1/24/05 20:53
Aura (.Hack//SIGN BGM) by Yuki Kajiura
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I only really have one thing to rant about today: throw away your fsking condoms!!!

I'm not joking. I've seen 7, SEVEN used condoms sitting around on the sidewalk and guess where! SCHOOL! Sorry, but I don't want to see used condoms on the sidewalk at school. If, for some reason I don't want to hear, there is need for a condom on a HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS, by GOD THROW IT AWAY. Now, I'm not saying that it's OK to use them on campus... or to have any need to use them at this age, but if you're that pathetically desperate, the school just put out more trash cans not too long ago. USE THEM! Ugh.

Oh, and this is a change of subject... but I start working at the city library this Wednesday... PAYCHECK IN TWO WEEKS!!! Yeah! XD
Music: Sweet Memories (.Hack//LIMINALITY) by Yuki Kajiura

1/9/05 22:09
I'm Here (Madlax BGM) by FictionJunction YUUKA
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Mood: Stressed

I get to take my Pre-AP PreCal semester exam tomorrow... and as I was reviewing, I was amazed by how much I'd forgotten. x_x I had to contact random people and ask things... and man am I glad that we can have 1 page of notes (front only, but thank goodness anyway).

Friday night, Emily-sensei decided to film again (she did so Wednesday, too... however I was dizzy from lack of food and did crappily). I did much better than the just mentioned in brackets Wednesday filming... and I did Tate Hiza. I was the only one... Sue didn't feel up to it. >.< But I got complimented and that doesn't happen very often, so I guess it's OK.

Yesterday I went and saw Ms. Merritt for the first time with her being my ISM mentor instead of just my bass teacher... though we still go over my usual music and stuff. She's letting me borrow her copy of Eccles's Sonata in G Minor until mine comes in. Ah, and I discovered that I forgot how to read tenor clef... which I wasn't very comfortable with to begin with, anyway. ^_^; We got through the first movement with me mainly just playing the notes I heard her play.

Now for today~ I got to shop. Mom and I went to Pier 1 to buy some stuff 'cause Mom got a Pier 1 gift card for $50. We got lots of nifty stuff for only $15 because they were having a sale. ^_^ After that, we went to Walmart and got a few groceries... ah, and there were two new people at iaido today. It was fun to watch them. ^_^;

And for my closing note, it appears that Ishness.com will now have a book blog/review site 'cause emu decided to start one and invited me to join in. It shall unsurprisingly be called Bookishness... thus the -ishness thing continues!
Music: Blaze (Escaflowne BGM) by Yoko Kanno

1/6/05 19:46
Vivid Colors by L'arc~en~Ciel
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Mood: Cold

A front blew through... I want my warm-ish weather back!

It especially sucks 'cause Mom let me get some of those nifty shirts with smart-arse comments on them 'cause FOley's had them on sale for 4 for $25.

Anyway, on to my new schedule~

1. Chinese III
2. Orchestra IV
3. AP 2D Design
4. Economics
5. Pre-AP PreCalculus
6. AP English IV
7. Lunch
8. ISM

I'm currently trying to wiggle my way out of Precal 'cause I don't want to deal with the idiots in my class another semester and I don't really need to take it. Also, when I have no ISM meetings, I get out an hour and a half early~

And I'm special. When there are meetings, I'm supposed to go in during 7th period instead of 8th 'cause there are only 11 people in 7th period and over 30 in 8th... and I'm also exempt from almost all class meetings and all video days. Yay~

Hnn... There isn't much worth mentioning right now... except that the end of RahXephon is good... so... bye!
Music: Revelation (Full Metal Alchemist BGM) by Michiru Oshima

1/3/05 00:38
Blurry Eyes (DNA^2 op) by L'arc~en~Ciel
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Mood: Nooooooo~

Only one more day of vacation left... I guess I should be grateful we have this Monday off... but I don't want to go through one more semester. >.<

Today I drove to Planet Anime for the first time! Mom went with me and... Planet Anime needs a big white sign like all the other stores. We couldn't find it until Mom happened to look down and saw "Planet Anime" on the window. All that trouble and all I was there for was a bag, which Mom was willing to get 'cause I use those Mythwear bags as purses. However, she also liked another design, so I ended up with two! They amazingly had a kodama bag in silver that Mom let me get (but I can only use it on special occasions 'cause dirt shows up on it) and the bag I went there for was the Fullmetal Alchemist bag. Yay.

However, by the time we started heading towards Foley's (Mom had to exchange something)... I was starving. In iai, we did drills for a full hour and fortyfive minutes... and my right arm was a blob of sore jelly and I was hungry. x_x Once the exchange was done, though... we went to Kelly's and I had turkey and dressing and vegetables! I love turkey-turkey-turkey~

We then came home and gave the Kobie mom's left over liver (yuck) and gravy, then I started working on my portrait thing for art... which needs to be finished by Tuesday. >.< And tomorrow I get to go to school at 8:00 AM to make up my English exam... I missed it 'cause I had to drive Mom to and from her surgery that day. However, that shouldn't take too long and it's only an essay and I can write it on any book... I'm using Macbeth because... Macbeth is nifty.

Now for a random thing:
William (12:49:17 AM): i think the world is burning down or maybe a mass killer is roaming the streets.. thats the 10th or so siren-blazing vehicle i've heard tonight
Li-chan (12:49:28 AM): or the fog is eating people
William (12:49:34 AM): ah
William (12:49:38 AM): true

It's been foggy as Hel for the last couple of evenings/mornings... but fog's pretty so it's OK. ^_^;

Li-chan's going to sit around s'more and scim through Macbeth now~
Music: Kuroi Tane by Akino Arai

1/1/05 2:26
Yasashii Gogo (TV Ver.) (DNAngel ed) by Minawo
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The punks behind the house have stopped setting off fireworks (it was about an hour ago that I hear the last crack) and there are no longer any fireworks being shot across the Gay's (as in Gay Pontiac) lake.

And I've accomplished my first new year's resolution: to finish my January blog layout. Yay!!! Only... it's pink, or "mauve blush" as my mom would say. The only reason why it's the color is that it's the only color that looks good with that picture. -.-; At least it looks good despite the color. And it's a helluva lot better than that crappy Christmas one I did. I don't think I'm capable of doing a good Christmas layout... but then again third time's a charm so we'll find out if this run of bad Christmas layouts continues at the end of the year.

My other resolution is to get into Ringling... or SCAD; I'd rather go to the former. I've now completed both forms and I only need to worry about the last few pieces for my portfolio.

Ah! I also need to get my nidan. Emily-sensei says that I'm ready to test, so it's just a matter of getting approved by John-sensei and passing. Theoretically.

Since I never did get around to listing my Christmas presents... I'll do so now.

Stellvia DVD 2
Onmyoji Special Edition DVD
$50 and $5 Best Buy gift certificate
$40 Visa gift certificate
Slayers and Slayers NEXT DVD boxed sets (only the latter has come in, the other is backordered)
Evangelion Perfect boxed set (also backordered)

I've already got myself a scanner with my money and Dad agreed to pay the difference and I ordered the last 2 DVDs of RahXephon I need with the Visa gc. ^_^ I love having a scanner in my room again and it's so much better than that ancient thing we also have.