3/30/03 15:26


Angelfire is spazzing... first it deletes my entrance. That was a couple of days ago and it was excusable. Now everything in my blog, save what's in the "Old" section, has disapeared. Two times is something I can't overlook. If anyone knows what's going on, tell me. My contact info is in the About Li-chan of the Main Site.

OK, now that that's out of the way...Li-chan's comic. Yes, I'm working on a comic... a web comic to be more exact. I spent the night over at emu's last night and stole her Mega Tokyo GN. Reading this thing is making it click in my mind that I don't have to be so detailed. Piro's art is so very simple, but it has feeling... I'm a super-perfectionist and lately, I've been trying to make my drawing too detailed... then getting frustrated when I can't... Yes, I suck at explaining. Anyways, I'm ticked off about the random stuff disapearing...

3/7/03 23:55
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TODAY IS MY 16th BIRTHDAY!!! I got my license and I drove on my own for the first time ever!! *dances happily* I went to karate on my own, if you're curious. *dances some more* and tomorrow's my party~~ *does yet some more dancing*

*calms down* OK, well, today in orchestra, we listened to the recording of the concert and we didn't do as bad as I had originally thought we did. I was still out of tune in several parts...but that's not the subject. I also had to stay after school for the cello and bass sectional and we sound better already! 23:58

3/6/03 22:41
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Well, I haven't written in a good long time...

Today was my orchestra concert. All the schools in the area played (at seperate times). I stayed to watch. I realized just how small and insignificant my high school's orchestra is.

Yep, we were the smallest and probably the worst...pathetic, ne? And the fact that I'm still at the wall is isn't helping...I'm actually beginning to play worse, now >.< plus I've never cared for playing on the stage...I like pit orchestra, I'm good at that, ya know.

Tomorrow's my birthday! I get my license and stuff and I get to drive to karate for the first time ever! *dances* I'm having my party Saturday though because it's more convenient...*excited-ness*