1/24/04 23:27
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A lot of stuff's happened since I last posted... and I just noticed that I start a lot of paragraphs with "well," but that's off-topic.

Umm... at Tuesday's musical rehearsals pictures were taken. Now I can read the notes that are a lower octave than my bass with a decent amout of fluency. w00t for me.

I feel a helluva lot better now, for those of you who are curious. My throat's still sore and I still cough frequently, but it's nothing compared to how it was at the beginning of the week.

At iaido Wed. and Fri, I was the only person... and Emily'd just gotten back from a seminar in San Antonio and dumped all the info on me~ I learned a lot! And she let me use one of her iaito... though I'm still paranoid about hurting it...

A neighbor's and Dad's trucks got broken into and the stereos were stolen. This all happened when I was at karate Tuesday... and I came home to see lots of people out, a cop car, and the corresponding cop by my dad's truck when I got home. Oh, and lots of glass on the road. Can't forget the glass...

Right now, I can't remember any other extraordinary things that've happened... so on to my day.

Mom and I went to Target for one thing... but we ended up wandering for a while. I finally got Noir DVD 2, and only for $19.99! ^_^ We also got some other stuff.

I finally saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was funny... but not as great as I thought it'd be.
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1/20/04 12:59
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Well, I left school today in the middle of Physics right after I finished my test, took a nap for an hour, ate McDonald's and now I'm waiting around for 13:15. I'm going back to school then so that I won't miss English... then I get to stay after for the pit orchestra rehearsal and then I have karate later tonight. Fun. I'll probably embarass myself at karate or something in this state...

I'm still a little hungry... but I don't think I can eat anymore. I hate feeling like crap. It all started yesterday. My throat glands or whatever really did swell up on the night of the 18th and I was miserable all through yesterday. More so than I am today. At least I got all my homework done...


1/18/04 23:35
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Well, if it hasn't been obvious, I having been in a very bloggy mood. January and February tend to be the busiest months of the year for me due to all the contests, tests, and concerts and such that go on.

Um... I finished up the school's track shirt design! Now both my girl's soccer and track designs will be on shirts! *laughs insanely* And Ms. Tee and Coach B. (The track coach) liked it. Coach B. was so enthusiastic, I honestly just kind of stood there surprised. I thought I could've done a better job... but that's usually what I think. I'm glad that my designs are making people happy.

Alrighty then, now to talk about my rather boring day. I woke up at my usual weekend time (9:30) for iaido... but I wasn't feeling well. My stomach was bothering me and the Sunday class is 2 hours or more long, thus I didn't go. My stomach doesn't bother me anymore, but my throat has its "I'm going to make your throat glands swell up over night and make you miserable" feeling. Thank goodness I have tomorrow off.

I spent most of the day coming up with pattern ideas to use in my next Electronic Media project, watching TV, reading, and stuff.

Speaking of reading... I'm going to go do so some more. I hope my throat doesn't decide to swell up... it enjoys doing so too much. -.-

1/13/04 22:00
Jupter, the Bringer of Jollity from The Planets by Holst
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Well, today was a good day. Everything went as usual unil Electronic Media. I walked in and Ms. Tee was wearing the soccer shirt that I designed. I'm still in a weird kind of awe that a shirt I designed has a design I made on it and is being worn. And I'm making the track and field shirt, too. w00t for me~

Also, Pat Rawlings came to my Elec. Media class! He's the main artist for NASA and he's a cool guy, but I couldn't get myself to talk to him.

Afterwards... my school day went as it usually does. Exept I finally gave D her late Christmas present.

Due to the Region Orchestra chair test (which, if I had missed, I'd be kick out), I had to miss a senior musical pit orchestra rehearsal and the first day of karate this session. I made 7th chair! ^_^

Well... that's it.
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1/12/04 19:27
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Why no music today? Because my left hand is in PAIN. The Region chair test is tomorrow. And if yall haven't guessed, my hand is in pain because of too much practicing. If I hear music, I may force myself to practice some more, possibly damaging my hand to the point that I won't be able to play at the test. -.-

Why have I not been posting? Because the posts would contain me freaking out... and I assumed that yall aren't sadistic weirdos who want to read that crap.

Anyways, I'm playing in the pit orchestra for this years senior musical, Oklahoma! w00t! First practice was last Thursday after school. I was told at the last minute and got my music when I showed up... so I sight read. Then I discovered that it's the tuba music. Then I discovered that tubas can play an octave lower than basses. Then I said "Oh crap." Thus, I learned how to read notes that are a lower octave than my bass in about 10 minutes, give or take a few. But it's fun~ I love playing in the musical pit orchetras! I give the lighting crew hell! *laughs insanely*

Umm... Emily told me that she wants John Ray-sensei to take a look at my not-so-l33t iaido skills and see whether or not he wants me to test at the next Embukai. It'll be a year by then... but I dun wanna~ Everyone, even the soke, will see my sucky-ness. *pokes at the ground*

Wow, now I don't know what to write. My left hand's fingertips hurt... I shall stop. Must... be able to... play tomorrow... must... *dies*

1/7/04 00:10
Half Pain (Witch Hunter Robin) by BANA
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Well, Omoikane now has Windows XP instead of 98 and it's super nifty. It runs a lot smoother and it looks cool thanks to WindowBlinds. ...Though I didn't back up my bookmarks or playlists... >.> Oops. (Only my C drive was erased, the other 3 weren't)

Today was my first day back at school since the end of the second semester. I have 7th period lunch. Yep. Not much to say there. -.-

My day went as it usually does up until 5th period (when I had lunch last semester). Instead, I had Sociology. I have Des and the German girl from orchestra in there... but almost everyone else is there because they were put there or because they heard it was easy. And the teacher asked me if he intimidated me. Why? I dunno. I just kind of said "No..." in a 'what the hell are you talking about?' tone. Whee~

After that, in Geometry (which is in it's old place) we used rubber band cannons and I got to shoot! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

After Geometry, instead of going to Psychology, I went to lunch. Finally. I felt rather left out at the table, though. I miss 5th period lunch... but I saw some of my other friends in other groups, so I'll probably wander a bit tomorrow.

Afterwards was English and we did Englishy things.

Now I shall sleep. Oyasumi.
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1/2/04 01:13
Asu e no Brilliant Road Karaoke (Stellvia) by Angela
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I just posted, but reading emu's blog made me want to talk about the ups and downs of the year of 2003. I'm going to get the bad things out of the way first.

Well, I'm still grappling with this new position I'm in in karate and orchestra. For the longest time, I've been chasing after people better than I am and never having to worry about anything coming up from behind... but now I am one of those people on top. I hate saying it, but it's true. In karate, I was the first and only to beat this one undefeated girl... and since I've gotten worse. In bass, I'm now the most senior bassist with the most experience. In both areas, I have good contestants comming up from under me and honestly, I've never though of being in this position up until now. While I'd always wanted to be "on top," I never thought about anything else but having fun and making it... but now I don't know what to do. That pisses me off. I've had this problem for almost a year and a half and I still don't know what to do.

This position has made me somewhat become afraid of moving forwards because I have no idea what to do. I'm still not ready for the chair auditions for Region. In fact, I'm scared to touch my bass. It's silly, but I am. I've been in this position before when I took gymnastics. I was good enough to be on team when I was little... but I didn't want to. But I had nowhere else to go and I ended up getting worse and worse until I though there was something wrong with me and quit. But I know that this is natural... but I can't get over it *grumbles* And everything sounds off. It's getting to the point where I can't do something simple. And the fact that I constantly tell myself that I'm not good enough isn't helping. It helps in the beginning... but now it's doing more harm than good.

As for karate, I've decided that I will not take part in any tournaments until I'm over this. I don't need that stress, and the way I spar doesn't seem to work like it used to. I noticed this when I joined this when I joined the adult class and instead of being among the taller, I was among the shorter, and as I've gone up, it's become more and more obvious, in addition to the afore mentioned thing.

I'll put those two aside now.

Um... school. I'm getting worse and lazy and I've picked up the habit of procrastinating. I got a 79 in a couple of classes due to laziness. I hate it when I do poorly and it's my fault. And it always is. Nothing sticks to my mind anymore. Algebra was a nobrainer in 9th grade, but when we reviewed and stuff, I couldn't remember anything my new teacher said, much less what I was taught my freshman year.

Why is this? Probably because I'm not used to being as social as I am right now. Before my sophmore year, I did little with my friends outside of school and spent most of my time studying. I still like studying, but... I'm not very experienced with balancing social and non-social stuff.

Well, that's enough of the downs, now for the ups!

I made Regionals. While I didn't practice obsessively until the last week an a half before the audition, I made it in 5th place. Words can't explain how happy I was... though I still need to get on that music seriously.

I'm improving in AP English. Unlike everyone else, Mr. Fontenot's impersonal way of grading helps me more than harms me. I know that he won't judge me based off of past essays like Ms. Berner (though I still worship her) and Ms. Musgrave (who I still ridicule). Also, he points out mistakes in essays publicly. While this may seem personal, it is less so than seeing your paper scribbled all over. Plus, it isn't only you in the spotlight (though you aren't, really, since he doesn't say names), but everyone and we get to discuss the problems and he tells us better ways of wording things and such.

Um... I've improved a lot in iaido, or at least I think I have. I honestly have fun in there since it isn't a competition thing, but something that's constantly changing. Or something. ^_^;

Also, I got noticed in art and now I've been asked to do a few shirts for school teams. ^_^; Good stuff for my resume.

As for things sticking... Chinese and English are the only things in which info's sticking to my brain in. I passed Chinese with an A, if I'm not mistaken.

Wow, that's about it on the positive side. Now I just need to get over my worrying in karate and orchestra... and I will. No matter what.
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1/1/04 02:54
Mugen (Matantei Loki Ragnarok BGM) by Yoshi Haoka
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Well, it's been a helluva long time since I posted. For a while, Omoikane was spazzing out and freezing for no reason, so I ended up just leaving it off for a few days and only turning it on when necessary. It worked, though it still freaks out every once in a while.

Last Monday was the first half of my Sailor Moon Classic watching party, though we were actually 3 episodes shy of half. Des had an appointment... then when she got home, she didn't have a car and didn't call to tell us... so I got ahold of her and she told me about her predicament and emu and I went to the rescue! She got to have pizza~ and watch more Sailor Moon.

Today I got to finally go to Nippon Daido in Houston~ That place is freakin' awsome. I got a couple of boxes of Pocky for cheaper than anywhere else, a bottle of ramune since I was curious (and now I regret not getting more), three packages of 6 daifuku, some fish bean buns, marshmellows, an issue of Ribon magazine (which had lots of nifty stuff, including a cat-form Takuto from Full Moon wo Sagashite keychain), a huge bowl of instant noodles, and Mom got some saltine crackers and a huge bowl of instant noodles. Mom loves her crackers and the marshmellows... so she now has something to go back for *evil grin*

As I'd been hoping that Omoikane was completely cured... it froze. Dad did some fancy stuff and found lots of problems, but the freezing thing should cured. It's now the second at 00:45 and I'm just going to continue the post from earlier.

When we got home from Daido, emu came over with her stuff from Planet Anime (Des and she went). One of the magazines she got had a freakin' huge Sanzo poster... and she got me a Kakashi pin. I didn't get her anything, though... she can have a daifuku. >.>

Later, Mom and I went to go eat~ w00t for sushi.

Anyways, now for my day today, the first day of 2004. Mom and Dad forgot that I had to go to Hatsunuki and woke me up at 6:30 and it was at 7:10ish. Of course, I jumped right into action, ate some toast real fast so that I wouldn't die on the way to Emily's, dressed, gathered my stuff, and left. I got there and changed and still had a few minutes to spare, w00t for me! The ceremony was held in Emily's backyard... and there were mosquitoes galore. I tried not to fidget too much... but mosquitoes like me. >.< I messed up a bit when it was my turn to do Ippon me Mae... but it was my first Hatsunuki. ^_^;

Afterwards, we all (Emily, Lindy, Sue, and the new person who's name I still can't remember, and I) and had breakfast. The adults had hot sake, but I just had green tea. I also had mochi for the first time~ it was good and sweet. There were also daifuku and bacon and eggs... but I don't really like bacon or eggs... the Japanese goodies and tea were more than enough. Oh, and Emily got everyone nifty samurai calendars wrapped really really prettily~ And Sue and the new person who's name I can't remember (sorry!!) got really pretty iaito. Emily looked at both of them and gave them a what to and not to do 101, mainly concerning how to keep the saya (sheath) in one piece.

After watching some iai DVDs from previous events, I went home and slept until around 15:00, then helped put up about 90 percent of the Christmas decorations, then watched TV.
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