3/28/06 13:36
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Mood: Ouch

I ordered my camera last night! I wound up pulling out of my savings, but I'll just put extra in for a bit. My next big purchase will be an LCD monitor for Omoikane, but that probably won't happen until after A-kon.

Also, PlaJapan restocked two of the Tenjou Tenge Pinkies and one was almost out of stock, so I had to get it and I wound up getting a can of Mr. Super Clear, too. Now I'm in possession of everything I need to repaint Mirabel's lips. Shipping was tough, but the Pinky alone was $40 and my total was $62 something... Hurry up paycheck!

I got an 81 on my Political Science exam, which make me happy though I'd be happier if it were higher, and I still don't know what my Art History exam is. She said she'd post the scores later today, but I'll probably walk over there tomorrow to look.

Is it wrong that I want another doll? Well, I'm not getting her anytime soon.

3/22/06 13:42
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Mood: Fulfilled

I took my Art History and Political Science exams today, but I refuse to talk about whether or not I think I did well on the latter... just to be safe.

I also got my Art History paper and I got a C+ for length. She wrote that she loved it though... WTF? Who takes that much off of a paper they like for LENGTH!? Oh well, now I know she's a length-oriented teacher. Which is crap.

Mirabel! Or as close as I could get. :D

I really can't wait for the semester to be over and for summer and to be a sophmore. Or rather, to pick classes for my sophomore year 'cause I don't think it'll be quite as stressful as picking for this semester. There'll be studio classes to pick from.

My butt's numb and I'm running out of things to talk about. Ah, I'm 19 now. I turned 19 on the 7th. :P

3/20/06 11:17
Current Desk Area Temperature: ?
Mood: *yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn*

I only got 2.5 hours of sleep I don't know how I managed to last through geology and art history, but I did. Without hitting my head on the desks or anything. I think I'm learing how to sleep with my head up.

Now I'm in anthropology and it's much more interesting, so I'm awake and good, so I thought I'd make a post.

3/1/06 00:35
Yakusoku wa Iranai (Escaflowne) by Maaya Sakamoto
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It's March! My favorite month in spring!!! You know why? Because my birthday is during this month~ I just ordered the easel I want on my parents' credit card 'cause that's what they're getting me. I'll be 19 soon!

Also, I decided that my birthday slumber party shall be on the 11th and we're watching Sailor Moon R. Finally. That's the only season I haven't seen all of uncut and I own it. x_x

I got a plastic fly and lobster (or crawdaddy...) today at work. I hung my lobster on my necklace and stuck the fly in my hair. XD Jenny gave me the idea for the latter, then emu wanted a fly and put one in her hair, too. I was kinda disapointed that no one noticed my fly, though...

Eureka 7's really really good. I went over to emu's recently and watched up to 13, then I downloaded the rest of what Nanashi's subbed. I cried so much on episodes 27 and 28. ;_; I cried a lot during the eps before those two, too, but I think those two were by far the worst.

I'm also watching Noein and it's making a little more sense. Or it just does, but not really. I can't really expain it, but I'm sure everyone's watched something and it just feels like it makes sense when you watch it, but then you think about it later and you're like WTF? . My main issue is with all the unanswered questions, but I'm only four episodes in.

One more thing before I leave: I've decided to try and start playing Magic the Gathering again. I picked up the current Core Set at Target today... and they're on the 9th edition. Back when I was playing before, it was only on the 6th edition. XD I need to see when and if the local comic shops have any MtG groups 'cause everyone I know either doesn't play anymore or doesn't know how to play and probably doesn't want to learn or even care. Or they just don't want to buy the cards.
Music: Kaze no Matsuri (Shamanic Princess) by Wuyontana