4/3/05 23:39
Kage no Yuku (ROD TV BGM) by Taku Iwasaki
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Last night, emu spent the night and we watched all but two episodes of the Queen Camellia arc of Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) 'cause I finally got the last DVD. I'm so used to thinking about the manga that it was kinda weird watching the anime. But anyway, we sat around making bad jokes, then when we were done with the series, checked out the extras on the DVDs 'cause I never really pay attention to those. There was a bad tarot card thing, a Chinese creation story, and the first ep of the Queen Camellia arc with "fun facts." The fun facts thing was rather amusing because of all the incredibly random info and a bubble that said "PHALLIC SYMBOL!" at everything that was even barly a phallic symbol.

After this, we whipped out the cameras and tried to catch each other off guard and take random photos of Rex Jones (the resident tentacle monster plushie), her children, Kobie, and random crap.

Today, we got up and had cereal and listened to Mom rant about how she hates most of our neighbors, then changed and got ready for the Japan Festival. emu suggested that we ride the train... and after considering what parking is like at Herman Park and how cool trains are, I agreed. We need more trains in Houston. . When we got there, the first thing we did was gather freebies - this was mainly my fault. Free stuff makes me happy. After making our first round, we got some tickets and played the yo-yo fishing game. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a Japanese game in which you use a hook attached to a paper string to try to fish colorful balloons with a small amount of water in them out of water by hooking the loop at the end of the rubber string attached to the balloons. I got myself four of them by the end of the day. ^_^ Ah, and ironically, the JAXA were giving out space-ship balloons on sticks that were the subject of many bad phallic symbol jokes... mainly because of that fun facts thing.

We sat down and watched the Kabuki thing after gathering free stuff. I like kabuki and Noh. . It was actually really nifty - it was the performer's fifth performance in Houston and his aunt apparently lives here and he has a fan club. XD

Next we got up and wandered around the nifty Japanese garden they have in Herman Park. It's huge. x_x I actually got lost in it for a bit because I didn't know it went so far back. There were lots of nifty bridges and the huge koi (by the way, the Houston Koi Club or whatever was there and auctioned off koi), as well as turtles and cute little ducklings. Only they were ducklings of the ugly-duck breed that I don't know the name of... so they'll grow up ugly. ;_; Poor things. In the park, there were bonsai, floral arrangement, and tea ceremony tents - some of those bonsai trees were awesome, by the way.

The last show we saw was the dancers. They first put on the cute little children that couldn't dance together if their lives depended on it, but the level of cuteness made up for it. XD Especially since they were in yukata. Nothing's cuter than small children in yukata failing to dance in synch with the music. Next was a very serious-lady dancing the [crane] dance or something along those lines. It was a very pretty dance - I almost want to learn Japanese dancing because of it. XD Following here were two performances done by groups of younger ladies followed by a dance that's supposed to be done by men... but there were no men so the women had to go out there and act manly. It was great. XD They closed with the sakura song, for which all but the small children that couldn't dance with the music got on stage or in front of it and danced.

Before we left, we stopped by the yo-yo fishing thing once more, bought ourselves some cheap umbrellas because it was ridiculously bright (I regretted not wearing a hat), then took the train back to Evelyn... then made a random stop by the Hong Kong Food Market. XD I got myself a tea cup for $2.99 'cause... I don't have one. emu got herself some of the yummy chocolate-filled marshmallows they have there, then we wandered around, checked out, then left. When I got home... I napped.
Music: Zettai Onkan (ROD TV BGM) by Taku Iwasaki