3/22/05 13:21
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For the first time in seven years... CC High School brought home a Sweepstakes Trophy (the highest possible at UIL). For the first time in goodness knows how many years (20?) we brought home two. Yeah baby! XD

Yep, we brought home two Sweepstakes Trophies. The Non-Varsity (which I'm not in) didn't get one because they got a 1 in concert and a 2 in sightreading... but Full and Chamber/Varsity (I'm in both) got 'em. Wooohoo! This is a good year to graduate. I've never been in an orchestra that got a Sweepstakes Trophy... kick ass. We even got to listen to the guys in the back make bad rap about penises on the way back from Dobie HS last night after Full Orch. UIL. Seriously.

That aside... I'll just kind of sum up my trip to the Houston Rodeo and Denton. At the rodeo on March 16 we got to see Maroon5

Wow, I just kind of got up and left and completely forgot about this... so that's why it will end so late.

As I was saying, we saw Maroon5. First, however, I won a big plushie prize at the dart game thing because I feel the impulsive need to do that every year... then we watched animals be ridden, roped, and tackled for a while. The concert itself kicked arse; they actually sound better live than on the recording... which I don't encounter very often. Also, at the very end (the drummer came up an sang for the last song XD) the guitarist went nuts and ran a full lap around the Reliant Stadium floor, leaping up on the barriers as he went. It was hilarious.

After that was the seminar with Tanida-sensei and the shodan shiken... which I'll talk about later because a lot happened and I'm darned tired...

3/10/05 22:52
Drift Mind (Monster BGM) by Kuniaki Haishima
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I'm 18 now~ Fun. I actually remembered to renew my license before it expired, opened up savings and checking accounts, and registered to vote. Yay for me.

emu and I went to the University of Houston so that she could nag her history or whatever professor to change her incorrect grade and then we wandered around the campus taking photos of random things and I collected bromilliads. It wasn't very long before my memory card was filled up, though... I forgot to move everything off of it. -.-;

We also checked out a random satellite food-place and I got a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut simply because I was hungry. It was yummy - Pizza Hut kicks arse. Fortunately, my knee seems to be getting better fast... it only bothered me while I was going up stairs and for a bit afterwards.

All the buildings we checked out were the art college, Moore's School of Music, the building her history class was in, Engineering Building 2, and... I think there was one more, but I'm not sure. Plus that food place. I also found a chair I like a lot - it's old but it's so very comfortable. Neither emu nor I wanted to get up. XD

Once I got home I unbagged my bromilliads and soaked most of the spiders and bugs out... a couple of awfully big spiders came out of them. x_x The smaller ones can be brought into the house now, but I want to soak the bigger ones individually for longer periods of time tomorrow to make sure they're OK. I don't think I'm going to bring quite so many home with me at once again. . *kept thinking she had spiders on her for hours afterwards*
Music: Grain (Monster op) by Kuniaki Haishima

3/6/05 23:25
Duet for Cello and Bass by Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer
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Whee~ I turn 18 in about 15 minutes... though not really. I can't remember exactly what time I was born at... I want to say 3:00 PM-ish, but that's just a minor detail. So I will just say that I turn 18 in 15 minutes.

And that means that I can enter the Texas lottery, smoke, watch porn, vote, and enter several drawings that I usually enter under my mom's name. Quite a set of new things, ne? Not that I'll do all of them, though - it's the fact that I can that matters. XD

Yesterday Mom and I went to the University of Houston's Cougar Preview thing... it was nifty. I'm only sorry that I was born a human and not a cougar. Apparently, being human means you aren't real. . God they overused the phrase "Be real. Be a cougar" during the introduction thing. After that, we followed the "ART" sign to a cramped little room filled with ADD children. Well, there were two but they were so annoying that it was like having hundreds of them in there. Anyway, the lady who's name I don't remember but I have to talk to sometime explained the different requirements for a Bachelor's in the different areas of art you can get it in and we went and wandered around the art college. it's nifty - it's open air with a big courtyard in the middle. There are magnolia trees of doom on the campus, too. x_x Ah, by the way... I'm probably going to major in either Graphic Communications or Photography/Digital Media... I have no idea which yet and I'm going to minor in Music Performance on the Double Bass. ^_^

After wandering around that campus, Mom and I went back to the main university building and ate Chic-fil-A for lunch and checked out the random clubs and I shamelessly took pens and notepads from quite a few of the banks that had tables set up. I met a random bass-performing major who was trying to get people to join the frisbee team at this time. XD He saw "String Bass" on my letter jacket; I never thought I'd meet people because of my jacket. I'm darned glad I wore it now. He said that there're only going to be five bassists plus the new bassists next year because almost all of them are graduating... fun~ I'm going to audition for the non-major orchestra. ^_^

Next we looked around the UH store because I was curious. By this time, my knee (which I hurt Thursday) was hurting quite a bit... but I still wanted to check out the Moore's School of Music... which is way out by the art building. Thus, Mom and I trecked back out there, collectiong dead branches that were on the ground with cute little bromilliads on them along the way. There were some ladies inside the building that I questioned about the non-major orchestra and stuff and they gave me paperwork. They seemed busy in there, so I didn't stick around too long. On the way back I ran into one of the wind players from the Pasadena Philharmonic. XD She was in a hurry, though and we just said "hi" and went our ways.

Today at iaido, William surprised me with what the present he's been talking about was. It was the awsome blue silk sageo I'd mentioned to him a while back. XD I got it on my baby as quickly as I could and kept playing with or petting the silk on it - it's so smooth and soft! I don't think I'll ever be able to use a cotton sageo again. XD Thanks again William!

Now I shall curl up and read~ Books are good - the bit Houston Library book sale thing is this weekend to... can't wait 'till Saturday~
Music: Duet for Cello and Bass by Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer (Yes, it's a very long duet...)