2/23/04 22:37
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stone heart
Heart of Stone

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...Somehow that fits... though I'm not emotionless *sulks* I'm just not good at emotiony stuff. -.- *pokes at the ground in a corner*

Anyways, the weekend was fun! John Ray-sensei came down from Denton and held a seminar Saturday and Sunday and lead class Friday. I learned lots of stuff~ It was nice to see him again. I was only a few days into iai when I first met him. ^_^;

Also, UIL Solo and Ensemble was Saturday... and I got a II due to technical difficulties. I played my bass in a pair of pants I'd never played it in... and my bass kept slipping in my lap. The end pin didn't slip, mind you, but the part resting on my legs did (don't let your mind wander, pervs). I'm actually surprised that I got a II in that situation. Though my mom isn't. She thinks I'm making that up as some sort of excuse, but she always thinks that when something goes wrong that she didn't witness.

Well, tomorrow's the TAKS test... and AP English students shouldn't need to take it. It's a waste of our time. -.- Yes, this is a little elitist... but we shouldn't. *grumbles about wastes of time*

Mou... I'm going to sleep. Oyasumi.

2/19/04 21:38
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Umm... once again it's been a long time since I last posted. o.o I don't think February's going to have it's own blog layout... but March deffinately will. Why? Because March is my birthmonth!

Come March 7, I shall be 17! Mwahahaha!!!

Oh yeah, and I ordered my super-cool letter jacket! I lettered in orchestra... it'd be nice to also letter in art... dunno where the second letter'd go, though. It's cool though... I'm going to have my last name on the back with stars, my first name on the front, a violin patch with "STRING BASS" on it, and art pallette patch with "ELECTRONIC MEDIA" on it, a scroll and quill thing with "NHS" (there wasn't room for "National Honor Society") on it, and a paw-print patch. w00t for me! I can't wait to get it.

Also, this weekend John Ray-sensei's going to give a seminar at the dojo where I learn iaido~ I'm excited. Last time I saw him, I'd only been doing it for a few days. ^_^; And I'll be able to ask him about the weight my iaito should be around... 'cause Mom and Dad're ordering me one for my birthday. Can't wait. It's going to be cool~

Ummm... UIL Solo and Ensemble's also this weekend... and I'm nervous. But after this, I think all the events I take part in will be over and done with and to celebrate... I went to the library. Yep, with free time comes lots and lots of reading. I ran into emu there and snuck up on her and poked her with my toe. ZD Then I got a grand total of... *counts*19 books. I feel content... plus I need to read some of my newer Realms of Fantasy magazines.

2/08/04 21:15
My December by Linkin Park
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Senior Musical's over! FREE TIME! *dies*

Well, since I'm on that subject... I'll start the stats.

Most enthusiastic: Thursday (excluding when the intermediate school kids came on Wed. during school)
Fewest mistakes: Friday (in my opinion)
Highest bid on signed poster: $150 on Sat.
Most signed posters auctioned off: Sun. (only one per day starting Fri., but today they did two)

Umm... no one I knew came Thurdsay, Jonathen and his girlfriend came Friday, emu and Linda came Sat., and Ashley and Dad came today.

Also, Saturday I had to get up at 5 so that I could be at the school at 6:30 for VASE. I don't remember the meaning behind the acronym, but it's art's equivilent to UIL (which isn't this weekend, but next). The bus ride was about an hour long and I'd say just about everyone napped... then we waited. And waited. And waited a little more. Then left the cafeteria for the judges. Then waited an hour or more.

Yep, they were behind schedule. Very behind schedule. I thank Nintendo for making the GameBoy and whoever invented playing cards. ...Who did invent playing cards??? Huh... now I'm curious.

Anyways, one of my pieces got a 4 (highest) and the other got a 3, so I'm happy.

Oh, and the Someday's Dreamers DVD I won from Newtype back in November finally came in. I like that show...

2/01/04 22:11
Garasu Tenjou no Uchuu by Ali-Project
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Yeah... haven't posted in a while. . I'll stick to the important things that I remember

Friday was the day of the first Region clinic. BUT also got rear-ended. Evelyn's first accident. Poor thing. Anyways, here's how it happened in detail. It was raining and the car in front of me slamed on its breaks and I did so promptly and had plenty of room between it and myself. The van behind me also stopped, but was pretty close to me. Then the car behind the van must've been speeding like hell, because she ramed into the van and he ramed into me. I though "Oh CRAP" when I saw the van coming at me in the rear-view mirror, let up on the break to lessen the impact and slammed on it again when I got close to the car infront of me. Then we caused some traffic on the little bumpy road and all agreed to go to the parking lot of a little shopping center. The girl who started the accident's car's front was pretty messed up: totalled bumper, cracked headlight, etc, the van's bumper had a small dent and some scratches, and I already mentioned Evelyn's damage. Mom came, cops came, then we all left.

During all this, I was kind of panicky. My group going up to the clinic were meeting at 4 and by the time all was said and done, I had 30 minutes to gather my stuff and get to the school. Luckily, everyone was running late (as usual) and I was the first there. -.- Since there wasn't room in the van for my bass, it and I road with Mr. Black in his SUV.

At the clinic, we all just went over the music multiple times... and my left hand was in pain after playing Holst's Mars: Bringer of War several times. And I thought I had good calouses (spelling...) on that hand. >.> Afterwards, I rode back with Ms. Becker and everyone else (bassists, cellists, and harpists could leave their instruments there).

Yesterday was the long clinic and the concert itself. I got up at 5 so that I'd be ready for Ms. Becker to pick me up at 7, but she was late. We all still got there in time, though. We went through the stuff some more and went on a lunch brake at 11:45-ish and Mr. Black suggested that we all eat at some inexpensive Itallian restraunt and we all said OK. However, we spent the entire lunch hour waiting for the food and ended taking it in boxes. However, everyone had a salad and I had some stuff in my lunch box (I brought in in case they had nothing I liked), so we weren't competely starving, just close to it. Dunno how I lived until the next break. Anyways, we stopped and got dressed at around 3 and the concert began at 4, though the High School Symphony, which I was in, didn't start until 5:30. Order went Middle School Philharmonic, MS Symphonic, High School Phil. and HS Sym. Mom got me a shirt and we ordered a CD and we left for home, where I promptly flopped down infront of the TV and played some Digaea. Oh yeah, and my butt hurt from sitting on the edge of a stool for so long... and my stool's padded. I pity the bassists that didn't have a padded stool.

We sounded awsome.~

OK, today I went to iaido~ It was pushed back to 1:30 PM 'cause of a clinic for Aikido. We went over Ippon me Mae for a long time (which I don't mind. I practice that one obsessively... and I'm not getting far) and a few others. My back and butt were still sore and it got to the point that I had to sit out for a bit, but I soon rejoined. Afterwards, we sat around and at a bit and watched THE Video of Ultimate Stupidity. Then I came home, did homework, and played Disgaea.