2/27/03 21:27
Music: Li-chan's .Hack CD
Current Desk Area Temperature: 74.1°F

'ello! I randomly decided to add in my current desk area temp. since I have a theremometer there and I tend to turn on my lamps to make it warm...right now none are on.

Well...I found my folder!!! *hugs it* It was in English the whole time...*sighs* Other than that, I just did what little bit of homework I had and uploaded stuff...exciting, ne? And Li-chan's hooked on Figure 17 Tsubasa and Hikaru...I suggest it. It's so cute and cool all at once...*watches more*

2/26/03 17:27
Music: None (Amazingly)

I still can't find my stupid folder >.< But I did get my limited edition .Hack//SIGN DVD 1~ thus, for you anime episode requesters, episodes 1-4 (maybe 5, don't know what eps are on there) are now unrequestable...but if you requested before the DVD came out, I'll send the eps to you eventually. *runs off to play with her nifty stuff*

2/24/03 21:19
Music: Lapis by Gackt

Behold the new blog layout!!! With Osaka!!! Why Osaka from Azumanga Daioh? Because she and I have far too many similarities to count. *plots to go to a convention as her someday*

Well, the search for my folder is still on. I had no notes for Chinese, joy, and I still don't have any of my character designs for the comic I was planning on doing. I better find it... *is betting it's in the house somewhere...even though she's searched the house a good dozen times or more* Tomorrow I get to go get a MRI on my hip...wish me luck fans I wish I had!.

2/23/03 20:30
Music: Dengenki Missle 2000 by Chisato

Haven't written for the past few days...and pain and being pissed off at myself pretty much sums up what has happened so far. I got kicked in my bad hip in karate Friday while holding the kicking mit (how the hell she missed as much as she did, I don't know; my hip wasn't anywhere near the stupid mit) and had to sit out when I was supposed to be helping (worships the anti-joint-inflamation medicine-stuff), Saturday I didn't do so well at my solo competition and I'm still at a wall, then today I gave my room a much needed vacuuming and now my room is clean...exept my desk, or course. Pretty much the only good things that've happened are that I spent the night at emu's last night and watched a lot of anime and Mom agreed to sign me up to get the Newtype magazine...and I'm paying for my own subscription of Shounen Jump...but I don't mind that.

2/18/03 22:45
Luna! (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon) by ?

Danget, the stupid anglefire thingy ate my entry...luckily, I'm bored enough to retype it. In Notepad.

Well, Li-chan's both happy and sad. Whoopdy-doo.

I'll start off with the bad news. According to the doctor, I might have arthritis in my hip. might. I'm going to see an orthopedic this Thursday so we'll know exactly what it is. Gosh darning...I was hoping that it would be something they could pop and it would be all better...arthritis...I'm only 15. It better not be arthritis.

On a happier note, I got my .Hack Infection and .Hack Liminality OVA set yesterday. If you didn't read my updates, you won't be seeing much of me for a while. I love that game; it's like Final Fantasy meets Zelda to form a game that's a continuation of one of my favorite anime: .Hack//Sign. I have .Hack//Sign, the OVAs (except the first, freeloaders), and what's out of Dusk up on the request section in the Other Stuff section. Feel free to request any of these (Except he first OVA) while you can; the first //Sign DVD comes out March 3 or 4.

More good news: I got my deluxe edition of Noir DVD 1. I still need to watch it... Well, the shirt's an XL and I could use it as a nightgown if I wanted too, but it's still pretty *plans on wearing it to school sometime this week...*

Plus Mom and I went and got my mini fridge exchanged. All hail cold drinks at the desk.

...and hope that I don't have arthritis...

2/16/03 16:48
Music: Strength (X TV) by Naoiki Sato(?)

Boredom. I hate writing research papers. Writing research papers when you can't find your stupid notes is even worse.

2/15/03 21:53
Music: Serenade (Fruits Basket) by Ritsuko Okazaki

Went over to Rebekah's today to work on the English project (which is due soon after the research paper...I hate it when teachers give two huge research things at once) and I was the only one that showed up. We went through Les Miserables to find examples of where the characters change and develope and stuff; that was just about all we could do without the rest of the group there. For the rest of the meeting, we played table tennis.

On that subject, my hip if feeling better. It still hurts if I over use it or something, but it's a hell of a lot better than it was.

For most of the day after the meeting, I was asleep. I've started to feel like crap again and I think I got Mom's flu, but I'm not sure. My Doctor wants to check for it when I go in Monday about my hip *shudders at the thought of the needle*.

To add to things, I was supposed to start my afore mentioned research paper today...and I still need to. Instead, I finally made my playlist with all my songs, so you'll probably see more of a variety of music in the Download of the Day. Then I got caught up on the YnM fics at Fanfiction.net...I'll probably start the stupid paper later. *growls threateningly at Microsoft Word*.

2/14/03 22:07
Music: Radio

Valentine's Day isn't that great without a boyfriend...even if I've only had one during Valentine's Day...and that was back in elementary school. But at least I have my friends!

After school, Mom, Dad, and I all went to The Rainforest Cafe on the seawall. That is one nifty restraunt. They have a cool river ride that's kind of like a rainforest tour/journey/thing that you can go on, a souvineer store, and a LOT of big salt water fish tanks. I got some cool Mardi Gras beads with a rubber duckey on it, a shirt with an iguana on it, a keychain (can't live without my souvineer keychains), some smashed pennies (can't live without 'em, either), a froggy plushie and shark beanie, and a couple of those plastic tube things that are impossible to hang on to (get your minds out of the gutter, weirdos). You'll probably see some of these things once I get around to making a section for pics of Li-chan's nifty stuff.

When we finally sat down, we got a table next to a fish tank! Fish are rulz-ness. There were 3 puffer fish in it and one was huge and looked stoned or something; it kept running into the rocks. The coolest were the little shiney fish. If I ever get a salt water fish tank, I'm getting those. Lots and lots of those. And they have "rainforests storms", which is really just the lights flashing randomly and a recording of thunder of rain playing, but it was still awsome. And the food was good.

2/13/03 21:12
Music: Radio

Today was the typical day...but my hip hurt like hell all day. It hurt yesterday, too. I hurt it the day before that (Tuesday, for those who are lost). Oh well.

emu and I went to go see the school fashion show and I was kind of disapointed; I was hoping that the "designers" had made their own clothes, but they were all store bought. *sigh* But there were still some really pretty oufits...except the short skirts. Those girl models need to learn how to stand in a short skirt -.-.

Oh, and the scanner started spazzing out. I would have just restarted Omoikane, but I was downloading a buttload of crap. *glares at the scanner* It must be plotting against me...Teki's influence is spreading.

2/12/03 20:46
Music: Tomadoi (Hikaru no Go BGM) by Warakusa Megu.

Didn't get to do any updating yesterday. I needed a break, anyways.

I got to fill the tank of my new baby (my car) for the first time ever! Other than that, nothing great happened. Save that I had to help teach the kids karate.

2/9/03 23:22
Music: none

I just finished watching something called Mado King Granzort. Imagine Magic Knight Rayearth turned shounen with the most annoying little girl as a mascot. I surprisingly want more of it. Fear it. Get it. Watch it.

2/9/03 19:50
Music: Hisoka ~ Norowareta Tsukiya no Kioku (Yami no Matsuei BGM) by someone.

I started feeling better today; I've haven't been in a good mood for the past two weeks or so. Mom's also starting to recover from her flu. Happiness.

Unfortunately, my cheap little mini fridge I keep by my desk decided to break today, and I didn't notice that it wasn't working until I opened it to get what was supposed to be a "cold" drink. So Li-chan will be fridge-less until her mom and she goes to Walmart for an exchange.

For the sake of talking about something good, Mom agreed to let me take U.S. History over the summer so I can take Electronic Media II (Digital Art class) during the school year next year. I wouldn't have to do this if the district didn't switch from block scheduling with 8 classes to 7 classes a day~. It's not fair. At all.

2/8/03 21:54
Music: Senyaichiya (.Hack//Liminality) by See-Saw

I've spent the entire day working on the page. I didn't have bass lessons because Mom afore mentioned flue and Dad couldn't take be because of his work, so I worked on the site. I scanned stuffed (I'm still scanning stuff), edited stuff (still editing stuff, too...), etc, etc, etc. But it was fun, no da. Except that I forgot to eat for about 5 hours and when I realized it, I was about to faint, but it was fun anyways. Oh, and I decided to post the song that I listen to while typing in here to the Other Stuff section for all to download. Now I gotta get back to work...

2/6/03 22:14
Music: Bridge 05 (.Hack//Sign BGM) by Yuki Kajiura

Today was another excitement-less day, but I did learn a few nifty things. In Tech. App., Haunsel (spelling?) told me about a thing called Graymatter to edit blogs with (which I still need to download and check out...) and told me some stuff I didn't know about CSS.

After school, emu and Meagan were supposed to come over to watch an episode of Azumanga Daioh, but it turns out that my mom has the flu. So, instead, Meagan and I went to emu's to watch Wolf's Rain episode 5. That's such an awsome show...and Floofy (Lit. Hige) rulz-ness. Once that was over, I started working on the revised version of the main page layout (plus tables made with the nifty program, Mapedit) and you can now see the fruits of my labors. Oh, and I added a link back the the main page from here.

2/6/03 11:59
I'm sitting around in Computer Applications...and bored.

2/5/03 23:56
Music: Discord (Witch Hunter Robin BGM) by Iwasaki Taku

The main page layout was hell...but it was only my second time making a layout...*hopes it'll get easier*

Since I'm tired, hungry, and I have school tomorrow, I'm just going to list things. In english, we finally started researching. I had to help teach the demon children karate and managed to not get a migrane (but it's probably because I was assisting ref. through a good chunk of the time...), but I'm probably going to start teaching the kids next week *cries*. Oh well...I'll live...I hope...

2/4/03 22:07
Music: Shell (Witch Hunter Robin Opening) by Bana

Behold! The new layout!!! *laughs evily* It was hell to make (the freakin' little pics wouldn't stay together) and just despised me, but it's pretty, so I'm happy. Especially since it has Tsuzuki in it. The one downside about the freakin' picture is that it has the chicken-librarion-god-things (lit. GuShoShin, but it's funner to call them the former) but it's still one of my favorite pics for some reason...*shrugs*.

Today was my mom's 50th birthday.... which means that she can now join the 50+ club at Palais Royal and get 15% off everything. Sadly, she threw a tizzy because the big cookie Dad and I got her was badly decorated, but we complained and got another free, so we are all happy now.

Today was an early release day and I went over to emu's to watch Watership Down, based off of the book by Richard Adams, which happens to be one of my favorite books, and play go. The movie was alright, but they left out all of Dandy's stories, and those play a huge role in the story itself *cries*, but besides that, it was a good movie. As for the game of go, it was the first time I played on an actually go board and I kicked emu's arse.

2/3/03 21:42
Music: Silent Wonderland ~Rem Sleep~ by Kou Ootani from Haibane Renmei

I've got the blog up!!! Wow... Anyways, I kinda like this web page thingy...even if it's not so great right now -.- .

OK, I've already talked about that, so I need to talk about something else... like Essay Cheese. There is no "deeper meaning" to it, it's just what someone thought I said for some weird reason and it stuck, no da.

Moving on again... ... well, I really don't have anything to rant about exept that my class was supposed to go to the library to do some research for our major research paper for the two books we read independantly last year...but we didn't. The councelor lady came in and started talking about classes we already took and that they very well know we already took, so I'm pretty ticked about that -.-

Oh yeah, and my ankles hurt like hell all day. Yesterday, D, emu, Suu-chan, and I went to the park and walked around the mall all day...literally. We went picnicing at noon, then ran around like idiots, went to the mall, then Barnes and Nobles, and we didn't get home until nearly 19:00. Thus, this morning I couldn't stand for more than 30 seconds without pain.

Now I'll shut up and start working on the rest of the page again...