5/29/03 14:59
Music: Aoi Inori (Haibane Renmei) by Heart of Air
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.5°F

My poor bass has a boo-boo ;_; Part of the wood from the front pannel near the neck is coming loose... but at least it's a "quick fix." This year we're doing inventory, so that's convenient. Mr. Black said that I'll probably be able to get it back next week. *clings to her baby*

The orchestra class auditions for the basses didn't go nearly as bad as I thought it would. He originally told us that we had to do about 10 scales and an etude that has some nasty fingerings (not those kinds of fingerings...) in the beginning. In the end, since "as long as basses can play open G and D, they're OK," we only had to do three octaves of A and B flat majors.

I'm going a little backwards... but the drawings I did for the Art I final are cool. Cool enough for me to like them... even though I didn't put much effort into them. Weird...

La de da~ Seven Samurai kicked arse!! The only downer was that my two favorite dudes die... and those farmers are freakin' annoying. People as pathetic as them... *shudders* At least they finally realise being pathetic wasn't getting them anywhere. My favorite scene in that entire movie was probably when the little group of farmers first start their search for samurai... them standing helplessly and cluelessy around watching all the samurai walk by... and when they pick on the annoying poser. I'll shut up so yall can go out and watch it yourselves.

5/27/03 18:19
Music: Koiseyo Otome ~Love Story of ZIPANG~ by Ali-Project
Current Desk Area Temperature: 81.4°F

The first day of exams is over! Three more to go. I probably failed my Comp. App. test due to my idiocy, but I got an 88 on my Chemistry one. I'm not too happy with it, but hell, Chemistry's my worst class. And 88 is higher than I thought I'd get...

Evelyn gets to go to school with me tomorrow! FYI: Evelyn aka Eve is my car. I got permission from the office to drive to school since most of the juniors and seniors are exempt and they said yes!

I finally organized my Chinese notes into a binder. That took a freakin' long time... I take too many notes. That's a good thing... unless you don't keep them organized. This is the first year I didn't keep my binders organized and I didn't like it, so it'll probably be back to the serious-studier Li-chan next year. This is also the first year I managed to forget a textbook somewhere... I did that twice, actually. Now that I think about it, I wasted this school year. All I did was slack off. If anything, I learned a good deal of Chinese and got worse at playing my bass... but that's because of that accursed wall/plateau/whatever, but I'm recovering. This year's grades were even lower than they usually are *usually gets all A's and a B in English... but is in (near)college level English). Next year I'm just going to have to pull myself together... but it's just that I wasted a school YEAR. That bothers me... Oh well, this year shall be considered motivation for working hard next year. -.-

I finally got my hands on Kurosawa Akira's Seven Samurai. The library has it, but everytime I check online or go there, it's out. Ph34r.

5/25/03 08:11
Music: None
Current Desk Area Temperature: My feet are cold >.<

I'm an idiot! I just finished my Comp. App final and I couldn't remember how to fix the dimensions in AutoCAD!! *hits her head on a wall* We spent half the first semester on it!! And I even knew the comands and did them wrong! *rants like this for a goodly while before falling asleep*

5/23/03 11:23
Music: None
Current Desk Area Temperature: This classroom's cold...

Once again, I'm sitting around in computer doing nothing. Whee~ I'd work on my geometry review... but I ran out of paper. My idiot teacher (Remember, I normally don't call teachers idiots) decided that we have to start the review for each chapter on a new sheet of paper. In other words, one chapter could have five problems and I still have to start the next on another sheet. It's a waste! >.<

One up side, though, is that emu's been printing out some of the translations for the Yami no Matsuei manga and donating them to me in exchange for letting her borrow more than one book at a time. Or something like that... She's getting a new printer and I think she's trying to use up the ink in the old one, too... or something. Well, I'm content one way or another.

emu already gave me back 6-7 (she had 6-8) and I reread the cute little Watari side story that's in 6 a couple of times. Kiddie Tsuzuki's so cute~ It's great... he's hot as an adult and cute as a kid... and then there's Tatsumi... OK, I'll shut up now. Back to the subject, kind of. I finally have someone to talk to the YnM manga about~ *happy* *dances* *prances* *trips and rams her head through the monitor* heh...

Speaking of computers... I still have that crappy mouse. Accursed crappy thing. And I forgot to bring my yearbook to school. I forget things in the morning. Especially if I wake up at about 5:30. At least this is the last day of actually lesson-learning school... next week I just have exams and I'm A-kon-ward bound! Bleh... I can't even get the mouse pointer to get on the little scroll bar arrow! *grumbles* ... *should just switch it out with the one next to her... but doesn't want to get up*

Something else to talk about... Angel Sanctuary! I had read the first volume of that a long time ago and stopped. I was scared that I'd become too obsessed and distracted because I was busy then... Hell, I'm busy now and I still resumed reading... -.- Ph34r my offsubject-ing skillz. It's been such a long time since I last read any of that. I didn't even remember the things in the first one... but at least it all came back. And speaking of reading... I am only reading manga. Yes, only manga. I'm not reading five books at once. *hears a huge intake of breath from her imagined readers* I'll soon remedy that, though. I picked up The Japanese Language again. Most of it's technical stuff such as what was adopted/influenced from/by China and what are true Japanese words and stuff, but I'll probably reread it for the sake of being able to say "Oh! Now I get it" or "That's the deal with that!" or something. I found it funny though that after ten, they would say what translates into "2 after ten" for 12, "3 after ten" for 13, etc and they orignally called cholora (spelling? it's an illness..) something along the lines of "fire than runs from mouth to bottom" or fire=illness or something... don't remember off the top of my head (Note- It's "kuchi yori shiri yori koku yamai" or "a disease that breaks through mouth and bottom." That's one long name. And also, it's cholera -ed Li-chan 19:00). And I still find "He ran into a car" for "He got hit by a car" funny as hell... Danget, I'm drifting again. Back to how I will soon resume reading books. I have about five or so summer reading book for English next year plus I have a pile of fun books to work through... as well as emu's little library. Well, I set a record for how long I managed to not touch a book (excluding manga): five days.

I'm hungry... I hate having D (the last) lunch. The cafeteria's always so dirty. It isn't that hard to throw away trash; there sure as hell are enough trash cans. Oh well, at least I have A lunch on A days... Now I'm going to stare at the ceiling for the remaining 30 minutes of class.

5/22/03 21:52
Music: Kuuki no Hoshi (Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna) by Chinatsu Yamamoto
Current Desk Area Temperature: 79.0°F

I recut my hair today. It's once again just above the shoulders in the front and shorter in the back. Why? Because I don't want to wear a wig a A-Kon. Thus, I now just have to dye my hair aqua and I'm all set.

I finally got my yearbook! I was the fourth from the last in line, though... The class I was in was in a building on the opposite side of the campus and I had to walk as fast as I could. In the end, I only beat the four guys that also came from that building. -.- The covers for the yearbooks are ugly this year... but I love the "CAUTION: Book will explode if scanned!" under the bar code. I'm not joking, it really says that. And I'm in it five times! And one of the pics is in color! ... even though I and some other guy were messing around and acting like we were trying to strangle each other... and my hair is done funkily (Des or someone had gotten ahold of it; it was one of our "wacky days" that day...) and he was wearing a yellow wig and a clown's nose... Anyways, I'm in the orchestra section twice: there's the picture of me trying to burn a hole in my music as I play and in another picture I'm in the background. In World History, I stumbled across and unindexed picture of me with the Chinese classes when we went to the Forbidden City thing in Katy. I want to go there again... that place is awsome. Well, those and my single picture makes up the five~! ^_^ Now I'm going to go poke at my tryout music for orchestra... *hasn't done more than glance at it*

5/21/03 11:03
Music: None
Current Desk Area Temperature: I'm not at my desk.

Once again, I've been forgetting to write. ^_^; I didn't realize this until emu IMed my and sayed that my blog "isn't fun to stalk" and then one of my messanger friends commented that I haven't updated or written in a long time... well, my excuse is that it's nearing the end of the school year (this is the last week and next week is exams) and I've been busy. Right now I'm sitting in Computer App. doing nothing so I thought it'd be a good time to update my blog...

Ano... Monday was the spring orchestra concert. Like all our other ones, it went suprisingly well... except that I got nervous on stage. Mom said that she couldn't tell though... but I couldn't bring myself to shift up a halfstep to play my G and D istead of playing them open so I could do virbrato~~~ *mumbles to herself for a while*

*Recovers* I was recently reading over some of my past entries and noticed the extent of my typo skills and scared the crap out of myself. I don't even know how I managed some of those things... but I'm usually not paying attention to the screen when I type... *needs to stop spacing out when typing* Anyways, I'm going to try to remember to read over my entry before posting it. ^_^;

I'm going to kill this freakin' mouse. The teacher glues down the thing that holds the mouse ball in so all it does is build up dust and it doesn't work right. It's all jerky. I'd smash it... but I don't want to have to pay for another one... I still owe my mom about $8...

Nothing to talk abou~t.

5/06/03 21:22
Music: BT (.Hack//SIGN) by Yuki Kajiura
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.4°F

It's finally in the 90°F range outside! No more cold-ness *runs around aimlessly to get rid of her built up happiness*

Well, now to talk about what all's happened since my last entry. Sunday, I had to go pick up trash for about three hourse... but I actually only did it for 2 since my back started hurting like hell even though I was making it halfway down by bending my knees. Well, once the pain became unbearable, I went and helped Mr. Black check stamp people who were leaving if they were planning on coming back. This, of course, led to a good-natured sarcasm thing and there was even an intermediate school student there to influence. Amoeba-ism is contagious.

Unfortunately, my trash-picking-uping "job" wasn't without any suprises. While I was standing around, someone suddenly grabbed me around the neck from behind. I knew that none of my friends were going to show up until about 5 (it was 4 at the time), so I stepped "down and out," pulled the arm down, got ready to claw some eyes out, then looked over my shoulder to find Katy. I swear that I haven't been so scared in my entire high school life. And that was the first time that I've ever been "attacked" and thought that it was a threat and at least I now can depend on myself to react how I've been trained to... but damn that scared the crap out of me (excuse me, I don't normally curse... but that's the only word strong enough to express what I'm trying to get across). Well, it turned out that Katy and Sarah had decided come early and Katy went on her merry way. She should be happy I didn't do the foot stomp...

The Orchestra got a total of about $700 al together from the fair... and $200 was from getting 2nd place in the parade! *happier* Danget, Mom's calling me...

5/03/03 21:25
Music: Nasyan Nasyan Pejigeria! (Shamanic Princess) by Yoshikazu Suo
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1°F

Today was one of the most eventful days I've had in a while! The orchestra was in the Villiage Fair parade! We got many a "Well, that's new" and many a "Who the hell is that?" but at least a few more people know that there is an orchestra! ...With the help of candy for the kids... >.>

We all gathered by the Main street to decorate the truck and wagon. We were very unorganized, but thanks to my and a few other people's quick wits, we had everything decently decorated. There was a banner taped to the front of the bumper and a huge sign made by Mr Black's wife strapped to the lifted ramp thing in the back. I was on my electric bass guitar (It would be kind of hard playing my string bass in that wagon...), Emma, who is a former cello player, played cello along with a couple of other celloists, and we had the usual electric strings: one cello, a couple of violins, and a viola. Mr D., my 6-7th grade orch. teacher, was there so I had someone to have smart-@$$ competitions (Jokingly, not seriously) with besides Mr. Black, especially since things get pretty fun/funny when both Mr D. and Mr Black are within 100 meters of each other.

We had a bit of a scare when we started taking off. The generator started dying for a couple of minutes, but it came right back to life... thankfully. We would've been screwed if it broke down.

Well, at the start of the parade, Mr. Black was walking alongside the wagon. We were going slow enough, so it was no problem... until we had to speed up a bit and forced him to run. At least there was room in the wagon for him... one of us probably would've had to get out and jog in his place if there wasn't.

But god, yall should've seen the expression on my school's band students' and director's faces! It was absolutely priceless. Next year I'm so running for Historian; then none of that will go unrecorded. Plus it was fun my Freshman year when I did that.

That aside, my search for some samurai movies has been fruitless, but at least the Sunday iaido class isn't canceled. I didn't think it would be so hard to find some... there was one in the nearby library's collection, only it was checked out, and the Blockbuster person said that they didn't have any. I would have searched, but I didn't have enough time; Mom had to go vote. OK, I think it's time to go to sleep... oyasumi

5/01/03 9:57
Music: none
Current Desk Area Temperature: 80.1°F

Two TAKS tests down one more to go! And there's only three more Mondays before school's out!

The TAKS tests I've taken so far (Math and Social Studies) have been easy... but I keep forgetting to pace myself and I finish in the first of the three hours. Oh well, Take A Theif by Mercedes Lackey is dang good, so that makes up for the last two hours. Tomorrow I get to take the science test... my worst subject. *sullenly waves a flag around*

Well, it turns out the the Orchestra won't be playing at the village fair this weekend since not enough people could come. I have no idea if we're still going to be in the parade, though; I went home sick Monday when I had class so I'll just have to find out tomorrow (The schedules are messed up due to TAKS).

It turns out that this Sunday's iaido class may be cancelled because of an Aikido clinic... I hope it isn't. That would only mean one class next week... I don't think I can wait that long. Well, I could work on footwork... but I'm afraid to go beyond that on my own since I tend to warp things so easily. It's hell fixing things you've already screwed up. One way or another, though, I planning on doing some research on old samurai movies and watching some. Yes, I am one of those weirdos that really gets into things; how else would I have stuck with all my hobbies for so long? Maybe those movies will calm me down some between classes...