2/25/05 19:40
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Today I went to Rice Univercity to watch Francouis Akbbath (a very famous bassist who taught my bass teacher's teacher) teach some of the bassists at Rice. It was amazing. The Rice students were awsome and Francouis was even more awsome. He had a nifty bass, too. The shoulders were very sloped... I wish my bass were like that. Thumb position would be so much easier. Ms. Merritt said he probably had it custom made for him.

Ah, and I saw something on basses I'd never seen before: A "sex change." Apparently, having an alternate endpin hole is "in" with the stand-up bassists. It's placed at the bottom of the bass (duh), only at the very back and it's angled back and to the side that the player's on so that the bass is leaning towards the bassist naturally. It looked funny... and Ms. Merritt said that it was only thought up maybe five years ago.

After listening to all the bassists and what Francouis had to say, we went to Chik~Fil~A for lunch and went back to her house to work on my solo 'cause UIL is tomorrow. It's not the best it can be, but it's decent. She mainly corrected my counting and dynamics.

Then I went to work... and work is work. Shelved the evil 500's (they were taking over another presorting shelf!) and my section of the E books, straightened the videos a bit, then left. Now I'm here. Ah, and I got the first two books of the Spiderwick series while at work out of curiosity. Thus, I have a book on Japanese homes, e-bussiness, classical music, basses, little children's books, folk-tale books, and junior/young adult books scattered around my desk. Plus emu's manga and comics.

Alrighty, it's iai time, so I might get back to this later.
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