1/23/06 22:30
Here He Comes #2 (Xenosaga II) by Yuki Kajiura
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There'd be two posts for today if Loki hadn't been acting so Loki-like. -.-;

1/22/06 23:41
Love 2000 by hitomi
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I dun wanna go back to school tomorrow. Why can't weekends be longer? ;_;

Because I still had hours to make up because of going on the training trip, I had to go to work instead of iai today. >.< There wasn't even much to do! Darn you by-the-hour pay. I'm still 30 min. behind, but that'll be easy to make up tomorrow since it's just my two hour day. Staying for two and a half won't hurt much.

Final Fantasy IX is as addicting as it was before. I finally put it in and noticed that I had once before started replaying it and stopped right at the beginning of disk 2, so I picked it up there. I still like Freya best. She's a little (HAH) angsty, but she's cool nonetheless and she kicks butt in battle. I like her Jump thing. It keeps her from getting hurt then deals lots of damage. XD She's still my favorite character. XD

Last night when I left I drew a foot. It isn't a very good foot, but I'm just happy to be playing with conte. I would like to drop by the art store at least once a week to check out the cheap paper. That's what tends to be troublesome: it's either too big or comes in packages. And it's expensive, too. Well... it's all expensive, but paper is too expensive. I mean... it's paper. ;_;

Also, I got caught up on Rozen Maiden Traumend. It gets... depressing. ;_; And the latest episode is episode 11, which is the second to last ep if they're sticking to the 12 ep thing. Darnit, I want 12!!! TWEEEEEEEEEEEEELVE!!!

Time to go to bed now. -.-; I'm supposed to be trying to go to bed earlier... but I seem to have failed miserably tonight.
Music: Remnants (Full Metal Alchemist) by Michiru Oshima

1/21/06 20:32
My Jolly Days (Ghost Sweeper Mikami) by Masami Okui
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Today I slept in~~ Then I went to the art store. I was supposed to go with emu in the morning... but darn was I tired. I think I'm getting old; I can't seem to stay up late and wake up at 5:30 like I used to. WTF's with that? I'm only 18. >.< Anyway, my dad tagged along and I got some paper from the random free paper bin. They had lots of the stuff that conte looks good on. Now I want to play with conte... and I'll probably run and do that in a minute. :D

I'd've mentioned this in the last post, but I was tired and just wanted to get my class info on here. Last weekend Emily-sensei, Joe, William, Ron, Jon, and I all went up to Denton! It was a lot of fun, though we went into the mini malls they have there and I shouldn't have gone in. My sinuses were trying to kill me afterwards and made me feel like crap. In the group photo, I look like I want to be somewhere else... but that's not how I felt! ;_; For now on I'm smiling in those photos. I look pissy or tired when I don't smile in photos. Or I'm making a stupid face. But I once again had the fact that my iai still sucks pointed out to me. XD

Even though my sinuses tried to kill me, I did get a really cool box out of one of the mini malls. It's a WWI wooden ammo box. It's awsome!

Aaaand work was uneventful. There was hardly anything to do in both children's and adult. -.-
Crazy Sunshine (FLCL) by The Pillows

1/19/06 00:21
Passing Sorrow (FFIX Piano Album) by Nobuo Uematsu
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This is going to be a long semester. I liked having a variety of classes... but oh well.

Intro. to Philosophy: This guy uses every single inch of his platform. I swear, the man is never still and his hands are always moving around. x_x And he's incredibly redundant. I wound up kinda ignoring the poor guy and playing in LightWave 8 Modeler instead. A creepy asian kid sat leaning over my shoulder for a while watching. .

Intro. to Physical Geology: emu was right, the man-woman is creepy. Once again, I kinda ignored her and chatted with emu on AIM instead. Also, after class another creepy asian guy (WTF?) approached me because of my A-kon shirt and tried to get me to join the anime club. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow for it. And I drew Batgirl both in chibi and normal form. XD

Art History I: I'm happy. SO happy. This covers very early art, so I won't have to memorize names 'cause for the most part, we don't know who made the stuff we'll be looking at! XD We'll mostly be learning how to identify styles and stuff. And I get to go to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts or whatever and write 2 papers on stuff there. :D An excuse to go to the art museum!!! Also, I keep forgetting that the art building has recital halls in it. -.-; I had no idea where they were putting such a large class at first...

Intro. to Cultural Anthropology: This lady is enthusiastic. x_x But she's cool so it's OK. She just kind of... chatted.

Political Science: For some reason, this professor looks like my Papa Hare. I don't know why. Also, he didn't have a printed syllabis for us and was taking questions... and his constant answer was "That's on the syllabis." . Once again, I ignored him and talked to emu and stuff.

That's all for classes. I had an hour and a half while emu was in her last class. The UCS is freaking CROWDED at 13:00. It wasn't that busy last semester at 10 at all, but then again everything opened at 10.
Music: Toki ni Ai wa (Utena Movie) by Masami Okui

1/11/06 02:02
Nijin Kumikyoku Part 1 Onisoto Naru Sei, Minamotouchi (ROD) by Taku Iwasaki
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In all the excitement, Mirabel arrived!!! The delivery guy knocked a bit after 3:00. I'm glad I didn't go to work. XD

As for why I didn't go, Monika, my sister, Eric, my brother-in-law, and Oliver, my nephew, were in town. :D Eric didn't actually come over 'till later to pick up Monika, but Oliver's here and Monika, too.

Ah, and when the delivery guy knocked, Oliver had just fallen asleep and in my excitment, I yelled "SHE'S HERE!!!" at the top of my lunges. I think I confused my mom and sister even more when who they thought was the "she" was an old Mexican guy. XD

Here she is. I don't feel like resizeing my unpacking pictures.

I love her! ♥

And as a final note before I go to bed, I hate messing with the eyes. Eye putty is evil and gets everywhere. .
Music: Read or Die no Teema ~Opening Version~ (ROD) by Taku Iwasaki

1/10/06 12:36

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Mirabel update 4!

"Status: Enroute

"Your item was processed and left our PASADENA, TX 77501 facility on January 10, 2006."

1/9/06 17:14

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Mirabel update 3!

"Status: Inbound Out of Customs

"Your item cleared United States Customs at 9:35 am on January 09, 2006."

Whoohoo! She should be here soon!!! ♥

1/9/06 11:07

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Mirabel update 2!

"Status: Inbound Into Customs

"Your item is being processed by United States Customs."

1/6/06 02:12

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Mirabel update!

"Your item left SEOUL, KOREA REP OF on January 06, 2006."

1/6/06 02:12

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1/6/06 00:14
When I Think of You by Journey
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This morning I woke up to the entire house shaking. x_x

In other words, this morning the foundation people came and fixed our foundation. Apparently the house shaking thing was them jacking up the entire house, which sounds really impressive if you ask me. Only at the time I was pissed 'cause I wanted to sleep more and did so... only it took a while because it was really shaky in my loft bed...

But anyway, the foundation's fixed and now my dad just needs to go around fixing cracks. :D

Nothing exciting happened afterward because there was hardly anything to do at work (literally nothing in childres...). >.<

Aaaand after dinner I went over to emu's and watch Star Wars: A New Hope! Yay! I like rewatching Star Wars. :D Eli watched it with it and enjoyed it. I think he should cosplay Han, but emu says he should be Luke... he'd be cute as Luke, though, I'll admit. But he liked the shooting best and Han shoots things.

I actually stayed over longer than I'd intended because we first started talking about the dolls, then comics and stuff. x_x Oh well.

Ah, and my throat hurts. I was hoping I could get away without a soar throat this season, but I have one. Fortunately it isn't eating away my voice yet. .
Music: Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta nara (Kiki's Delivery Service) by Yumi Arai

1/4/06 00:16
Gravity of Love by Enigma
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I've decided that yes, I WILL get through my copy of Colloquial Japanese with Important Construction and Grammer Notes by Noboru Inamoto. I will. I have other books, but this one is my favorite. It's much easier for me to understand than the others. And it was actually printed in Japan... Anyway, I went through the first chapter and made flash cards of the words I didn't know and I will study. >:D I probably won't sit down every day, but I'd like to at least sit down on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends 'cause I should have less to do. Of course, my college studying is above this, but I still want to get some Japanese study work in.

Fortunately, the Chinese and Japanese sentence structures are similar... but I was having a hell of a time with complexe sentences in Chinese... but I wasn't determined. And now I am. XD

As a side note, I'd also like to get at least an A- in all my classes this semester. . ...Yeah, but I'll try.

And to show my determination, I dropped by J-list to get some charms. I got one for studying that I'll hang on my bag, a little cat for fortune to stick on my desk 'cause I want money, and one for Evelyn to ward of car accidents. I've gotten in a minor one each year for the past two years and I don't want it to happen a third time. It's never my fault and I'm always in a situation where I can't do anything about it but lay on the horn... so it doesn't cost my anything. However, it's a pain in the butt when your car is in the shop. -.-;

Hmm... I also want to improve a lot in iai. I want to become better at conveying Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu to the others in the dojo, mainly. I think I apear a little lazy and I tend to shy away from stepping forward and doing things 'cause of my fear of screwing up. ^_^; And I may try to become unshy and speak in Japanese. I tend to be horribly embarrassed about talking in foreign languages. I remember at the Hong Kong Food Market when I was actually remembering my Chinese, I could have said everything in Chinese to the cashier... who I knew spoke Chinese from listening to her... but I couldn't work up the guts. At least the dojo is a friendly atmosphere and I know I won't be too embarassed if I screw up. XD They'd understand that I'm learning. Right?

As a note... I wouldn't quite count these as New Year resolutions... though I admit that they might as well be...

Ah, and I was supposed to work on YnA's new layout today, but I started watching Yakitate Japan and messing with my Japanese. XD The layout itself is almost done, it just needs tweeking and then coding. It'll be a tables layout even though that's intimidating!

Ah, and I need to practice coloring for the comic. And inking. And finish the character designs in general.

...Will I really be able to manage?
Music: Theme from Silk Road by Blue Man Group

1/3/06 01:20
Amemu Oobaaooru by Aiko
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Nothing much has happened since the new year. I went through my closet yesterday and discovered that I still have clothes from elementry school. . Yep. I also decided to pull all but a couple of pairs of shorts (that're longer than the rest) for the garage sale we're having in the spring, too. I'm really not going to wear them.

Also, I finally updated my register booklet for my checkcard 'cause it was behind. I had to get a new one, too. XD Only it says "Bank of America Busness Debit Card" or something along those lines. XD How decieving. It's really just a normal one. XD

Now for quick anime update. There may be spoilers, but ah well.

Karin: I've only watched the first episode and it's...interesting. It's about a girl named Karin who instead of drinking blood, produces it. Don't know the details yet, though.

Capeta: Man is the main character the UGLIEST little boy in the world. It also contains not-so-good CG, but it's about cart racing and I'll probably watch more. Again, I've only actually watched the first episode.

Noein: Dunno what's going on yet. So far there seems to be some dimensional travel going on and our earth is an unstable one. Also, a girl is the Dragon... crap. It's like a choker. It's very intersting, though.

Ginban Kaleidoscope: I'm very disapointed by this one... the girl screws up by falling on the ice and hitting her head, knocking herself out, after a high-speed spin, then just gets up. I'm sorry, but you JUST DON'T GET BACK UP FROM A FALL LIKE THAT. Also, she's being haunted by an annoying ghost with a stupid name. And no one seems to care that she hit her head and she doesn't seem to mind too much about her screwing up. I'm sorry... but it's just really annoying. Once again, I'll see more of it since episode 3 was better than the first two... but still...

And that's all for the new anime so far. I'm also watching Beet the Vandel Buster, which is very amusing, and catching up on Yakitate Japan. Whoo~ G'night. I don't want to go back to work. ;_;
Music: Boy Friend by Aiko

1/1/06 01:11
Denpatou by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
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YAY! I just got back from Suu-chan's New Year party and had a lot of fun. We played hot-potato, keep-away, Old Maid, Go Fish, and Apples to Apples, plus she had a helium thing there and we made balloons and drew on them. XD

And emu pointed out that most people our age were getting drunk. Well, we can have fun without the drunkeness just fine. XD

Also, emu's three dolls and Suu-chan's were there. I want Mirabel. ;_; The 4th will mark the 10th week.

Now I'm incredibly tired and I have to get up early for Hatsunuki in the morning. =.=;
Music: Konpeito by Aiko