2/23/06 21:45
Trip My Wire by Garbage
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Well, I'm sitting around waiting for DDO's Head Start Event to begin. I have it all patched and ready to go, I'm just kind of staring at the server list, waiting for the dots next to the server names to turn green.

At work today, rat-tail hairdo boy returned and I had to go get emu so she could see. Of course, she started giggling insanely, though I'll admit that she did wait 'till we were a few shelves down. XD

Also, I think that the last (and largest) batch of Bluebonnet Books came in today... and they all look good. I wanted to read them all last year, but I just didn't get around to it (I didn't even read one) and I'm determined to do it this year. I went ahead and checked out three: The Magician's Boy by Susan Cooper, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riodan, and The Forging of the Blade by R.L. Lafevers. Cooper's and Lafevers's books look like they'll be quick reads... so maybe after I'm done posting I'll start Coopers. It only has 14 lines of text per page and is 101 pages long. And has pictures.

I really can't think of anything else to say. I can't wait for Garth Nix's Sir Thursday to come out. I actually have a copy reserved. XD
Music: Shinshiteki na, Amari ni Shinshiteki (ROD) by Taku Iwasaki

2/22/06 23:03
Come by Fleetwood Mac
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Well, it looks like I'll be staying at Charles-sensei's house for the trip. Which is nice because it'll be cheaper and he says that it looks like I'll probably get the bed! Mwahahahaha!

Ah, and please don't have a heart attack... I know it's three posts in one day...

What else is there to say? Nothing much.

I've got one more of emu's Eureka 7 DVDs to go and I'll probably take it with me to class tomorrow to watch before Philosophy.

DDO!!! ;_;
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2/22/06 13:05
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I love pizza. ♥

It turns out that someone was observing my wanderings. On of my group members for Anthropology was down in the building I ended up in looking out the window and saw me wandering around aimlessly in the Agnes Arnold building, which is open air. XD And Anth was the class I went to after wandering, so she asked me what the hell I was doing. XD

DDO's head start thing goes live in two days... and I can't wait. Dunno what else to say about it... but I can't wait.

Today in Political Science someone's cell went off and they ran out the door at an incredible speed. XD My teacher is someone who HATES inturruptions and he's hilarious as long as it's not your throat he's after. He had just got around the podium when the door slammed. All he said was "They're getting quick on their feet." XD

Oh, I never did go check out the other side of that floor, instead I wandered back over to the Agnes Arnold building. But I don't think I missed much. I saw one of the French-or-something speaking guys here in the UC and he looked at me funny. I feel remembered

Also, the benches in the AA building were bolted down. there weren't many chairs around and none at all in that building. Also, all the chairs and benches I came across that were empty were wet. :P

2/22/06 10:28
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Well, Art History was cancelled, so I wandered around the Agnes Arnold building for a while looking for an outlet with a bench next to it. I normally would just sit on the ground, but it's raining and that means that the floor everywhere is wet. :P So I finally took the second story bridge to the building next to it (I don't remember the name of this building) and resumed my search... and explored. This building isn't very intersting, though. But I guess I shouldn't judge it by half a floor. The ground here is dry and so I'm sitting on the ground with Loki plugged in. I keep getting funny looks. If they'd put freaking benches or chairs or something by outlets instead of across the hallway or down the hallway from them, I wouldn't be sitting here. Jees. I think the cruelest is when they're across the hallway from the outlet. >.<

And two guys just walked by speaking French...I think. At the very least, the people that walk by are interesting. XD

Hmmmm... I should've brought a Eureka 7 disk. Too late now. :P

A really freaking short lady just walked by. She couldn't have been much over four feet...but she was proportionally correct. She was like a human that was shrunk or something. Wow.

Mom said she'd order my easel soon. We've decided to get it off Amazon. It's this one. :D It can be a drawing desk, too.

Alright, I think I'll go see what the other side of this floor looks like.

2/17/06 00:35
1999 by Aya
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You know what? I only just realized just how long my hair's gotten. I'd noticed that my small clips weren't holding it up for very long, but it wasn't until recently that I actually turned around and saw how far down my back it was. XD It's about 5" from the length I want it to be. XD Not bad, considering that three years ago my hair was chin-length in the front and even shorter in the back. XD

I forgot to mention it, but I have a DeviantArt account now. :D You can see some of my newer stuff on there that will one day be on YnA.

Hmmm... at work my whatever was found in the system. There's a new system for... um... managing employees, I guess. I really don't know what all it does because the people who use it seem to only give vague explanations on what it does, so I'm assuming they don't really know, either. Anyway, they couldn't review me until the file was put in my once again boss' folder. Or something. Anyway, it turns out that they had actually forgotten about me. The Head Boss admitted it when I mentioned it. XD I feel so... forgotten.

Ah yes, Mirabel came with me to school. I'm too lazy to post more pictures at the moment, but you can see some here.

Now I'm off to bed because I'm TIRED.
Misui by Aya

2/15/06 13:08
Until Strawberry Sherbert(Bakuretsu Hunters) by Megumi Hayashibara (iPod)
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Happy late Valentine's Day.

You know, I actually forgot about my blog. Normally, I remember it and just don't feel like writing... I think this is the first time that I've forgotten about its existence completely.

My montsuki's almost done! Though last night we were supposed to do the lining of the body...but we spent all 2 hours fixing the sleeves. The pattern is for a woman's kimono, which has open sleeves (well, the part that's closer to the body), but I need a man's style. So, we didn't consider this before and Mom just sewed the sleeves on the best she could. I saw the problem and realized that they needed a slit so that that the fabric can be easily attached to the body... but we're stupid. Mom didn't get it at first, then I tried and I ran out of bobbin and didn't notice. That was frustrating 'cause I was like "WTF? It isn't sewing!!" then Mom finally got it done. :P Anyway, my sleeves are now attached nicely. We'll be doing the lining after school since I don't have work today. Then there's just the collar and getting the embroidery done. :D

Right now I'm sitting around in the UC Satellite study thing waiting for emu's class to end, but her teacher rambles, so it probably won't let out 'till it's supposed to: 2:30.

Ah, and emu did a funny photostory that Mirabel's in. You can see her acting totally out of character here. She would never call anyone "hot" and definately not Llyr. XD

If you want to see another reason why the Japanese should never have started making commercials, here.

And of course I rewatched that. I unplugged my iPod headphones and plugged them into Loki, then unmuted it while it was playing and it turns out the volume was up all the way.

...My ears. ;_;

The headphones are back in Ian now.

I need to bring Mirabel to school tomorrow so that I can get pictures of her in the empty classroom. I haven't gotten to do a proper photoshoot of her or anything at all, really. emu just said she'll bring Sheba, too, and we can wander around. both of us have two hours before our first classes. :D

Now I shall read a bit for Political Science. I failed my first test with a 64 and now I need to get at least 85s on my next two tests. And I will. Stupid professor made it so that each test counts as a third of our grade. No final, but danget, if you score low on one test it's a pain in the butt. I guess I could've failed even worse, though.
Standing in Pain (Tales of Symphonia) by Motoi Sakuraba and Shinji Tamura