5/28/04 23:06
Justice (Shingestutan Tsukihime BGM) by Ohmori Toshiyuki
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OMFG it's the last day of school! Or was. Almost. 54 more minutes and it'd be was. Whatever. w00t!

I only had one exam today: THE CHINESE EXAM. Dun dun DUUUUUUUUN!!! Yeah. Everyone finished rather early and we sat around talking... but that should've been obvious since teenagers generally do that when in large groups with nothing to do... scratch that last part. We talk. Darn I'm too freakin' happy. I could DANCE! Now if only I were a senior... but NOOO! I have to go through one more year of high school. It kinda sucks having so many senior friends 'cause you're constantly reminded of the fact that you have another year to go. Evil seniors. At least next year I'll get to pester my sophmore-soon-to-be-junior friends. *cackles*

Oh, almost forgot... though not really. PAT RAWLINGS AGREED TO BE MY MENTOR! w00t for me! Next year's gonna be awsome. 3D animation all the way, baby! Mwahaha!!! My mad skillz should be ph34rd!

Can you tell I'm happy?

Also, today I got to go on a "tour" of Tate Hiza... in other words, I struggled along as Emily-sensei and Joe made it look easy. -.- Sue did it, too... but it was her second time *insert jealousy here* And I finally got to do my favorite waza! Darned if I remember the name of it, but I did it (once) and that's all that matters!

On a totally different note, Mom and I are almost done with my Hawkeye (from Full Metal Alchemist) costume! The pants have been done for a while, but the jacket would be considered done but for the fact that we need to put the gray rectangles on the collar and add on the yellow-gold rope thing that goes around the arm. It looks darned good; A-kon's going to kick arse this year even if I do get lost in the Adam's Mark hotel multiple times. Somehow I just know I will. And I shall Ninja in the Night and emu, Sam, whoever else, and I are going to form the Towel Sisters. Yes, Sam's a guy... but he can still be a sista! XD Anti-sexism at it's best... kinda.

And the weekend after A-kon I get to go on a training trip with Emily-sensei, Joe, and Matthew to Denton! Can't wait; it'll be my first time going to Denton. Yay!

And Mom, Dad, and I might go to LA early August to visit Monika and Eric and to visit some colleges. My throught's going to try to kill me while there... I know it. .

5/11/04 20:21
Asu e no Brilliant Road ~ Second Genesis Ver. (Stellvia of the Universe) by Angela
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I'd continue my anecdote of Breckingridge... but some things're bothering me that I feel like whining about. In other words, don't read this unless you really want to... it seems like I'm doing more and more of these lately. Gosh darn my inability to talk directly to people about things.

Anyways... I don't know what's wrong, but something is. And it's been wrong since the beginning of the year, though it didn't make itself obvious until this semester. Sounds dumb, but I think I'm getting stupid... Hell, I'm doing poorly in classes this nine weeks, though I'm passing for the semester... it's something that's never happened before. I always do well and I'm usually called an "overachiever" and a perfectionist... but I've felt so very tired and unmotivated this semester that it's pissing me off and no matter what I do, nothing works. I'm used to dealing with large amounts of stress, but I don't know if it's finally built up to an unmanagable point or if I really am becomeing more stupid or what. Thankfully, my AP exams are now over, but about half my friends are still graduating and going away. Thankfully, some of them are sticking around. To tell the truth, I've been trying to distance myself from some them 'cause of this... but it isn't working. Sorry, guys. I'm dumb. It won't happen again. But still... this whole semester has been abysmal and my mom's been attacking me about everything and not helping at all. At most, she sits there and yells at me and denies it later. Thankfully, though, I'm recovering on my bass and I'm about ready to make 1st chair again; been avoiding it 'cause of my wall or plateau or whatever. Not that some people understood, though. Everything else is falling into place... I think I just need to accept the fact that the gathering at the bench at school will be significantly smaller than I'm used to, snap out of whatever's wrong, and move on.

And now for the happy stuff!

Well, today was my AP Psychology exam! Unfortunately, I was dumb and didn't start studying until Sunday night. However, most everyone didn't even do that much... resulting in several little last minute emergency study groups while we sat around in the auditorium foyer waiting for the bus to get us and take us to U of H Clear Lake. I'll just say that it's amazing how far one frantic little study group can go. . Anyways, the classroom we took our test in had the most awsome chairs! It was like a mini auditorium room that had about 5 or 6 desk levels and long desks going around... and the chairs! On the legs of the table, a bar stuck out that could go back and forth and then a chair on top that could swivel around. Just playing around with that chair before the test got me to lighten up they were so freakishly awsome. And then there was the test and a couple people I knew fell asleep during them. I swear I'll never understand how someone could fall asleep during a timed test.

We finished up our tests about an hour earlier than expected and had to wait around for an hour. Fortunately, Ashley, Jonathan, and Nichole were all there. We sat around talking and eating until it was time to go... and had a creepy college guy stand around and stare at us for the longest time. . And the bus didn't show up until about 5:25 PM instead of 4:45 PM... resulting in my getting home much later than I thought I would.

And I have no homework! Now I get to laze around~ *lazes*

5/1/04 19:12
Kalmia by Gackt
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I didn't continue this right after bass lessons... but at least I'm going to finish this in one day. . Read the last post before reading this one

Now where was I... Oh yeah. After everyone ate and did their business in Amarillo, most of us went to sleep because it was about midnight or so if I remember correctly. The next morning, we were in Colorado!

We were awakened when we pulled into a McDonalds there... And by the way, I officially think that they don't have humongousized fries north of Houston. Just a side note. All I had was an icecream because I don't like any of McDonalds's breakfast stuff and I just kind of ate from the suitcase on the bus.

Until the mountains come into view... Colorado is very uninteresting. It was a hilly, brown, grassy area with an occasional group of houses. Before long though, the hills get bigger. Then even bigger. Then rocky. Then there are mountains. Being the Texans almost everyone on the bus are, we went nuts. Doris, the German One, had no idea why we were so thrilled to see mounains, as were a few former northerners. ... And Doris kept singing "We Are the Champions." Just another side note. .

We got to Breckinridge at around 11:30, but sat around for about an hour while Mr. Black checked us in or something. I'm not exactly sure what he was doing, but afterwards, we went to Beaver Run and unloaded the bus and waited some more in the lobby, then finally went to our rooms. Only 2 were ready at the time and we were aloud to stay at the hotel or go to town for lunch. Rebekah, Cora, Anette, Mr. Black, and I went and ate pizza at this restraunt/store that had just about anything. The pizza was good, but it wasn't Pizza Hut. *shall never stop loving Pizza Hut*

After we ate, I went back to the only girls' room that was open and napped... and woke up with the headache of doom. I had to drink several bottles to get rid of it... and the other girls' room, which was the one I'd be in was ready, and I'm never a very happy person right after waking up, much less so when I wake up with a headache, but everything was well and good when everyone's stuff was sorted out and in the right places. Soon afterwards, everyone had to change into their concert attire and met in the lobby at 5 or 5:30 PM. We unpacked our instruments in the gym... and they made a mountain climbing wall out of one of their gym walls. It had rock grabby things all over it... and it was just weird, but cool. Anyways, after we unpacked we went up on the bleachers and smiled for the camera before going into one of the rooms in the music halls to warm up. Cody, our second chair bassist, suddenly got hit by some really bad altitude sickness and, by the way, Stephen got it so bad when we reached the hotel, he was in the hospital through all this. Warm-ups went well overall and Cody recovered and we went on stage! However, I was going strong and decided that I didn't need to drink a bottle of water before going on stage. Sometimes I can be an idiot.

On stage, I told Cody that if he starts feeling bad, he could step off stage. Mr. Black decided to go around and tune everyone individually whether they could tune themselves or not and during this time, I started feel uncomfortable. I just figured it'd go away soon. However, once we started playing, I started to feel not-so-good. A few measures into the song, I took my own advice. I set down my bass and ran off stage to throw up, then ran right back and started playing again. I'm just glad that I was already on the edge of the stage. By the end of the concert, I was so weak that I had to hold my bow in a fist. . Yep, sometimes I can be a stuborn idiot. Well, afterwards, Mr. Black got the scores, we packed up, and we went back to the hotel.

Everyone changed back into their normal clothes and did whatever. I went to what we dubbed "The Momma Room" to sit around and wait for the food and helped with some stuff, but I'm kitchen impaired when it comes to almost anything but baking. That evening, we had spagetti with or without meatballs, carrots, green sticks (can't remember what they're called, but they're nasty), and toast. Once we were done eating, Mr. Black announced our scores: two 1's and a 2; a 1 (the hightest). Afterwards, many of us went nuts and decided that these were the scores to make up for what we got at Region (we got a 2). After eating, everyone went back to their rooms and those who hadn't already done so showered. I tried to read some, but soon after I started altitude sickness hit me again. In the end, I drank a bottle of water and went to sleep.

I'll talk about the last two days later...

5/1/04 9:35
Aura (.Hack//SIGN BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
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Well, I have about 20 minutes or so before my bass lesson today, so I'll finally post! Amazing. -.- I'm really sorry... I just kept telling myself "I'll do it tomorrow" and just kept getting ready for tests and stuff... ;_;

Alrighty! I'll talk about the awsomeness of the orchestra trip (or so I try to keep telling myself... I wanted to be in Denton... but at least I saw snow). Well, we started packing Wednesday after noon soon after 5th period started (just before noon) and left rather late due to the lack of cooperation amung certain idiots. I had to go in the bus and yell with no volume restrictions to get everyone off the bus again so that we could get the basses and cellos in the back. And yes, they were told to get back off the bus after claiming their seats beforehand... but some people are just idiots.

We actually left the Ninth Grade Center at around 1:00 PM and sat around for a really long time. For about 23~24 hours. And some people decided to go without deodorant for 23~24 hours... yeah. The trip wouldn't have been so unpleasant if only the bathroom in the back smelled, but the passenger area was dotted with bundles of smells. But thank god people have the ability to adjust to smells and such after long periods of time. -.-

Bad things out of the way, I succeeded in being one of the three people with 2 seats to herself! Mwahaha! I didn't have to say anything; the huge mass of stuff said enough: "There's no room for you." I had no foot space, but that made little difference to me since I usually keep my feet in my seat (rhymes!). Plus I had a TV right infront of me... but that evening, it started malfunctioning and malfunctioned until we got back to the NGC almost a week later.

On the way up there, we watched a movie I can't remember the name of (the stupid spy comedy with the ugly guy...), School of Rock, and Seabiscuit. In addition to watch movies, people talked, play cards, danced to loud, bad rap, and slept. I mostly did the latter... though I played cards with Rebekah and Cora until we decided to play ERS and discovered the dust that was kept deep down in the seat we were playing on. We infected the area with dust. Then I had to sleep (half) on that chair.

We only made about 3 stops, one at a gas station to change drivers, one somewhere else, and one at a gas station with a McDonalds in Amarillo. Most everyone ate at McDonalds that night... and dang was it good to eat real food. I'd been nibbling off the stuff in my suitcase of food (yes, I kept a suitcase full of food with me...) in between my naps up until then.

Alrighty... I'll continue this after I get back from my bass lesson.