4/2903 18:44
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It's unhealthy to watch incredibly stupid movies in the morning. Today was the first day of the not-looked-forwarded-to TAKS test and the sophmores didn't have to take it today. I have no idea why not, but we ended up watching Tommy Boy. Sadly, I was in a state of half-awake hyperness and laughed at just about anything... I'm suprised no one in the room threw anything at me. Well, tomorrow I get to take the math TAKS... joy.

Danget, I always forget what I was going to talk about...

Oh, and to warn all other anime fans, the anime version of Naruto sucks... but it's addicting and I want more of it >.< I'm too open minded... Gosh darn my ninja and samurai obsession... I'm going to strangle Meagan soon, she keeps forgetting to bring more Rurouni Kenshin vids for me to borrow.

Yay! Something for me to talk about: Kenshin. I've already read the entire manga fanscanlated... and it's more addicting than Naruto. Then again, it might've been because I had the entire series on my hard drive and I'm getting monthly installments of Naruto in Shounen Jump. I hate waiting for the next issue; it's cruel and inhumane. But now I'm off subject... I'm good at doing that. For those of you who live in a hole, Kenshin is a manga/anime about a former hitokiri (a kind of assassin), Himura Kenshin, who assassinated corrupt people for the sake of the new era/dynasty, the Meiji, by the name "Hitokiri Battousai." Afterwards he's a simple rurouni (wanderer) who is trying to make up for his crimes by saving as many lives as he can and carries a sakabattou. He eventually stumbles upon a kendo dojo, the Kamiya Kashin dojo and makes a lot of friends. I'm not sure if I got the name right; it's been a while since I read it and Sam has my disk with the earlier volumes on it, so I can't double check. From there, they have to put up with a bunch of weirdos who can't adjust to the peace and want to keep ruling by the sword, etc, etc, and basically Kenshin saves the day. Yes, this is a very watered down description of Rurouni Kenshin, but I don't like explaining things anyways. And no, this isn't a pointless fighting movie, there are many undertones and the overall plot is beautiful (yes, I've cried many a time reading and watching it...). Now I shall wander off since my mom's calling me... -.- *grumbles* 18:58

4/28/03 19:45
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I went home sick from school today because my stomach hurt. Stupid stomach... it never gave me problems until I got into high school. >.< I missed Art and Orchestra... and Orchestra's gonna be in the Village Fair this weekend. ...Stupid stomach... I better not have what's been going around the school... that would suck.

On a more comical note, I got hit on by some freshmen at the Nineth Grade Center. That hasn't happened in such a long time I forgot how incredibly funny it was. Especially when the hit-on-ers are wannabe goths/gangsters/goodness knows what. Anyways, it was when I was going back to the classroom after stopping by the nurse to get my stuff and I decided to go up one of the less frequently used staircases (the classroom is on the second floor). Two of the freshmen came up to me struting or whatever and tried to get me into a corner. Unfortunately for them, I obviously wasn't in a good mood. Fortunately for them, I only gave them one of my infamous glares. Then they backed off and once I was out of hearing range, I laughed my butt off as much as I could without bothering my stomach too much and confused the nurse when I walked in laughing.

Well, Mom and I worked on my Subaru from .Hack//SIGN costume some today and we got the sleeves on the top. Next step'll be to find a metal ring so we can finish the top and do the apron-thingy and choker she wears... and find or make some little wings. I can't wait for A-kon...

4/27/03 20:27
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I hate it when I have stuff to do, but don't want to do them. >.< I want to practice my iaido, but a certain giant dog doesn't want me to. Everytime I start, he goes nuts and starts barking at me... he even does it when I practice my karate kata. If only iaido was held more than three times a week... oh well. I'd be happy if I could make it all three times (can only make it to two)... oh well.

Well, I don't think that I'll be going to my karate tourny. My still brand-new competition gi will go unused for another month or so. I haven't even tried my new gear in a tourny. ;_; *sighs* I need a slumber party...

4/25/03 22:49
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I'm tired~ I didn't spar in karate, so I went and worked on the first kata I ever learned with the white belts... and that's just as tiring~ And I forgot to cut my nails, so I still have weird little cresents on my palms. And it was the first time in a while I've had the chance to go in depth with it... and as can be expected, the great "Stance-Warping-Master" struck again! It wasn't as bad as I thought I'd be, I just kind of threw my shoulders when I punched...oh well. >.< I would've sparred, but I had a bad feeling and I didn't eat... *was reading a book and didn't notice the time until it was too late to eat...* The tourny's on the 10th and I need to get ready *hits her head on her keyboard* aoiw oz Ouch... This sucks.

But at least I finally got to ask about the weird, slow, high knife hand thing *can't explain it...* that's in Destiny (The higher up kata)... it's supposed to be a "salute" to a huge guys chest or someone's head or something... then you're supposed to grab him and kick the hell out of him. That makes no sense to me... what idiot would let you do the "salute" in the first place? Oh well, Mr. Irish said that I'd get a better explanation from Mr. Gray when I'm a brown belt... until then, that'll bother me to no end... at least I can sleep in tomorrow... *thanks goodness bass lessons were cancelled* oyasumi nasai *dies*

4/23/03 20:41
Music: Endless Life by Masami Okui
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Today was an average day at school. Whoopie. Then Mom and I ran a few errands and went to Chick-Fil-A... I love their fries. I hate chicken, but those fries are well worth the trip.

At iaido (Yes, iaido again! My excitement at being able to do that is probably so strong that it's unhealthy...) Emily-senpai let me do all of Seiza no Bu with the rest of the class instead of repeating the first three. I barely knew what I was doing and I was just trying to mimic the others, but it was fun. ^_^

As for my worse insomnia that usual, I'm just too excited lately. I obviously just started iaido and I'm probably trying to learn too much at once with that, but I really want to at least be a little content with myself in it. Then there's the huge recruiting projects the orchestra has been doing. We first sponcered the huge all-the-6th-graders-in-the-area concert, in which we played in... but we were a much smaller group than the swarm of 6th graders... there were over 200 of them and only 20-30 of us. Well, now we're preparing to take part in a huge carnival that's held once (or twice...?) a year at a nearby park. We're going to be in the parade (not playing, just waving and looking cool as orchestra music is blasted from a CD player), performing on the carnival grounds somewhere, and working odd jobs around the park. Of course, the orchestra is also getting payed... and we need the money. Mr. Black managed to break a fingerboard off a bass by carrying it the wrong way. It's funny that he of all people did it... but we can no longer use it. And basses are expensive to fix, especially a fingerboard as huge as a bass' is. Then we also need spare strings, bridges, extra bows, etc... Well, I'll just say we really need the money... badly. Wish us luck!

4/20/03 21:40
Music: I Wanna Be an Angel (Macross Plus) by Akino Arai
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I finally realized that it's been a freakin' long time since I posted in here... and a lot of crap has happened. Someone who's name I can't remember (I'm forever bad with names...) came to the dojo Wednesday, then John Ray-sensei came Friday and Saturday (4/11-12) after I had only had one normal class the Sun. before. To quote Emily-senpai... I was "drinking from a fire hydrant." One helluva big one. Then, after all the big and mighty people left, Mom finally adjusted my hakama and gi top for iaido... and now my bokken is bruising the top of my hip -.- Gosh darn my bony-ness. *glares at her bokken* ... *promptly goes and apologies to it.* On the plus side, my right hip is doing better and I'll probably spar in karate this Friday since I have a tourny May 10 and everyone's expecting me to beat the New Bransfels (spelling...?) girl again if she's there. I beat her once and they're obsessing over it, I didn't even know about her record until after the spar *will probably never be allowed to forget about it.* Oh well. -.-

Ano... Why is it that when I'm writing I forget what I was going to write?

Oh yeah, and HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!

4/2/03 20:28
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I just got back from that iaido thing, and it was awsome! The kata we do in American Karate are nice, but the ones with the katana are simple, but there so much more to it than drawing the sword and swinging. I want to be good at iaido~ *excited*

4/1/03 21:55
Music: Another Morning (FLCL) by the pillows
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Mom said that I can do iaido~ I'm so happy. I need the extra excersize; karate just isn't enough to keep me in shape. Tomorrow I'm going to go to the dojo to check it out and see if I want to join... *happy* Plus I get to eventually wear hakama.

OK, on to my description of my day. My stupid clay for my candle holder for art got too dry over the weekend and I had to start from scratch...I wasn't too happy about that. The clay wasn't getting along with me either; it was too wet to begin with and no matter how much I messed with it to get rid of the moistier, it wouldn't evaporate. When I was finally happy with the clay and was about to flip if over after rolling one side, the end I was holding broke. It would've landed on the ground and if that happened, I would have had to scrape up still-too-mushy clay off the tiles...and I didn't want to do that. As a result, I was dumb enough to use my reflexes to use the only alternative: to slam it into the leg of my pants. Yes, I did get clay all over my pants. I'm only grateful that it's clay that must be fired, so once it dryed 90% of it flaked off.

Emma, the orchestra's second chair bass, did something to her arm either earlier today or yesterday after I saw her in Chinese. I have no earthly idea what the hell happened, she told three different people three different stories in orchestra alone; I can only guess how many other she had told and will tell. I was kind of sightreading the music we played today. We played it Friday, but Mr. Black messed up the copies and there were only two originals and three basses... so one of us had to not have music to practice over the weekend. I ended up being that person. Why? Because according to the other basses and Mr. B., I'm an awsome sightreader. I have no idea where they got this absurd idea, I suck. ...I'll move on before I go into a depressed rant...

Mom picked me up from school and we wandered around the mall then went to the art supply store to get a new sketchbook for art class. Later, we watched The Master of Disguise. That was the most pointless and dumbest movies I have seen in a long time. The maker/directer/whatever was obviously trying to make it dumb and funny... he/she accomplished the dumb part, but not the funny. Especially with those stupid fart and "Mama butt" jokes. I had hoped it would be a "good stupd show" like Excel Saga or something, but as I said, I was disapointed.