4/14/04 00:18
Mayoi no Kotori (Haibane Renmei) by Matsumi Ito
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Well... Saturday was the great and almighty car wash... and I got the sun burn of DOOM. Yeah... I wore a strapless swim suit top and all of my shoulders, back, and upper chest is burnt. Still burnt. And it's now Tuesday... well, Wednesday, actually. At least it's starting to peel... which is kinda gross, but it's going AWAY and that's good.

Something really odd happened at the car wash, though. A friend and I had to go to the restroom and the nearest place with one was the Kelley's next door... so we went there. On the way back out, an elderly couple was coming in so we held the door open for them to be polite. The lady went through... but the man didn't. Instead, he stood back and said "Are you pretty things holding the door for me" and other such things and wouldn't go through the door! When the guy finally got tired of being... weird (if that's possible), we walked away. Quickly. Honostly, though... I've never been hit on by an old man... and I don't know what to think about it aside from it being somewhat disturbing... Yeah... onwards. .

I had hell falling asleep that night 'cause of the burns, then suffered some at iai 'cause of them. It was so much fun doing kirioroshi and keisa cuts (sarcasm, mind you). I had to leave class at 2:00 to help get Easter dinner/lunch/whatever ready and ate. Nothing new, but it was good, especially the rolls. Mom and Dad had ham, but I don't like the taste of ham.

The pain from the sunburns was still going strong Monday when I had to carry around a backpack, but aside from that, all went well. Yesterday, Mom and I started packing our bags for the orchestra trip to Colorado we're going on tomorrow (lit. today). We're leaving the school sometime after 12:00 (we start packing at that time), so I get to miss 6-8th periods~ Only problem is that I'll have a timed write and two tests to make up in English. >.< Ah well. Anyways, we're getting to Breckenridge by charter bus... and we'll be on it for 20 hours or more straight, excluding the little pit stops along the way. It's going to be fun~ I've never seen snow all over the ground. I've never skiied either, obviously.

Well, yall won't hear from me again until late Sunday or Monday at the earliest~ *shall have fun!*

4/7/04 21:03
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Well, I'd've updated sooner if my networking didn't die while my dad was offshore. Neither Dad or I had any idea why it wasn't working... and it spontaneiously started working again after about a week. *shrugs*

Last weekend, Charles Mahan-sensei came down from Denton to teach us and to join us in the Japan Fest. demonstration on Saturday. That was the first time I'd ever gone to the Japan Fest. they hold every year in Houston...and I got in FREE because performers get in FREE and get FREE food tickets and a FREE shirt and special parking. Though Mom and I took the last special parking place. We arrived an hour before our performance and were the first ones from our group there. ^_^; Right before everyone showed up, however, it started pouring down. The drummers that performed before us couldn't get the drums down and just threw tarps over them... and all the performances were pushed back about 30 minutes. Once it cleared up, the drums were removed and we performed on the soggy stage. All went smoothly... though I slipped (I caught myself though). I'm not sure if anyone else did. *shrugs* Afterwards, we all wandered around... ate... bought stuff... and I got a BELL! And it JINGLES!!! Yeah... I'm obsessed with bells. . I put it on the case I'm borrowing from Emily for now... and I shall put it on mine when I get one... which I won't do until I get my iaito, which I still can't wait for. Man was that a run-on sentence of doom. Then I went and spent the last hour or so playing go at the Houston Go Club's booth... and man was I rusty. It's been a year since I last played...

We covered the rest of Seiza, Batto ho that Saturday morning and evening, and Emily-sensei and Joe did Tate Hiza (or "Hize?" ...Pretty sure it's "Hiza") while the rest of class had free practice on Sunday. After the Sun. class, we were all thoroughly tired... and it was lunch time! Charles Mahan-sensei, Emily-sensei, Joe and I all went to eat at Cracker Barrel.

Nothing much has happened since... no... wait... something did happen. Yesterday there was a tornado warning in the area during lunch (7th period) and the storm knocked out the power. Being the immature idiots most of my classmates are, everyone started screaming for the hell of it and the normal lunch room volume wasn't resumed 'till roughly 10 minutes later. My lunch friends and I were playing cards the moment the lights went out... and we resumed the game with the light of cell phones.

Alrighty... I think I've pretended like I have free time long enough. Now I shall stare at Adobe Illustrator and try to force some inspiration out for the basketball camp shirt. I think I used it all up on the Girl's Soccer Banquet poster... which I am incredibly proud of. *grumbles at the camp shirt*