: 83.0°F
Random Quote: "Never wear clothes you got from a strange plant"

I updated my main layout! That was fun, but I kept getting interrupted... I like to get everything changed in one fell swoop. Well, at least it's all changed and good. Plus I like this layout... *is a master of simple but cool-looking layouts... or thinks she is*

Monday, Mom, Dad, and I finally went to see the Matrix Reloaded... and they talk too much. We know what "Cause and Effect" is and stuff... dang French people in that movie don't shut up... and the fight scenes were overdone. Yes, it's cool, but when you stretch the fight scenes to the point where they're doing the same thing over and over again... well... it gets old.

Yesterday I stuck around to check out aikido after iaido class. It's dang fun!! Mou... but Mom probably won't let me do it... *sighs* gosh darn my curiosity. It somehow reminded me so much of the v-ball that I miss so much... stupid coach *grumbles about most v-ball coaches not seeing beyond height* danget, gotta go..

6/01/03 23:47
Music: Wish (Wish opening) by Ali-Project
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.0°F

W00t!! I'm back from my first anime con! I got to discover how hard it is to get from one place to another while in a crowd and while people keep stopping you for pictures. Lots of things happened from shopping to watching things to swimming to being hit on to being groped and much more, but I'll save details for my A-Kon report, which will eventually show up along with pictures.

...Besides that I really have nothing to talk about... dude...