3/15/04 18:11
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... I have no idea where Doug is. For those of you who don't know, my friends and I are doing a Full Metal Alchemist cosplay group for A-Kon... and D, Doug, and I are going as Roy, Hughes, and Hawkeye (respectively) in uniform... and we're going to try to get the same materials. I know D's out of town... but I don't know where Doug is. Mom and I are probably going to go shopping on our own for things tomorrow after my little trip into Houston if he doesn't turn up and I'll just have to write down all the serial numbers and descriptions.

As for my trip into Houston... I get to go train riding! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! emu left her notebook in the underground shopping area thing and needs to go get it and I'm tagging along~ Trains~ trains~ trains~

And finally... I got a huge lizard plushie for cheap~ Mom and I went to Garden Ridge to get some party stuff for my party Thursday and I saw that they had some giant plushies on sale... and one of them was a huge lizard~ It's as big as Kobie! And soft and squishy. *happy* Now I just can't wait to get my iaito...

3/14/04 23:41
Current Desk Area Temperature: 78.9F

Mou... I said I'd post more often, but I haven't been... but my excuse is that I've been sick. What a way to start of spring break. -.-

I have a buttload of things to do over the break... most of which are related to art. Ms. Tee's letting me borrow a pile of art supplies to work with and some assignments (wich include all of the shirt designs and stuff...) and such. God I hate my counselor... If I'd've known I couldn't get into PE, I'd have of taken Drawing II and I probably wouldn't be scrambling to have enough stuff to make a decent portfolio.

Anyways... I started feeling bad Thursday morning... then I had a fever that evening. I still felt like crap Friday morning... but after going to the special pep rally and being crammed into a small area with tons of screaming, sweaty people, I didn't feel so good. I left school at the start of 4th period (Physics) with a 99.7 and went right to sleep and had a 100. somthing fever when I woke up... spent the beginning of Sat. feeling like crap, though later the pounding headache that had been pestering me was gone and I felt achey from laying down too long. I managed to talk my Mom into letting me run a few errands; I can't lay down doing nothing too long... 1) it bothers me to be doing nothing and I couldn't read and 2) I feel achey all over if I don't move around enough.

Today I went to iai... and running through the rain from my car to the dojo wasn't a good idea. It resulted in a coughing fit and during class I had to concentrate on my breathing to keep from coughing... and I had to put a lot of effort into holding the (loaner) iaito... it felt heavier than usual, probably because I've been sick. -.-

Speaking of iaito... I got the invoice from swordstore.com that my mom needed to sign for them to use her credit card~ Talk about security. ^_^; But still... one step closer to getting my iaito. *excited*

Anyways, after iai, I layed around and napped until a little after 7... and when I got up, I was having difficulty standing. Then I realized that I hadn't eaten for about 10 hours. -.- It was interesting.

Now I shall lay around and read. ^_^

3/8/04 00:05
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Compassion: You are there to share your sympathy
with others. People would consider you
affectionate and caring, and someone to look up

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best? (You may find out your best trait)
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I'm looked up to? o.O


Which MacHall Character Are You?
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Happy birthday to me! w00t! 17. I can now buy my own tickets to rated R movies and I no longer have to pay attention to curfew. Oddly, though, it doesn't feel any different than any other day... I sound old -.-

Well, I went to iaido as usual. Today's (and Friday's) class was lead by Joe since Emily-sensei's gone. We went over Batto ho (I think...) and then we all went on our merry way. Afterwards, Mom, Dad, and I went to Joe's Crab Shack on the Kemah Boardwalk and I got Snow Crab *grins insanely*. We had the best outside seat... and it's actually the seat Mom and I got on the fourth of July 4 or 5 years ago. Afterwards, I played the watergun-shooting game-race-thing and won a Scooby Doo plushie. *happy*

For the evening, we rented Lost in Translation, which I saw a long time ago with my friends, but my parents never saw it. They got a kick out of it... ZD "Lip my stockings..." that was great...

3/6/04 23:11
Current Desk Area Temperature: 77.0F

I finally ordered my iaito!!! Gosh darnit I'm happy. And my birthday's tomorrow~ Meaning that I won't actually be getting my iaito for another month or more, but still... IT'S ORDERED. *dances*

I'm going to try to get back into the habit of posting again. Sorry for the lapse.

Alrighty... last Tuesday I went to the rodeo~ I got to ride the electronic bull and I was doing well until my hip abruptly decided to turn on me and shot pain down my leg. Stupid hip. And they stopped selling the glow necklaces. Those things used to be one of the highlights of the rodeo... I think those flashy things put them out of business. Anyways, we saw John Mayer and I like him... I'd heard his music before, but I didn't know that he was the one that did it. ^_^;

Ummm... Thursday was the pre-UIL orchestra extravaganza concert... and we sucked. I won't go beyond that.

And now for today. I took the SAT prep course... and heard the same things I've heard Mr. Fontenot tell us all year. The only good thing about it was that I got to practice... and you can never practice enough. It was from 9-4PM... like when I was in intermediate school... if only high school were from 9-4... *jealous* -.-

Afterwards, I laid around and eventually wandered over to emu's to watch Weathered Continent. The animation is freakishly good for something as old as it is... but it's an OVA... but still...